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The Internet is sves time nd money. The Internet hs both dvntges nd disdvntges. However using the Internet in the best wy is problem which depends on the ttitude of ech people I think tht in our society nowdys so mny people tke dvntge of the Internet even to do bd things.



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The Internet is very important and useful technology for every thing. For example, if you want to learn online, distant education to find the best school, hotel reservation, ticket reservation, shopping, house rent or car rent, travel arrangement, and to communicate with others people you can get each information easily and fastly without any problems. The Internet is saves time and money. The Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. I think, it depends on how people use it. It can help us search for everything we want. However, using the Internet in the best way is a problem, which depends on the attitude of each people, I think that in our society nowadays, so many people take advantage of the Internet, even to do bad things.  Some people use it as a kind of entertainment, especially the youth, they spend all their time playing game online, which has negative effect on their health. Therefore, people should know how to control the time and the way using the Internet. For example, people who spend a lot of time the networks; they can lose a sense of reality. They place their private information, their photos which can become a cause of the slander. These people live on the Internet and forget family, friends. It’s a cause of social and sofa-isolation.  People move little so it’s a reason of an epidemic in obesity and sedentary life. But there are a lot of advantages, for example, grace to the Internet, you can know get the weather before travelling. If you need medicines you can find an address or a phone number on the Internet. The Internet helps us to communicate with friends or parents who are so far. As for me, the Internet is very important for my life, because it’s my earnings. On the Internet I work with the help on electronic dictionaries, an e-mail. The Internet is a connect with my costumes and my sister who helps me. On the “Web money” I save my money. Grace to the Internet I found my best friend. I lost him 2 years ago. So.. We will marry this autumn. The Internet can change our  life and only we decide how do it.


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