Barristers and Solicitors


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The solicitor deals with 1)petty crimes, some 2)matrimonial matters in magistrate courts. He 3)prepares the case and the evidence, may 4)represent his client in the lower courts. He has limited rights of audience. There in civil action solicitor can speak in the county court, when the case is about divorce or recovering some depts. 5)They act as an intermediary between their clients and barristers



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                                           Barristers and Solicitors.

Britain is unique in having two different kinds of lawyers. They are solicitor and barrister.

Solicitors are qualified lawyers, who usually to advise on points of law and help prepare the case.

There about 90.000 solicitors in GB. Almost every town has at least one.

The solicitor deals with 1)petty crimes, some 2)matrimonial matters in magistrate courts. He 3)prepares the case and the evidence, may 4)represent his client in the lower courts. He has limited rights of audience. There in civil action solicitor can speak in the county court, when the case is about divorce or recovering some depts. 5)They act as an intermediary between their clients and barristers.

6)Solicitor does the legal work for example he prepares papers for buying a house 7) ,writes legal letters for his clients, helps them to make a wills, claims and etc.

Solicitor's training includes:

  1.  getting the academic qualifications
  2.  passing one year Legal Practice Course;
  3.  working for two years as a trainee in solicitor’s firm;

Solicitors have own self-regulating body – it is Law society.


Barristers are experts in the 1) interpretational law and advocacy. There are only about 9.000 barristers in GB.

They 2) advise on really difficult points of law and 3)conduct legal proceedings in the higher courts. Their work includes 4)  presenting evidence,5) making submissions on behalf of their clients, 6) representing parties in criminal trials,  7) domestic disputes  in family courts and  deal with 8) civil claims for damages or compensation. Barristers have an exclusive right of audience in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords. A barrister’s clients can come to him only via solicitor. Barristers don’t have public offices in any streets as solicitors do, they work in chambers.

Barristers are governed by the Bar Council, and the Inns of Court. The Bar Council  represent the interests of barristers. Inns of Court regulate admission to the profession.

In order to become a barrister a candidate must entrance to one of the 4 inns of court. The inns are principally non-academic societies which provide college and educational resources for barristers.

Barrister's training includes:

  1.  Getting a bachelor degree of the law.
  2.  Having the special course in the Inns of Court.
  3.  Getting apprenticeship in barrister’s chamber.

After the Law Reform these kinds of lawyers become more similar.

Judges are people who decide what should be done with people who commit crimes. They play main part in the trial. All judges appointed by Lord Chancellor from among experienced barristers . They are called “Magistrates’ or Justice of the Peace (JP’s). They are ordinary citizens who chosen from community. Judge functions in the trial. Judge are:

1. Sees that trial properly conducted

2. Gives guidance for the jury

3. Passes sentence or decision

4. Sums evidence for the jury

5. Decides legal issues during the trial

6. Interprets the law.

7. Sees that parties keep rules

8.  Admits or refuses evidences.




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