Geography and Economy of Great Britain


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They lie to the west of the continent of Europe. The lrger of the two big islnds is known s Gret Britin. The smller Islnd is Irelnd with Northern Irelnd nd Irish Republic.



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Geography and Economy of Great Britain

GB is situated on the British Isles. They lie to the west of the continent of Europe. The larger of the two big islands is known as Great Britain. The smaller Island is Ireland, with Northern Ireland and Irish Republic.  The island of Great Britain together with minor islands and the northern part of Ireland constitute the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom consists of four parts (countries), its England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. All parts have capitals and symbols: Cardiff and daffodil , Belfast and shamrock, Edinburg and thistle, London and Tudor rose appropriately. London is also capital of all UK.

The total area of the Great Britain is 244.000 square kilometers.  The west coast of GB is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish sea, the east coast is washed by the North sea. GB is separated from France by the English Channel which is 32 kilometers.  The surface of England and Ireland is flat, but surface of Scotland and Wales is mountainous. The highest mountain of the UK is Ben Nevis in Scotland 1344 meters. The rivers in GB are short. There are money beautiful lakes in the UK, for example Lake District in northwestern England. The climate of GB is typically maritime with frequent rains and strong winds. The Gulfstream makes the climate mild and damp. Frosts are very rare in winter as hot days in the summer.

The economy of the United Kingdom is the seventh-largest national economy in the world by nominal GDP. About one-third of all goods and services are produced by central and local government or by state-owned corporations. Most energy production as gas, oil, railways and electricity are socialized.

A third of all people who contribute to the economy by their work are employed by publicly-owned bodies. Majority of people are employed in banking, finance, insurance, the law, educational, health and social welfare services The other two-thirds economy is within private sector. At least one-tenths is owned by foreign companies. More than half of the private sector is owned by large companies as British Petroleum.

British economy lives by manufacture and trade .The UK is one of the world's largest exporters of manufactured goods as motor vehicle production and aviation. British agriculture almost the most efficient in Europe. Because only with two per cent of the labor force British agriculture can produce most of the food that Britain needs.

The total population of the United Kingdom is 62 millions people—the third-largest in the European Union (behind Germany and France) and the 22st-largest in the world.

The British nation is the result of mixture of several peoples ( Anglo-Saxes, Normans and Celts) . The UK includes four nations, and there are some difference between them. Besides the English, the Irish, the Scottish, the Welsh people of different nationalities lives in GB. They are migrants from the west Indies, Africa, Pakistan and other.

The national language is English, but the Welsh and the Scottish languages which belong to the group of Celtic languages are still spoken in some remote districts of  Wales and Scotland. The traditional religion in the United Kingdom is Christianity.

Commonwealth is association of 48 independent states together with GB. All these independent states are members of the United Nations. Each Commonwealth's country on becoming independent began with a constitutional system modeled in British.