People and animals


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The noise went on till 3 . [very loud irritting noise] The children re mking terrible rcket upstirs. Could you go nd tell them to be quiet [very loud unberble noise often of humn ctivity] Rcket nd din re quite informl words. Noise cn be countble or uncountble.



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Noises animals make

Cats mew when they're hungry, purr when they're happy and caterwaul when they're on the roof at midnight. Dogs bark. They also growl when they're angry. Lions roar. Sheep and goats bleat, horses neigh and pigs grunt. Cows moo. Frogs croak and ducks quack. Cocks crow, hens cluck and owls hoot.

Movements animals make

Birds fly and fish swim. Butterflies flutter. Kangaroos hop. Snakes slither. Horses trot and gallop (galloping is faster than trotting). Lambs skip in the spring.

Babies animals have

Cats have kittens and dogs have puppies. Horses have foals. Sheep have lambs. Cows have calves. Pigs have piglets. Bears, wolves and lions have cubs. Ducks have ducklings. Hens lay eggs from which chickens hatch. Tadpoles turn into frogs. Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

People and animals

People are often compared to animals. The following adjectives can be used about people. A more formal translation is given.

catty or bitchy: malicious-tongued ratty: bad-tempered

mousy: dull, uninteresting, shy, quiet     dogged: stubborn

sheepish: awkwardly self-conscious cocky: arrogant

General words to describe sound

I could hear the sound of voices/music coming from the next room.  [neutral]

Our neighbours had a party last night. The noise went on till 3 a.m. [loud, unpleasant sounds]

I tried hard to hear what she was saying above the din of the traffic. [very loud, irritating noise]

The children are making a terrible racket upstairs. Could you go and tell them to be

quiet? [very loud, unbearable noise, often of human activity]

Racket and din are quite informal words. Noise can be countable or uncountable. When it means sounds of short duration, it is countable, when it means a lot of continual or continuous sounds, it is uncountable.

Their lawnmower makes a lot of noise, doesn't it? [uncountable]

I heard some strange noises in the night. [countable]

Sound words and things that typically make them

The words can be used as nouns or verbs

I could hear the rain pattering on the roof. We heard the patter of a little child's feet.


example of what makes the sound


a door closing in the wind, someone bursting a balloon


opening a paper/plastic bag, dry leaves underfoot


a heavy object falling on to a carpeted floor


a big, solid, heavy object falling on to a hard floor


a big bell ringing, a hollow metal object being struck


a metal pan falling on to a concrete floor


gas/steam escaping through a small hole


distant noise of thunder, noise of traffic far away


noise of heavy traffic, noise of a huge waterfall