Подорож. Переваги і недоліки різних видів подорожей

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Travelling by plane is the fastest. You can get to many cities only in a few hours. You can stop wherever you like. During the trip you can sit comfortably in the armchair and read, eat or sleep. During the trip you need no tickets. People can



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Урок з англійської мови у 6 класі

на тему «Подорож»

Тема уроку .      Подорож.  Переваги і недоліки різних видів


Мета уроку. Навчати учнів використовувати вивчену  лексику  в різних

                   ситуаціях; навчити учнів виявляти переваги і недоліки подорожей

                    різними видами транспорту; вчити висловлювати свою думку.

                    Розвивати навички читання, усного мовлення, сприяти

                    виробленню комунікативної компетенції.

                   Виховувати культуру інтелектуальної праці.

Тип уроку. Комбінований.


Хід уроку

І. Початок уроку. Уведення до мовленнєвого середовища.

1.  Greeting.

    Привітання. Оргмомент. Вступне слово вчителя.

T. Good morning, children! I am glad to see you!

Ps. We are glad to see you too!

T. This lesson is unusual for you and for me. You can see many guests. They are

   teachers.  I hope that our co-operation will be successful. I want to ask you to be attentive and active. Don’t be afraid, don’t be silent.  Speak and express your opinion.  OK, look at each other, please. Smile! Look at me. Smile! So, let’s start our communication.

2. Introducting of the topic. Aim.

Повідомлення теми і мети уроку.

  The topic of our today’s lesson is “Travelling”. Today we’ll do different tasks. As we have already learned many words and about different ways of travelling you can show and use your knowledge.

   To begin our lesson I would like to practice some sounds with you.

3. Warm-up.

1) Фонетична зарядка.

Let’s read this short rhyme and practice some sounds: [w], [t].

We go by car

And we go by train.

We go by boat

And we go by plane.

We go by land,

And sea and air.

We go, go, go

From here to there

2) Мовленнєва зарядка.

Мозковий штурм. Brain storming.

 Modern life is impossible without travelling. Say me, please:

Why do people travel? What makes them travel?

Tell your suggestions and make notes on the blackboard.

People travel because they want to visit new countries.

They often travel on business.

We travel to get new impressions.

They travel to meet new friends.

My cousin travels to study at a university.

Some people travel to earn much money.

We travel to visit our relatives.

3) Conversation: T – P1 – P2 – P3…

Мовна розминка у вигляді навчальної розмови.

Do you like to travel?

Which types of travel have you tried?

How do you get to school?

When do you prefer to travel?

II. Основна частина уроку.

  1.  Епіграф уроку. Motto.

Look at the blackboard. There is a sentence here. But all the words in it are written together. Try to divide these words and read the sentence.


Well-done. So, this is the motto of our lesson: “Every journey gives you its own favor”.

 At this lesson we’ll speak about advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of traveling.

  1.  Активізація знань лексики.

1)  Робота в парах. Відгадування загадок.

 Let’s work in pairs.  Guessing of riddles. 

T. To check your knowledge about the kinds of transport guess my riddles:

Take a riddle, read it, try to guess and take a picture  that can illustrate your answer.

This is a house on wheels is running a race,

Taking people from place to place.  (A bus)

When it is driven it goes,

When it stops, it falls down.  (A bike) 

What is it? That has no wheels

And leaves no tracks on the water behind it?  (A boat) 

Through not a bird, not a butterfly,

I can fly high up in the sky. (A plane)

T. Great. You're very smart. You've guessed everything.

2)  Reading.  Читання речень,  добирання відповідностей до малюнка.

Choose the true sentences to the picture.

Учні отримують малюнок і текст до нього. Їм потрібно прочитати і вибрати лише ті речення, які відповідають малюнку.

Travelling by plane is the fastest. You can get to many cities only in a few hours. You can stop wherever you like. During the trip you can sit comfortably in the armchair and read, eat or sleep. During the trip you need no tickets. People can

visit many countries by plane. When the weather is rainy or foggy you can not travel by it.

Hiking is interesting and it is also good for health. This way of travelling is the fastest. You can visit many interesting places. It helps to learn many interesting things and enjoy beautiful places. You don’t need to think about the tickets and timetable.  Hiking helps physical training. You can get to many cities in a few hours.

Travelling by train is rather fast and not so expensive. When you are going by train you can sit comfortably in your carriage. You can stop wherever you like. You can read and sleep. For this way of travelling you need no tickets. It is good for your health. You can see the country you are travelling through and not only the clouds as you are flying.

  1.  Imaginary trip.  Speaking.

Уявна подорож. Усне мовлення. 

Travelling means getting about town too.

    Let’s make  imaginary trip to the city. You are on the side of the street.

T. Tell me please. What can you see on the street? (There are many cars and buses there).

T. What else?  -   (You can see a trolley-bus on the street). 

T. Where can you cross the street?  (We can cross the street at the crossing).

If you want to cross the street first look at the left and then to the right.

I’d like to remind you some traffic rules.

What is it?  (This is the traffic-lights).

The light is green. “Go!”

The light is yellow. “Go slow!”

The light is red. “Stop!”

OK. Come back home. I think you tired after the travelling to the city.  Let’s have a rest. I’d like to watch TV.

What is your favorite channel? (As for me my favorite cannel is 1+1).

We’ll watch cartoons about traveling.

Watch at the pictures and make up the sentences in the Present Continuous Tense.

T. What is he doing?

  1.  Relaxing. Хвилина відпочинку.

I think you are tired. So, I’d like to give you an opportunity to have a short rest. Listen to music and listen to me.

 Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breath in. Breath out. Let’s imagine spring. You are sitting on the green grass near the river. The weather is fine. The light wind is blowing from the river. The birds are singing.

You are quite. Your brain relaxes. There is calm in your body. Nothing diverts your attention. You are relaxing.

 Your troubles float away. You love your relatives, your school, your friends. They love you too. Learn to appreciate every good thing. The Earth is full of wonders.  You can do anything.

 You are sure of yourself, that you have much energy. You are in good spirits.

 Open your eyes.  

 Let’s continue. 

Listening and Reading. Аудіювання  і читання тексту. 

    Робота з підручником.

    Впр. 1. с.86.

Open your books on page 86. exercise 1

Look through the text and listen it. (Учні прослуховують аудіо запис тексту. Потім перечитуючи текст відмічають в таблиці перевага й недоліки різних видів транспорту).

  1.  Speaking. Бесіда про переваги і недоліки різних видів подорожей.

Id like to speak about advantages and disadvantages of different ways of travelling. Look through the text find the information about advantages  and disadvantages of different ways of travelling and write down them in the table.



Travelling by plane


expensive tickets

comfortable armchairs

you can’t travel in rainy or foggy days

Travelling by train

rather fast and not so expensive

you need tickets

comfortable seats in carriage

Travelling on foot

good for health


you don’t need tickets


Travelling by car


Tiring for driver


2) Group work. Групова робота.

Look at the poster and use the press method:

  1.  Present your point of view (In my opinion…).
  2.  Give the arguments to prove your point of view (..  because).
  3.  Show the examples to confirm your arguments.(for example ).
  4.  Summarize your point of view and make a conclusion

      (that’s why).

Use the table and this poster and speak about different ways of travelling.

Complete the sentences using these words.

In my opinion the best way of travelling is hiking. We like to travel on foot because it is not expensive. Travelling on foot has many advantages. For example you need no tickets and you don’t miss the train. Schoolchildren have long summer holidays. That’s why it is the best way of travelling with your friends.

 In my opinion travelling by train is not expensive. It is not tiring trip, because you can sit in the comfortable seat in your carriage. You can spend the time with pleasure. For example you can read and sleep. That’s why a lot of people travel by train.

  1.  Виконання вправ за підручником.

Ex. 5 p. 87.

Read the sentences and say if it is true or false. If the sentence false make up the true sentence.

III. Заключна частина уроку.

  1.  Використання інтерактивної вправи «Сенкан».

T. Now we’ll sum up our lesson and do it in a form which is called “cinquain”. Let’s remember the rules of such a form.

Structure of “cinquain

1 line: Theme (the main word)

2 line: two adjectives

3 line: three verbs (actions of the main word)

4 line: a sentence (quotation on the topic)

5 line: synonym / antonym of the main word.

T. Our main word is “Travelling”.  You  should  try to use different notions connected with it in order to this structure.


Interesting, exiting

To go, to visit, to learn

Travelling is very popular in modern life.


  1.  Підведення підсумків  уроку. Thank you for your hard work at the lesson. I should say you worked well and were very active. Tell me please. Who was the most active today?

3. Домашнє завдання. Homework.

Your hometask is to describe your favorite way of travelling. Do the ex.4 on p.87.  

For some pupils: complete the sentences. (Для учнів, які мають труднощі у навчанні завдання: доповнити речення.

on business

o get

new impressions

to study

to visit



to rest


for pleasure

to make




of travelling


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