Animals and the countries where they live

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Visul mterils nimls ; posters; textbook; workbook; flsh crds; pictures of nimls; toys of nimls soft nd mde of rubber; project works of pupils. Guess wht niml is it 2 Pronuncition drill Mteril: song The nimls wlk two by two . The nimls wlk two by two Hoory Hoory The nimls wlk two by two Hoory Hoory The nimls wlk two by two The lions the tigers the elephnts too.



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Методична розробка уроку на тему "Animals and the countries

where they live"

Present Simple Tense

для 5-го класу загальноосвітньої школи

Вчителя англійської мови

Апостолівського району

Дніпропетровської області

м.Зеленодольська ЗОШ № 2

Новокрещенової І.Ф.


2008 р.



1  To enrich pupils' knowledge in vocabulary and to develop their habits and skills in using it in various exercises.

2  To develop pupils' language skills in hearing, reading, speaking dialogue and in writing.

3  To develop pupils' attention, memory and initiative.

4  To develop habits the automation in pronunciation of new words.


  •  Visual materials "Animals";
  •  posters;
  •  textbook;
  •  workbook;
  •  flash cards;
  •  pictures of animals;
  •  toys of animals (soft and made of rubber);
  •  project works of pupils.

Lesson Structure:

  1.  Warming up activity.
  2.  Pronunciation drill.
  3.  Teaching Vocabulary.
  4.  Communicative Practice.
  5.  Lesson summary.
  6.  Homework.


1  Warming up activity

T: Hi, my dear friends! I'm glad to see you. I like to play very much. I have a present for you in this bag. It's an animal. It is soft. Guess what animal is it?

2  Pronunciation drill

Material: A song "The animals walk two by two".

The animals walk two by two,

Hooray! Hooray!

The animals walk two by two,

Hooray! Hooray!

The animals walk two by two,

The lions, the tigers, the elephants too.

And they all stand under the tree

Just to get out of the rain.

The camels, the hippos, the crocodiles too.

The bears, the penguins, the pandas too.

The zebras, the monkeys, the kangaroos too.

T: Find the animals mentioned in the song in the picture.

T: Listen to the tape. Join in. I divide you in half. Sing the song again. Each half takes alternate lines. Everyone sings the last two lines, And they all stand together.

3  Teaching Vocabulary

a) Presentation of new word, words-combinations. Pictural and written representation of words on the blackboard: Africa, India, the North Pole, the South Pole, kangaroos.

b) Assimilation of the Vocabulary.

1) Pronunciation drill.

T: Listen to the words. Pronounce them in unison by imitating the pronunciation of the teacher, then individually and after that in unison again.

2) Write down the new words into your vocabularies.

3) Read aloud the new words and make up sentences with them. Write down the sentences in your exercise-book.

4  Communicative Practice

1) Speaking.

T: Pupils, present to us your project works. Pupils show pictures made by them and describe the animals and habitats and what country they come from in turn.

Use Present Simple Tense. (The work is done individually).

2) Listening – speaking.

T: Look at me. I have some project works. Answer my questions: Where do tigers come from? Where do pandas live? What do whales like?

3) Pair work.

T: Take your project works and work in pairs: ask and answer the questions.

5  Lesson summary

T: Have you learnt anything new for you at the lesson? Do you remember new words well? Let's remember them together. I divide you in 6 groups. Choose one animal. Describe it habitats. Team which makes up right and interesting description is a winner.

6  Homework – Ex. 2, p. 59 (in writing); Workbook Ex. 1, 2, 3, p. 66 (in writing).


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