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Objectives: to develop communictive skills bsed on the usge of the keywords which the lerner hs chosen on the given tsks; to cultivte students` good tste; to fcilitte free speking; to prctice their skills in nlyticl reding nd writing; to revise grmmr; to develop cretive thinking. Do you gree with Hippocrtes Wht is rt One of the definitions of the word rt is the study or cretion of beutiful things. Wht things do you ssocite with the word rt 2. Presenttion of the topic.



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23 чел.

Шосткинська загальноосвітня школа І – ІІІ ступенів №11

Шосткинської міської ради Сумської області


Підготувала і провела

вчитель англійської мови

вищої категорії ШЗШ №11

Головньова Валентина  


2011-2012 н.р.


  •  to develop communicative skills based on the usage of the key-words which the learner has chosen on the given tasks;
  •  to cultivate students` good taste;
  •  to facilitate free speaking;
  •  to practice their skills in analytical reading and writing;
  •  to revise grammar;
  •  to develop creative thinking.


  •  a CD record of a text
  •  photos and pictures of museums, galleries, painters, paintings;
  •  cards with tasks;
  •  stripes;


I. Introduction.

1. Greeting.

-Glad to see you! You are fine today, aren`t you? Today we are going to speak about  beauty of our world expressed in paintings. Hippocrates said:”Ars longa, vita brevis” which means: life is short, art is longer. Do you agree with Hippocrates? What is art? One of the definitions of the word art is the study or creation of beautiful things.

Let`s make a mind-map. What things do you associate with the word art?  

2. Presentation of the topic.

We cannot imagine our life without the creators of beauty that is without artists and their masterpieces. So, the topic of today`s lesson is “Masters and Masterpieces”.

The motto of it is: “Beauty of the world belongs to all people”.

The aim of the lesson is to help you understand, see, hear, feel, watch beautiful things around us.

3. Warming-up.

Well, students, there are questions on the strips. Please, take any strip you like, read the question and try to answer it.

  1.  Are you interested in art? What art in particular?
  2.  Painting and sculpture are visual arts, aren`t they? Which of them do you think is more exciting for you?
  3.  What world-famous artists do you know / like?
  4.  Who is your favourite painter? Why?
  5.  What schools of art do you know?
  6.  Which of the two genres – portrait or landscape painting –attracts you more?
  7.  Do you know any well-known portraitists / landscapists?
  8.  Many artists produced pictures of scenes at sea. Can you say that Aivazovskyi was a famous seascapist? Do you know any names of his pictures?
  9.  Do you know any British museums?
  10.  Do you ever go to picture galleries and art museums?
  11.  What important picture galleries and art museums do you know in Ukraine and abroad?

II. Main part

  1.   Matching exercise. Pre-Listening.

Look at the photos of some art museums and picture galleries and match them to the places where are they situated. Say which of them you`d like to visit and why.

  1.  The National Art Museum of Ukraine                      a) Feodosia
  2.  The Tate Gallery                                                       b) London
  3.  The Hermitage                                                           c) New York
  4.  The National Gallery                                                 d) Kyiv
  5.  The Metropolitan Museum                                        e) Kyiv
  6.  The Tretjakov Gallery                                                f) St. Petersburg
  7.  Aivazovskyi Picture Gallery                                       g) London
  8.  The Museum of Western and Oriental Art                 h) Moscow

  1.  Listening.

And now, students, I want you to split into 4 groups according to the museums of 4 countries you`d like to visit. You`ll listen to the letter of a girl named Cleo to her parents and do some tasks.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I`m having a great time here in New York. Yesterday I went to the Guggenheim Museum. I think it`s the best Museum I have ever seen. I spent the whole day there. The building itself is unique. It looks like a teacup. The architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed it as a spiral, so as you walk up the spiral walkway towards the dome, you see the famous works of art in a special light. The museum offers self-guided audio tours. There is also a great museum shop. I bought a poster there of the painting I liked most. It is Marc Chagall`s Green Violinist. Chagall painted it in oil in the 1920s.The figure of the violinist is dancing above a typical Belorussian village. Chagall`s homeland and childhood inspired many of his works of art. His villagers believe that music and dance, represented by the violinist, will bring them closer to God. I really do like his world of dreams and fantasy. I`m so glad to be here. There`s so much to do.

I`ll call you soon,

Love, Cleo

Please send my regards to Uncle John.

  1.  Post- Listening

Well, students who wants to visit the Metropolitan Museum will write about Cleo`s staying in New York using the words in brackets:

  1.  I……………………………………………….. (time).
  2.  I ………………………………………………. (yesterday).
  3.  I think ………………………………………… (the best).
  4.  I ………………………………………………. (the whole day).
  5.  I ………………………………………………. (poster).

The students who`d like to visit the museums in London will write about the building of the museum and its services using the words in brackets:

A) The building ………………………………… ( unique ).

B) It ……………………………………………. ( teacup ).

C) The architect ………………………………… ( spiral ).

D) The museum ………………………………… ( tours ).

E) There …………………………………………. ( shop ).

The students who`ll enjoy the masterpieces of the Hermitage be ready to correct mistakes in the given sentences:

  1.  Chagall paint in oil in the 1920s.
  2.  The figure of the violinist dancing above a typical Belorussian village.
  3.  Chagall homeland and childhood inspired many of his works of art.
  4.  I really do like his world of dreams and a fantasy.

And the 4th group will tell us about the Guggenheim Museum.

  1.  Speaking

At last we have a chance to visit our picture gallery. It is here in our classroom at

our lesson. You`ll find your favorite pictures in it. We have several exhibition halls

in our gallery:

  •  the Ukrainian hall;
  •  famous collections of paintings of British museums;
  •  masterpieces of well-known artists.

But first let`s work with our vocabulary. Speaking about art we need to know a lot of words (adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs etc.) which help us to describe works of arts and their creators. So, name the synonyms to the given words or continue the row:

  1.   master… ( painter, artist, portraitist, landscapist, seascapist, creator…)
  2.  prominent… (famous, outstanding, well-known, brilliant, remarkable…)
  3.  render… (depict, paint, create, show, represent, reflect, portray, impact…)
  4.  impressive…( talented, remarkable, grand, magnificent…)
  5.  profoundly…(deeply, truthfully, sensitively, brightly, clearly…)

Well, the visitors of the Ukrainian hall are waiting for the guided tour. You are welcome, Alina. She presents a story about the famous Ukrainian painter Tetyana Yablonska. If you  have questions, please, ask.

And now, students, we can see some works of British greatest artists on display. While listening to our guide you have to fill in the table comparing the creative works of brilliant masters W. Hogarth, J. Reynolds, Th. Gainsborough, W. Turner, J. Constable. The example (one of the painters) is given.




portraiture,satirical social painting


The Shrimp Girl, Self-Portrait, The Marriage-a-la-Mode

peculiar features

connected painting with literature, theatre, invented stories and illustrated them

J. Reynolds



ceremonial portrait


Nelly O`Brien, Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic  Muse

peculiar features

heroic style of portraits, a bit of idealization, red and golden colours

Th. Gainsborough



portrait, landscape


The Blue Boy, Mrs. Sheridan

peculiar features

romantic painting, the creator of landscape painting, grey and blue colours

J. Constable





The Haywain, The Flatford Mill

peculiar features

made sketches directly from nature, used broken touches of colour, began the realistic trend, introduced the green colour

W. Turner





Calais Pier, the Sun Rising Through Vapour

Peculiar features

showed the mood of the sea, gave the sea mass, weight, movement

III. Summing up.

It`s time to finish our guided excursion. I enjoyed it very much. You worked hard at the lesson.

Will you tell me what young people must do to understand and enjoy the arts? (To read books about the arts; to take an active part in amateur art activities; to study folk music; to listen to music; to learn songs, dances, handicrafts; to visit art exhibitions, theatres, concerts, museums.)

You did your best to be good at art, to know more about paintings, painters, genres of painting.


Home Assignment.

Using a table make a conclusion about the contribution of your favourite painter to the world art. Speak about your favourite painter.


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