The Beauty of the World

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Good morning, pupils. Today we begin to speak about the new subject. It is rather interesting and there are many things to discuss about it. But the first thing for you to know is the subject itself. I want you to guess it, OK? You can see a crossword on the blackboard. I shall read you the definitions of the words and you will put them down. And when we are done I hope youll be able to find the central word there



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The Beauty of the World. Урок англійської мови для 8-го класу


  •  ознайомити учнів з темою наступних уроків, ввести новий мовний матеріал;
  •  опрацювати лексично-граматичний матеріал по темі;
  •  вчити учнів використовувати набуті знання й перекладати досвід на нові ситуації;
  •  розвивати навички чотирьох видів мовленнєвої діяльності;
  •  розвивати пам’ять та збільшувати обсяг розуміння та запам’ятовування шляхом використання мультимедійних технологій;
  •  розвивати творчий потенціал, фантазію учнів.
  •  виховувати любов та повагу досвіту навколо, сприяти розумінню актуальності теми та наголосити на її естетичному значенні.

Обладнання: кросворд, картки, пісня “This Land Is Your Land”, презентація “Nature” виконана у програмі Power Point.

Хід уроку:

Вступна частина.

  1.  Good morning, pupils. Today we begin to speak about the new subject. It is rather interesting and there are many things to discuss about it. But the first thing for you to know is the subject itself. I want you to guess it, OK? You can see a crossword on the blackboard. I shall read you the definitions of the words and you will put them down. And when we are done I hope you’ll be able to find the central word there.
































  1.  It can be hot, cold, rainy, snowy, foggy, sunny….
  2.  Human beings that live on the Earth are called....
  3.  People, animals, plants, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans belong to....
  4.  Living beings that live on the Earth, but not people are known as ....
  5.  Animals with feathers, that usually lay eggs and can fly.

Good for you! This is the word WORLD. And let us call the lesson The World around US. Can you tell me what aspects does the subject include? By the way, the crossword will help you to start.

Speaking about the world we should mention ….

(Ecology, environment, climate, the Earth, the space....)

  1.  Great and now I want you to continue the phrase: The world around us is ...

The words can help you:

(Amazing, gorgeous, full of wonders, impressive, unique, great, fantastic, colourful)

Основна частина уроку.

  1.  All right. I see that you believe that the world is really beautiful. And I do. And now I’d like you the make pairs and choose one of the cards on my table. There you will find the names of different things. Though we know that all of them are of a certain value, your task is to prove that the things you are writing about are the most important on the Earth. Let it be a “Talk Show” where you are the experts in certain fields.

(Plants, animals, forests, mountains, oceans)

Word combinations to be used: to give food, to give shelter, to produce oxygen, to breathe fresh air, to enjoy the beauty, to be pets, to be useful for people, to be a place for rest and recreation, to help people in smth, to be a source of energy, to have necessary things for people…)

  1.  OK. Nice work! Are you a bit tired till now? Isn’t it time to have some rest and to sing a very popular American song “This Land Is Your Land”? And besides I have made a karaoke especially for you to make it easier to remember the words.

(Pupils sing a song “This Land Is Your Land)

  1.  Great! And now it’s time for creative work. I want to present you a very interesting activity. It is called Colour Poems. They are the poems about colours. You choose a colour and try to think about the things it may illustrate, the way you feel about it, everything that may associate with the colour. I will read you one as an example.


In summer I feel green

In spring I’m green as well

Fresh kiwi smells like green

And apples have green smell

Sweet babies behave green

And aliens are green, too

And dewdrops taste fresh green

And hay remembers spring

When it was young and green.

Thick clover in the field

Smiles to the morning sun.

It’s every cell is green

And it enjoys green fun.

And I feel green when sing

And when my old friends ring.

In deep sleep I am green

(Of course inside I mean)

But when alarm wakes me

I’m green as green can be!!!

By Yulia Nikul

  1.  Before we start, tell me:
  •  What can be yellow (blue, white…)?
  •  What is the colour of the Earth (space, water, fields, mountains, people…)?
  •  What is the colour of happiness (anger, fear, knowledge, life, your school…)?

You may use the pattern for the first time. Fill in your colour in spaces and make certain changes. Do not forget the main idea of the lesson.

… smth is very nice

… smth in the evening

Very tasty … smth

These are things that I feel …

You can also have … smth

And also … smth.

  1.  Great job!!! I think that you are really creative and talented. And now as the top point of our conversation about the beauty of the world I advise you to sit comfortably and watch the part of the project made especially for you. Look and listen. Nature
  2.  Now please read the following statements from the project and find out an extra word in each sentence. And then translate.

  •  Clear sky above our heads is so different every high time we look at it.
  •  High rain mountains are so huge and strong, their snow tops are so silent and immovable.
  •  Crystal clean water in the seas is so silent now and then produce roaring and strong.
  •  Thick and long-living forests sound so birds peaceful when the leaves whisper.
  •  Flowers are so unbelievably different and bright that no artist can paint them bees better than nature does.
  •  The weather depends on the climate season.

  1.  I see that you were rather attentive and it was not difficult to do the task. I hope that you will remember that the world is really wonderful. Everything that is around is made for us. Let’s learn to notice the beauty and to value it!

Заключна частина уроку.

And now write a short summary of the lesson. Here is a plan for you:

We have learnt much about ….

The most interesting for me was….

New words for me were ….

Аналіз, оцінки.

Домашнє завдання: write a colour poem, prepare a short report about the beauty of the world.

Автор: Ю. Нікул. Вчитель англійської мови. Заступник директора з виховної роботи  

Лубенської спеціалізованій школі І-ІІІ ступенів №6.


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