Books in our life. Libraries in Ukraine

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: to give some information about libraries in Ukraine; to develop communicative abilities of pupils; to practice pupils in speaking, reading, writing.



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Natalia Ilchenko, school 11, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Topic: Books in our life. Libraries in Ukraine.

Objectives: to give some information about libraries in Ukraine;

                   to develop communicative abilities of pupils;

                   to practice pupils in speaking, reading, writing.

Level: Pre-Intermediate

Equipment: a multimedia projector, a computer, a book.


I. Introduction


T. Good morning. Glad to see you in a good mood. I hope you are well, full of energy and enthusiasm to start our lesson.

Warming up

T. Look at the screen.

    Match the two halves of  the sentences.

- The more you read                                                      a a body without soul

- A good book is                                                            b you choose a friend

- Choose an author as                                                     c a source of wisdom

- A room without a book is                                            d the more you know

 Сheck up the task:

         1. The more you read the more you know.

           2. A good book is a source of wisdom.

  3. Choose an author as you choose a friend.

  4. A room without a book is a body without soul.

T. Now, read these proverbs and say how do you understand them. Do you agree with them?

P1. I agree with these proverbs. It seems to me books help us in self – education and in solving some problems.

P2. Books help to discover new things and teach us how to behave in difficult situations.

P3. As for me, I can’t imagine my life without books and I believe that the more you read, the more you know.

T. You are right. A book is a main source of knowledge. As you see we’ll speak today about the books and the place we can take them from.

II. Main part

Speaking.  Interactive exercise « Microphone ».

T. Answer the questions:

1. Are you fond of reading?

2. What do you usually read?

3.Have you got many books at home?

4. Have you ever taken books from the libraries?

5. What kind of  library do you attend? ( school, local, city, etc.).

6. What kind of  books can you find in the library?


T. You know many kinds of  books. Let’s remember. Come to the blackboard and write the names of the books we’ve already learnt.

                      Biography             catalogue

             novel                                               encyclopedia

               fairy tale                                           non-fiction

                     manuscript                     mystery

T. Well done! And now complete the definitions with the words from the mind map:

1. A …. is a children’s story in which magical things happen.

2. A …. is a story in which the events are only explained at the end.

3. A …. is a book or piece of writing before it is printed.

4. A …. is a complete list of the books a library holds.

5. A …. is the story of somebody’s life, written by somebody else.

6. A …. is a type of literature that tells a story about people or events that are usually not real.

7. A…. book contains information about real facts, people or events.

8. An…. is a book or set of books that gives information about many different subjects, arranged in alphabetical order.

Keys     1. Fairy tale

      2. non-fiction

               3. manuscript

               4. catalogue

               5. biography

               6. mystery

               7. novel

               8. encyclopedia


T. Can you tell me where you can get books according to your tastes? So, look at this diagram and make up sentences.

      Where can you get books for reading?


                  Receive as           borrow               buy in a              get from

                  a present              through              book-shop          the library

                                              the internet

P1. We can receive books as o present.

P2. As for me I can borrow books through the internet.

P3. To my mind people can buy books in a bookshop.

P4. Any book I can get from the library.

T. As you know there are many libraries in Ukraine.

Look at the screen:

The system of libraries includes:

  •  the national and state libraries
  •  regional libraries for children and youth
  •  city, district or village libraries
  •  libraries of universities
  •  school libraries

And you task was to prepare the presentations about the famous libraries in Ukraine. Let’s watch and listen to your classmates.

Group 1 – The National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine.

Group 2 – The National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky.

Group 3 – The State Library of Ukraine for Children.


T. Well done! And now we’ll read about school libraries. Open your Workbooks  p. 97, please (Solutions). Read the text, translate and then say are the sentences true or false.

Write T. or F.

1.__ School libraries are usually big and very light.

2.__ The librarian is always available to help.

3.__ The librarian will contact you if you don’t return the books in time.

4.__ Encyclopedias and dictionaries can be taken out of the library.

5.__ Many school libraries are equipped with computers.

 Keys: 1 F, 2 T, 3 T, 4 F, 5 T.

III.   Summing up

It’s time to finish our lesson. You’ve worked hard. And I hope that all of you will go to the libraries get books and read them.


Write a short story about your school library. Write 10 sentences.

Use the plan to help you.

Paragraph 1

The location of the library and the types of books you can find there.

Paragraph 2

What equipment there is in the library.

Paragraph 3

What types of books you usually borrow from the library.



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