Books in our life

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Good afternoon, pupils and guests! Im glad to see you. Look at the screen and you can easily guess the topic of our lesson. “Reading makes a full man”, said Francis Bacon. Do you agree with him? Have you guessed the topic of the lesson? So, the topic is “Books in our life”.



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Books  in our life


I.  Introduction

    Good afternoon, pupils and guests! Im glad to see you.

Look at the screen and you can easily guess the topic of our lesson.

“Reading makes a full man”,  said Francis Bacon. Do you agree with him? Have

you guessed the topic of the lesson? So, the topic is “Books in our life”.

   Today we are going to have a talk about books and people who write them.

Youll improve your listening and reading skills. Youll also revise the topic words,

make up dialogues and recite poems. I hope you will be active. Enjoy every

minute of our lesson.

II. Warming-up

    First of all, Id like you to revise proverbs and sayings  about books and reading.

Have a look at the screen. Complete the sentences.

              A good book is...a source of wisdom.

              Reading is to the mind what...exercise to the body.

       Wear the old coat...and buy a new book.

               Choose a book...as you choose a friend.

               Don’t judge a book by its...cover.

               A room without books is ...a body without a soul.

               The more you read,...the more you know.

               Reading doesn’t make a man wise,...it only makes him learned.

                Life without books is...a tree without leaves.     

I believe your life is full of books. Are you fond of reading?

Look at the screen again. There is a matching exercise on it. Help these writers

find their books.

III. Speaking

  1.  Charlotte Bronte                      a) King Lear
  2.  Daniel Defoe                             b) Three Men in a boat
  3.  Rudyard Kipling                        c) The Last Leaf
  4.  Jonathan Swift                          d) The Jungle Book
  5.  William Shakespeare               e) Sherlock Holmes
  6.  Conan Doyle                              f) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  7.  Jerome K.Jerome                      g) Gulliver’s Travels
  8.  Lewis Carroll                              h) Robinson Crusoe
  9.  Mark Twain                                i) Jane Eyre
  10.  O.Henry                                  j) Alice in Wonderland       

What do you know about these writers and their books?

  1.  What was the name of Tom Sawyer’s younger brother? (Sid)
  2.   Who is the author of the poem “Six Serving Men”? (R.Kipling)
  3.  What was Robinson Crusoe friend’s name? (Friday)
  4.   Where  was R.Kipling born? (India)
  5.   What is William Shakespeare’s native town? (Stratford-on-Avon)
  6.   Who said these words: “To be or not to be”? (Hamlet)

Listen to some more information about W.Shakespeare. (pupil’s project)

   Another representative of the traditions of humanism is Charles Dickens.                                   

He developed moral and cultural values. (pupil’s project)

  Do you like to read books for children? What children’s writers do you know?

IV. Listening Comprehension

     -What do you know about Alan Milne?

     -Which of his books made him well-known?

    Listen to the tape. Complete the sentences with a, b or c.


    Alan Alexander Milne was born in London in 1882. At the age of 11 he won a scholarship to the Westminster School. Then he went to Cambridge University and became an editor of the university paper.

    By 1906 he had worked as an editor at Punch, a classic British humour magazine.

     When World War I started, he joined the army and served in France. Here he wrote his first play, which was  produced in London in 1917.

     By 1919 Milne completed one book and several plays. Some of his plays were staged in London and one of them even in New York City. Milne became well-known as a popular London playwright. In 1920 his son Christopher Robin Milne was born.It was the event that changed the history of children’s literature. In 1923 Milne began to work on a collection of poems for children. The result was When We Were Very Young, published in 1924.

     In 1926 he added to his success with the publication of Winnie-the-Pooh. Milne was always saying that it was his wife and his young son, who inspired him to write the poems and stories for children.

     Sometimes it seemed to Milne that he should write something more important, like a detective story. In fact, in 1922 he wrote a detective novel, The Red House Mystery, as well as many novels, essays, short stories and poems. He wrote over 25 plays and his autobiography It’s Too Late Now, published in 1939.

     When he died, 30 years later, there was already no doubt that Alan Milne achieved the world-wide popularity not as he wished due to his plays and novels, but to the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh Bear. The Pooh books are favourites with old and young alike and have been translated into many languages.

     Have you read “Alice in Wonderland”? What did Alice see when she went to sleep on the grass? (a white rabbit)

     Lewis Carroll (pupil’s project)

     Another famous writer who wrote for children is Rudyard Kipling. What his books have you read? (pupil’s project)

V.  Reading and Grammar

     The next task is waiting for us. It’s reading. We are going to read the text “Ann’s reading experience”. Put the verbs into 2 columns. You’ve got 2 minutes.

Now, read the end of Ann’s story and use the correct verb forms from the list you have made.

     Do you have a sense of humour? Do you like laughing? What humorous writers do you know?

     O.Henry (pupil’s project)

     Mark Twain (pupul’s project)

VI. Work in pairs

     Put the dialogue in the right order. Make up your own dialogue.

    Are you fond of poetry? Have you read poems by George Byron and Robert Burns? (pupils’ projects)?

VII. Summarizing

     Today we have got a lot of information about books and now we have to sum up the results of the lesson. So, why do we need books? Do they teach us to be kind, clever, wise? I hope you understand that without books our life will be empty and boring. Read good books and enjoy them. Your marks are ...

VIII.  Hometask

      Your hometask will be to write a composition “Books in my life”

      Thank you for your work at the lesson. See you!


Complete the sentences with a,b or c.








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