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You are right. They are books and the name of our lesson is “Books are our Friends”. The motto of the lesson is “The more we read, the more we know”. The main task of our lesson is to summarize the information you have learnt about books. Well practice the word that you have learnt in the previous lessons, listen to the text about Mark Twain and speak on it, enjoy the time of our communication and learning.)



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  •  to revise and enrich pupils’ vocabulary on the topic;
  •  to develop pupils’ listening and speaking skills;
  •  to teach pupils to analize information and find solutions to various questions;
  •  to awake pupils’ interest to reading books.

Equipment: pictures of topical words, Power Point presentation of the lesson.


I Introduction

T: Good morning everyone. Nice to see you. To know the name of our lesson you must guess the riddle: (slide 1)

We have friends
They can not play
And can not see
But they are good
For you and me.
What are they?

P: They are books

T: You are right. They are books and the name of our lesson is “Books are our Friends”. The motto of the lesson is “The more we read, the more we know”. The main task of our lesson is to summarize the information you have learnt about books. We’ll practice the word that you have learnt in the previous lessons, listen to the text about Mark Twain and speak on it, enjoy the time of our communication and learning. (slide 2,3)

II Warming up

T: I am sure that all of you like reading. Now I want to listen to your answers why we read books. Use word combinations: (slide 4)

to receive information;

to broaden our  mind;

to solve different problems;

to develop our personality;

to find important answers.

P1: We read books because they help us to broaden our mind.

P2: Books give us different information.

P3: Books are interesting and useful because they help to develop our personality.

P4: Books teach us to live.

P5: We can find answers on different questions in books.

III Main Part

  1.  Vocabulary Practice

Look at the screen and find definitions: (slide 5)

  1.  author   a) unreal events
  2.  message   b) a very long story
  3.  novel     c) to take
  4.  fiction     d) a person, who likes to read
  5.  poem     e) a kind of information
  6.  library   f)a person, who writes something
  7.  to borrow   g) a place with many books
  8.  reader   h) a kind of literature
  9.  Give definitions to the words: (slide 6)






to borrow


  1.  Play game “Kinds of literature”.

T: Take a piece of paper with the word which describes kind of literature. Give definition to it for other children to guess.

P1. It is a very funny story in pictures. (comics)

P2. You can find information about everything in it. (encyclopedia)

P3. It is a very long story (a novel).

P4. A children’s story in which magical things happen. (fairy tale)

P5. It is a story from ancient times. (myth).

  1.  Complete word combinations and make sentences.(slide 7)


to go  

to be  

to travel  

to visit  

to learn  



to the library

a witness

into space

far away countries

many interesting information

of literature

  1.  Relaxation. (slide 8)

T: To read books we must have healthy eyes. Now lets doing some exercises for eyes. Look at the butterfly on the screen and repeat its movements with your eyes.

  1.  Listening activity.

Pre-listening activity.

T: Children, you are going to listen to a text about famous American writer Mark Twain. Before listening pay attention to new words on the screen. (slide 9,10)

Pen-name  -  псевдонім

sailor  [' seilə] -  моряк

grown–up  [' grəunΛp] -  дорослий  

journalist  [' dзə:nəlist] - журналіст.

T: Listen to the text and be ready to answer the questions.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain is the famous American writer. He was born in 1835 in Florida. M.Twain was his pen-name, his real name was Samuel Clemens. When he was 12, his father died and he had to work. He wanted to be a sailor and he liked to write stories. He had many professions: he was a sailor, a journalist, a businessmen. But he became famous as a writer. His “Advantages of Tom Soyer” are very popular among children and grown-ups.

After listening activity.

T: Answer the following questions (slide 11)

  1.  What is this text about?
  2.  When was Mark Twain born?  
  3.  What was his real name?  
  4.  Whom did he want to be?
  5.  What is his famous novel?
  6.  Speaking activity

Using the plan on the slide. Tell the biography of famous writer. (slide 12)


… a famous American writer.

…was born in 1835.

His real name …

He wanted to be…

He worked as …

He wrote many …

Children and grown-ups …

III Summing-up

T: 1. What was the topic of our lesson?

    2. What new facts did you learn about M.Twain?

3. The motto of our lesson was “The more we read, the more we know” Do you agree with this motto?

IV Home Assigment

T: At home find interesting facts about your favorite write. At the end of our lesson I want you to listen to the poem about books. It will give you one more opportunity to understand that books are our friends. (slide 13)


What worlds of wonders are our books!

As one opens them and looks,

New ideas and people rise

In our fancies and our eyes.

The room we sit in melts away,

And we find ourselves at play

With someone who, before the end,

May become our chosen friend.

V Evolution

T: I’m pleased with your work at the lesson. Well done!

Thanks. Good bye!



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