Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Yes, I do. I like such spring weather because I can go outside and play games. - What do people usually wear in spring? - In spring people wear light clothes. - Children, look at Katya! She is so nice today! Let us tell her some compliments!



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            План – конспект уроку

Тема: Що люди носять у Великій Британії.

           Розвиток мовленнєвої компетенції.

Практичні цілі:

            вивчити нові та повторити вивчені ЛО з теми,

             практикувати їх вживання в мовленні, вчити

             учнів працювати з текстом, вчити працювати

             в парах і приймати спільне рішення.

Розвивальні цілі:

             розвивати фонематичний слух, навички діало-

             гічного та монологічного мовлення, розвивати

             пам ять, увагу,навички аудіювання та навички

             порівняння та аналізу.

Виховні цілі:

          виховувати сумлінне ставлення до навчання,

              інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.  

Тип уроку: мовленнєвий

Обладнання: мультимедійний проектор,

                              підручники, картки.    

                         План уроку

І. Початок уроку

  1.  Привітання. Введення в мовленнєве середовище.
  2.  Пред явлення теми і мети.

ІІ. Основна частина уроку

  1.  Фонетична зарядка.
  2.  Повторення ЛО з теми, вивчених у 4 класі.
  3.  Введення нових лексичних одиниць.
  4.  Розвиток навичок читання та перекладу. Опрацювання тексту.
  5.  Розвиток навичок аудіювання.
  6.  Робота в парах. Складання діалогів за ситуаціями.

ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку.


  1.  Підсумки уроку.
  2.  Домашнє завдання.
  3.  Оцінювання.

                            Хід уроку

І. Початок уроку



  •  Good morning, children! I am glad to see you.

How are you today?

( We are fine, thank you.)

Sit down, please.

2. Бесіда з класом

             - Who is on duty today?

             - I am.

             - Who is absent today?

             - … is absent today.

- Why is he/she absent today?

- I do not know exactly but I think he/she is ill.

- What day is it today?

- Today is …

- What date is it today?

- Today is ….

- What season is it now?

- It is spring now.

- What is the weather like today?

- It is fine.

- Describe the weather, please.

- …

- Do you like such weather? Why?

- Yes, I do. I like such spring weather because I can go outside and play games.

- What do people usually wear in spring?

- In spring people wear light clothes.

- Children, look at Katya! She is so nice today! Let us tell her some compliments!

- This blouse suits you perfectly.

- I am glad you like it.

- You have a nice smile.

  •  Thank you for your compliments. I have a good mood.

You look nice today too.

  •  Children, listen to this poem and think about the theme of our lesson.

My mother keeps on telling me

When she was in her teens

She wore quite different clothes from mine

And didn´ t hear of jeans,

T – shirt, no hats and dresses that

Wear far above her knees.

I laughed at first and then I thought

One day my kids will tease

And laugh at what I am wearing now.

What will their clothes be?

  •  Our theme is  Clothes.
    •  You are right.
    •  At this lesson we are going to:

- repeat words on this theme;

- learn new words and work with them;

- read   the text from our textbook;

- listen to a new text and work with it;

- work in pairs, make up dialogues and act them out.

ІІ. Основна частина уроку


  1.  Фонетична зарядка
    •  You have to work with phonetic rhymes.

    First repeat very slow.

     She likes fashionable shirts and shoes.

     What do you wear in winter? –

                  Warm woolen sweaters.

  •  Now faster and faster.

  1.  Повторення ЛО з теми «Одяг».

Гра «Remember and name»

  •  We have pictures of clothes. Let us repeat the names of them.

(Слайди одягу – учні називають види одягу.)

  •  Now, who will name more of them?

Clothes, a blouse, a dress, trousers, a shirt, a cap, a hat,

a skirt, a jacket, jeans, a suit, shoes, boots, a coat, a raincoat,

shorts, a sock, a school uniform, a jumper, a T-shirt,

a sweater, a scarf, a ribbon.

       Робота за підручником (впр. 1)

- Open your books on page 144, do Ex. 1. Look and say what these people are wearing.

  •  I can see a girl. She is wearing a pink-blue dress and  red shoes. She also has three balloons and a flower in her left hand.
    •  This is a woman. She is wearing a blue T-shirt, a blue kerchief, a rosy jacket and blue trousers. She has an orange hat on her head and black shoes on her feet.

She has a bag and an umbrella in her hands too.

  •  This girl is wearing an orange raincoat and green boots.

She has an umbrella in her hands because it is raining.

She is walking her dog now.

4. Уведення нових ЛО.

- Look at these new words. Read and repeat after me.

                   ( Слайди з новою лексикою)

to have on                                    бути одягненим у

to put on                                      одягати

a tie                                              краватка

a blazer                                       спортивна куртка

a badge                                        значок                                       

tights                                            колготки

- Translate into Ukrainian, then in English.

Введення нових слів у мовлення:

My blazer, my friend s black tie, her best ribbons, to wear white stockings, to change  tights, light school blazer, multicoloured

ribbons, school badges on the caps, black tights.

  1.  Розвиток навичок читання та перекладу.

Опрацювання тексту.

Ex. 2, p. 144

- Let us read the text about that what people wear in

      Great Britain.


(2 учня читають і перекладають текст)

- Let us repeat what clothes people wear in Britain.

( Учні фронтально читають речення тексту)

  •  Do Ex. 3. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.
  •  And what about the Ukrainian schoolchildren. Do they have a school uniform?
  •  Yes, they do. They have a school uniform.
  •  Do you wear a school uniform? What is it like? Describe it.
  •  Look at Liuda. She is wearing a school uniform of our school. She is wearing a white blouse, a black jacket and a black skirt. She has tights and boots on. All girls of our school wear such uniform.
  •  And what about you, boys? What do you wear at school?
  •  All boys must wear white, blue or black suits. They may wear ties too.
  •  Do you like your school uniform? Why?
  •  Yes, of course. I like my school uniform because I feel comfortable in it.
  •  And you?
  •  I like it too. I think uniform makes pupils more organized and disciplined.
  •  School uniform saves parents  money.
  •  It saves time. In the morning kids do not make up their minds what to wear.
  •  School is the place where the next bankers, doctors, employees and police officers are studying. We are learning to keep dress code.

  1.  Розвиток навичок аудіювання.

  •  Now you will listen to a text. It ´s title is  “Mr. Smith”.
    •  How you think what is this text about?
    •  What is his name?
    •  Where does he live?
    •  Why do you think so?
    •  What does he wear at work?

  •  Listen to the text.  Be attentive. Than you will do a test.

                            (аудіо запис тексту)

Mr. Smith lives in London. He is a police officer. At home Mr. Smith usually wears a shirt, trousers, a jacket, socks and shoes. But when he goes to work he puts on his police uniform. When it is cold he puts on a sweater. It keeps him warm during his night duties. He also puts on his boots. Then he puts on a police jacket or a raincoat and takes his police cap. When Mr. Smith comes home from work he always changes his clothes and puts his uniform into the wardrobe.


  •  Put these sentences are true or false.

  1.  Mr. Smith lives in Washington DC.  –
  2.  He is a police officer.  +
  3.  At home he usually wears a white shirt, a black suit and shoes.-
  4.  He also wears socks when he is at home.  +
  5.  At his work he wears a police uniform.  +
  6.  When it is cold he puts on a warm coat and a scarf.  –
  7.  His warm sweater keeps him warm during his night duties.  +
  8.  He also puts on his boots.  +
  9.  He wears a police jacket and a cap.  –
  10.  He also puts on a raincoat.  +
  11.  When Mr. Smith comes home he changes his clothes.  +
  12.  He never puts his uniform into the wardrobe.  –

  1.  Робота в парах. Складання діалогів за ситуацією.

Work while you work

Play while you play

That is the way

To be happy and gay.

  •  Children, let us play the role – plays. Work in pairs. You have two situations. Choose one of them and make up dialogues.

               Role-play «Detective»

Role 1   You are a detective. Ask the witness questions about the man you are looking for.

Role 2  You are a witness. Answer the detective s questions.



                     Use the words:

Tall, short, fair-haired, dark-haired, jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket, crosses, blue, black, white, a cap, a hat, green, glasses.

                  Role-play «Lost child»

Role 1  In the supermarket of Zaporizhzhia you have lost your sister. She is 3. Ask the policeman to help you.

Role 2  You are a policeman. Ask the girl questions about her sister.

I am looking for, to find her, to look like, fair hair, blue eyes, a bright red dress, white stockings, black shoes, pink ribbons, do not worry, try to help.

                Dialogue  1

  •  Let us read and act out the dialogues.

  •  Is the man tall or short?

  •  He is tall.

  •  Is he dark-haired or fair-haired?

  •  He is dark-haired.

  •  What clothes is he wearing?

  •  He is wearing jeans, a blue T-shirt  and a black jacket. He has white crosses on.

  •  Is he wearing a cap or a hat?

  •  He has a green cap on his head and he is wearing black glasses.

                     Dialogue  2

  •  I am sorry. I am looking for my little sister. Help me to find her, please.

  •  What does she look like?

  •  She is very pretty. Her hair is fair and her eyes are blue.

  •  What is she wearing?

  •  She is wearing a bright red dress, white stockings and black shoes. She also has two pink ribbons in her hair.

  •  Do not worry. I shall help you.

ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку.

      Підсумки. Домашнє завданння. Оцінювання.

  •  Our lesson is going to end. Was it interesting?
  •   What new words have you learnt?
  •  What do the English people wear in Great Britain?
  •  Is it comfortable to wear a school uniform every day?
  •  Your home assignment is to learn new words, retell the text about British clothes and write a letter to your English friend about your school uniform.

  •  Your marks are …

  •  Have a nice day! Good-bye!

Запорізька область,   Оріхівський район, село Преображенка,

вул.. Берегова, буд. 25    70545   тел. 099-055-66-69

 Преображенський навчально – виховний комплекс                                                     

                              «Школа – дитсадок»


              IN GREAT BRITAIN

                               Конспект уроку

                                                       з англійської мови

                                                        у 5 класі

                              Вчитель: Котенко Вікторія Валентинівна


                                        2011 р.


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