Discover Britain. Travelling to London

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The form of our today’s lesson is a bit unusual. Today we’ll have a short competition between two teams. At our lesson you will make a trip to London. During our trip we shall have several stops. We’ll visit these stations and do the tasks at each station. Let’s divide into two teams. I’ll give you the parts of two pictures. You have to match them. What kind of picture have you got? OK. Now we have got two teams. You have to choose the captain and the name of your team.



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Тема:         Discover Britain

Підтема:    Travelling to London.

 Мета:    практична     - удосконалювати навички аудіювання, читання і говоріння по темі; повторення вживання дієслова to be (бути, знаходитись) у теперішньому та минулому простих часах;

 розвиваюча    - розвивати здатність мовного самоконтролю;

освітня          - розширювати знання учнів з теми, яка вивчається;

виховна          - виховувати культуру спілкування і співпраці в групах;              

                                                   - виховувати повагу до традицій Великобританії.

 Тип уроку:  урок-змагання

 Обладнання: 1) карта Великобританії; 2) картки з граматичними завданнями;   

3) тематичні малюнки, ілюстрації; 4) фонограма пісні; 5) картки із зображенням визначних місць Лондона; 6) макети кросвордів The days of the week” та “The capitals of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”; 7) підручник Алли Несвіт “We learn English”  5 клас; 8) саморобна медаль “Winner”.

Хід уроку.

  1.  Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Teacher: The form of our today’s lesson is a bit unusual. Today we’ll have a short competition between two teams. At our lesson you will make a trip to London. During our trip we shall have several stops. We’ll visit these stations and do the tasks at each station. Let’s divide into two teams. I’ll give you the parts of two pictures. You have to match them. What kind of picture have you got? OK. Now we have got two teams. You have to choose the captain and the name of your team.

For your right answer I’ll give you an apple or a pear. At the end of the lesson we’ll see who wins.

Now you have to imagine that you are passengers of a train. We are going to travel to London. Pay attention. The train is leaving. In London we are going to make London Sightseeing  Tour.

Station 1: “Phonetics

Кожна команда отримує завдання прочитати слова в транскрипції.

[west'mInstq 'xbI]

[sqn(t) pO:lz kq'Ti:dr(q)l]





[trq'fxlgq skweq]






Station 2: “Poetry” 

Учні кожної команди розповідають всі вірші, які знають.

 «Three little kittens»

ІІ. Основна частина уроку.

Station 3: “Grammar

На даному етапі перевіряються знання грамматики. Кожна команда отримує картку з завданням.

Fill in the gaps with was, were, am, is, are.

  1.  I … fine.
  2.  You … from England.
  3.  My friend … a god boy.
  4.  She … pretty.
  5.  It … Tuesday yesterday.
  6.  We … in Kyiv last winter.
  7.  They … British.
  1.  I … at school last Saturday.
  2.  We … the pupils of the fifth form.
  3.  We … at school now.
  4.  You … at the zoo yesterday.
  5.  The weather … bad last week.
  6.  They … Ukrainian schoolchildren.
  7.  It … Wednesday today.


Team «The English»                                                         Team «The Welsh»

Station 4: “Lexical”

Teacher: On this station we’ll speak about British clothes. Let’s review the words on this topic.

Teacher: Very good. Now you will take the sheet of paper, read the sentences and the other team must agree or disagree with this statement.

  1.  The men wear suits, shirts and trousers in Great Britain.  (+)
  2.  The English wear fur coats, fur cap and high boots in winter.  (-)
  3.  The women don’t wear dresses, blouses and skirts in Great Britain. (-)
  4.  Men and women wear shoes and boots in England. (+)
  5.  In autumn people wear raincoats, coats and hats. (+)
  6.  In many schools in Great Britain schoolchildren mustn’t wear uniform. (-)
  7.  People wear T-shirts and shorts in summer. (+)
  8.  English school jackets are called blazers. (+)

Station 5:Puzzles

Teacher: Let’s unriddle the crosswords. The captains will unriddle the crosswords at the blackboard. The rest will do the task at your seats.

I crossword  “The days of the week” (for the captains)

II crossword “The capitals of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland” (for the rest pupils)

The contest between two captains of the teams

Station 6: “Musical”

Teacher: This is the last station called “Musical”. Let’s sing the song. (Учні виконують будь-яку пісню англійською мовою. Можливо, кожна команда виконує свою пісню.)

Teacher: Our trip is over. At last we have arrived to London. What places of interest do you know in London? Who can tell us about them? (Діти розповідають про визначні місця столиці Великобританії – Лондону.) 

  1.  Westminster Abby was founded in 1050 as a monastery, but later it was rebuilt. Nearly all the kings and queens of Britain were crowned and buried there. The Abby is a symbol of English traditions. One of the treasures of the Abby is the ancient Coronation Chair.
  2.  St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most  famous of all English architecture. The  largest bell in England is in the Clock Tower of the cathedral. Inside the cathedral you can see many monuments to generals and admirals.
  3.  This square is named in commemoration of the naval battle of Trafalgar in 1825. On the middle of Trafalgar Square the Nelson Column was erected. Four bronze lions are at the base of the column.
  4.  Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen and her family. Above the State Entrance is the central balcony where the Royal Family appear on occasions of national holidays.

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку.

  1.  Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Teacher: Now let’s sum up the results.

-What did you do at our lesson?

-Did you like it?

-The First Team, how many points have you got?

-The Second Team, how many points have you got?

-This Team has won here is your medal. (The teacher gives the captain the medal “Winner”.)

2. Виставлення оцінок.

Teacher: Dear children, taking into account your activity during the game and the member of the correct answers, your marks are the following …


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