What Do You Know about Canada?

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Right you are. At this lesson we’ll try to make a report in geography of Canada. We have invited to our English lesson your geography teacher as an expert in Geography. This lesson is unusual because you’ll get knowledge yourselves using different sources of information.



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7 чел.

Комунальна установа Сумська спеціалізована школа І-ІІІ ступенів № 7

м. Суми, Сумської області

Розробка інтегрованого уроку

(англійська мова, географія)

для 8 класу з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови

з теми «What Do You Know about Canada?”


Теницька Н. В.

вчитель англійської мови,

спеціаліст І категорії.

Суми 2010



  •  to teach students to do the geographical outlook of the country;
  •  to teach them to get information using different sources;
  •  to practice skimming the text;
  •  to practice using the Present Perfect Tense in Passive Voice;
  •  to incorporate group work;
  •  to widen students’ knowledge on English-speaking countries.

Equipment: a textbook “Welcome to English Study” (8th form) by O. Karpiuk, a map of Canada, contour maps of Canada, a CD with the anthem of Canada, a list of proper names, handouts, Canadian flag and coat of arms, sights of Canada.



O Canada!

Our home and native land!

True patriot love

In all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts

We see thee rise.

The True North

Strong and free!

T: You’ve listened to the anthem of an English-speaking country. You can see its flag and coat of arms here. Can you guess what country we are going to speak about?

Expected answer:

S: About Canada.

T: Right you are. At this lesson we’ll try to make a report in geography of Canada. We have invited to our English lesson your geography teacher as an expert in Geography. This lesson is unusual because you’ll get knowledge yourselves using different sources of information.


   [ l ]

  Look, listen, learn!

T: Let it be the motto of our lesson.



T: We’ll start with revising our knowledge in geography. What plan do we use to do the geographical outlook of the country?

Students express ideas in Ukrainian and English.

Expected result:

  The geographical outlook of the country.


  1.  Фізико-географічне положення/ Geographical position.
  2.  Рельєф території/ Surface.
  3.  Мінеральні ресурси/ Mineral resources.
  4.  Клімат території/ Climate.
  5.  Води/ Lakes and rivers.
  6.  Населення/ Population.
  7.  Господарство/ Economy.


T: I’d recommend you to review some geographical terms and word-combinations.

Unscramble words.

to derbor on

to be edshwa by

an eara

a lowndla

a tainmoun ragen

a aticclim nezo




Key: to border on, to be washed by, an area, a lowland, a mountain range, a climatic zone, arctic, subarctic, temperate.


T: Let’s work with some proper names. Listen and repeat.

Canada   the Mackenzie

North America  Nelson

The Pacific ocean   Yukon

The Atlantic ocean Rocky mountains

The Arctic ocean  Great Lakes

Ottawa   Great Bear Lake

Toronto   Niagara Falls


T: Now you are ready to get information about Canada. Split into 2 groups. You task is to complete the chart “Some Facts about Canada” and to draw a contour map of Canada.

Some Facts about Canada.

1. Geographical position

2. Area

3. Surface

4. Climate

5. Lakes and rivers.

6. Population

7. Language

8. Cities

9. Mineral resources

10. Economy

The first group will search for information about geographical position and the surface, another one will work with points “Climate” and “Lakes and rivers”. Then you’ll share the results of your research. The only available source of information for each group is a map of Canada.


T: Are your contour maps ready?

Expected answer:

S: Yes, they are.

T: Is your chart completed? No? Then let’s work with another source of information.

Pre-reading activity.

T: Look at the text and say what information you are going to find in it.

Possible answer:

S: We are going to learn more about population, language, cities and economy of Canada.


T: Read the text and find necessary information to complete your chart. 


Canada is the largest country on the American continent and the second largest country in the world. It has a population of 27 million on an area of 9,976,185 square kilometres! Most of the population are descended from European immigrants. Only 1.5% of today's population are descended from the original Eskimo and Indian inhabitants.

Britain and France fought over Canada for nearly two hundred years. Finally in 1763 Britain took control. Canada is now an independent country with its own prime minister, but the head of state is still the British Queen.

Canada is a bilingual country. The majority of the population speaks English. Most French speakers live in the province of Quebec. Canada's largest city is Toronto. It has a population of 3,800,000. But Toronto is not the capital city. The capital is Ottawa in the province of Ontario.

The national emblem of Canada is the maple leaf and the currency is the Canadian dollar. Canada is a huge country. Its longest river, the Mackenzie, flows for 1,600 km into the Arctic Ocean. It is also a very rich country. It has many' industries (cars, electrical goods, etc.). It produces almost every mineral (gold, silver, iron, copper, uranium, oil, coal, etc.). Canada is the world's biggest producer of nickel, the second biggest producer of zinc and the third biggest producer of lead. Canada is also one of the world's biggest producers of wood and paper (44% of the land is forest). Agriculture (mostly wheat and cattle) is important, too.

Post-reading activity.

T: Do we have a result? Prove it. Tell what you know about Canada. Use your chart and a contour map.


T: A lot of things have been done at this lesson. Do you agree? Let’s speak about them using the Present Perfect Passive. Make up sentences with these word-combinations.

  1.  The text/ to read.
  2.  The map of Canada/ to study.
  3.  The chart/ to complete.
  4.  The geographical position of Canada/ to describe.
  5.  Different sources of information/ to use.

Key: 1. The text has been read.

2. The map of Canada has been studied.

3. The chart has been completed.

4. The geographical position of Canada has been described.

5. Different sources of information have been used.


T: My congratulations! You are real experts in geography of Canada. Besides you know how to get information using different sources of it.

Your classmate got a task to make a report about geographical position of the USA. He needs information. Give him advice how to find it. Use the following models:

  •  You should …
  •  Why don’t you …?
  •  Let’s …
  •  What about …?


T: Let’s make a conclusion. What have you learnt to do at the lesson?

Now I Can …

read and listen about the geography in English.

search for information in different sources.

do a geographical outlook of Canada using a map and a chart.

use the Present Perfect Tense in Passive Voice


Your Geography teacher would like you to help her in preparing for the lesson on the topic “Canada”. So your home task will be to make a geographic quiz “What Do You Know about Canada?”

Your marks are … Thanks a lot. The lesson is over. Good bye. Have a nice day.


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  2.   http://uchenik-ok.narod.ru 
  3.   http://lonelyplanet.com/maps 
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