Sport. We are the Champions

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Objectives: - to develop communicative abilities of pupils in different situations; - to practice pupils in speaking, reading, listening; - to develop pupils` interest in sport. Level: Pre-Intermediate



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Nataliia Ilchenko, school 11, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Topic:  Sport. We are the Champions.

Objectives:  - to develop communicative abilities of pupils in different situations;

                    - to practice pupils in speaking, reading, listening;

                    - to develop pupils` interest in sport.

Level: Pre-Intermediate

Equipment: a multimedia projector, a computer, a screen, cards, a book.


I. Introduction.

1. Greeting.

  •  Good afternoon, dear children.
  •  Nice to meet you.
  •  Have are you today?

2. Warming up.

Our body needs training, but our tongue needs it too. Let`s get ready to speak English and show our favourite phonetic drill. Look at the screen, listen and repeat the tongue-twister.

I like to run out in the sun, It`s such a fun to run, to run.

Translate it, will you pronounce it once more?

3. Open your copybooks, write down the date.

P1 come to the blackboard and write the words by the letters:      

A sound mind is in a sound body.

  •  Read this sentence, translate.
  •  Do you agree with this proverb?
  •  What can you say about it?

P1: I agree with this proverb, because sport is very useful for our life. People must         go in for sports. I think sport does not only help people to become strong but makes them more organize.

T. Children, do you agree with P1?                                                                                            What can you add?

P2: It makes for a healthy mind in a healthy body. Sport helps people to keep in good health.

T. You are right.

As you see, the topic of the lesson is Sport. We are the champions. We`ll speak today about different kinds of sports, about Ukrainian Champions.

II. Main part.

1. Answer the questions:

  •  Is sport very important in your life?
  •  Do you go in for sports?
  •  What kinds of sports are very popular in our school?
  •  Is there a swimming pool in our school?
  •  Would you like to have it?
  •  What sports competitions took place in our school last time?
  •  Who took part in those competitions?
  •  Who showed the best results?

2. You know many kinds of sports. Let`s remember. Come to the blackboard and write the name of the sport.

        jumping                                   running               tennis                         Sport                   football                               

scuba-diving                  volleyball

           snorkeling          basketball

3. There are other different kinds of sports. Look at the screen. Read and translate.

4. Look at the mind map and at the screen and make up sentences using the words:

  •  As for me …
  •  I thing …
  •  I believe …
  •  To my mind …

5.  And now, pupils, I`ll give you some stories. Read these stories, try to guess what kind of sport is it?

  1.  It is a game. Both men and women can play it. The players have a ball. They play the ball with their hands. There are 6 players in every team. (Volleyball)

  1.  It is a very beautiful kind of sports. It gives the sportsmen strength, rhythm and grace. The sportsmen do some exercises or dance to the music. The sportsmen have beautiful costumes too.                  (Figure-skating)

  1.  This game is played in our country: at schools, universities and sports clubs. It was first played in the USA. The team has 5 players. They bounce the ball in the floor up and down with one hand. They try to throw the ball into the basket.                                                                               (Basketball)

  1.  It is the most popular game in England and in our country. The players have a ball. The game lasts for 90 minutes. The players try to score a goal.                                                                                                    (Football)

6. Let`s play. I will say short sentences. Repeat the sentence if it`s true for you, but say nothing, shut your mouth, if it`s false.

  •  I do my morning exercises every day.
  •  Sport isn`t popular in Ukraine.
  •  We go in for sports.
  •  Sport is very important in our life.
  •  I don`t like swimming.
  •  We have a swimming pool in our school.
  •  We want to be champions.
  •  I take part in the sport competitions.

7. There are many champions in Ukraine and abroad. We have read about Cathy Freeman. (Oxford Team, Workbook   p. 23)Look thought the text.

P1 ask questions to your friends to this text.

  1.  What distance clothes Cathy Freeman run?
  2.  Where did she break the Olympic record?
  3.  How many Olympic gold medals has she won?

8. Now we`ll speak about Ukrainian Champions. You have prepared the presentations about Ukrainian Champions. Let`s watch and listen to some of them.

P1 – A. Shevchenko

P2 – Yana Klochkova

P3 – S. Bubka

P4 – Br. Klychko

P5 – L. Podkopayeva

9. And now let`s relax. Listen and sing the song “We are the Champions”. (Oxford Team, SB p. 31)

10. I know that you go in for sports too. And there is one pupil in your form. He goes in for boxing. It is V. Yevchenko. He will retell us about himself. (Pupil`s story)

T. I wish you good luck and I think that in future you will be the champion of our country. I think that all of you will go in for sports and will be healthy.

11. And now image that a reporter came to you and he wants to interview about your favourite kind of sports. Who will be the reporter? Let`s start, please.

  1.  Do you like sport? Why?
  2.  What winter sport do you know?
  3.  Can you play hockey?
  4.  Are you good at skating?
  5.  What summer sports do you know?
  6.  Do you want to keep fit? Why?
  7.  What kinds of sports do you like best of all?
  8.  What famous sportsmen do you know?
  9.  Why do people go in for sports?

III. Summing up.

I hope that all of you will go in for sports and will be healthy. I wish you to be the champions not only in for sports, but in your life.


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