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Celebrte holidys hve prties enjoy fun on the snow Decorte fire tree get presents Mke fireworks visit reltives go to church So tody our lesson will be dedicted to the coming holidy Christms. Id like to introduce the epigrph of the lesson: Its Christms time Songs tht rhyme...



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OBJECTIVES              to from habits of communication  

                                      to train reading comprehension skills

                                      to practice team and pair work

                                      to develop creativity in preparing

                                      to enrich pupils’ knowledge about Christmas

EQUIPMENT              handouts, illustrations, a tape-recorder, a DVD film


1. ORGANIZING       Good morning, pupils! Glad to see you today.

                 Today’s day, a happy day

                 We are glad and very gay

                 We all ready work and play

                 Welcome, welcome holiday.

2. WARMING UP The year is a long time. Many things happen. You learn something new going to school, each day changes your life. Seasons come one by one. Each has its special charm. But there is one the richest in holidays and celebrations. What season am I talking about?    


                         Winter is coming, winter is charming

                         Winter is the best of all

                         Snowflakes dance, snowflakes fall

                         Winter brings the holidays in

                         When winter comes they will begin.


Winter is a fascinating season, full of magic. Why do we like it? Try to complete the scheme on the blackboard.

Celebrate holidays                     have parties                   enjoy fun on the snow

Decorate a fire- tree                                                          get presents

Make fireworks                         visit relatives                 go to church

So, today our lesson will be dedicated to the coming holiday Christmas. It’s so popular among children and adults in our country and all over the world. I’d like to introduce the epigraph of the lesson:

Its Christmas time …Songs that rhyme, twinkling lights, festive sights, presents, trees, shopping sprees, many happy memories!

What do you know about this feast? Here are cards for you. Put a tick next to the right answer.

                                         Christmas Identification Card

Christmas is…            -      A day when Jesus Christ was born

  •  A time when you can sing carols
  •  A  holiday when people bless baskets of food
  •  A day when housewives prepare traditional dishes
  •  A season when you have fun on the snow
  •   A time when you get presents
  •  A feast when you can see “ verteps” in the streets



So, Christmas time is connected with singing carols. I suggest listening to the song prepared by your classmate.

-2 –

Now you must work in pairs and fill in the gabs with words.

                                        Song « Holy Night »

Silent night, holy …                                                 Silent night, holy …

All is calm, all is …                                                 Shepherds first … the light

Round you Virgin mother and …                           Heard resounding clear and long

Holy Infant so tender and mild …                           Far and near the … …

… in heavenly peace ( 2 )                                        … the Saviour is here ( 2 )

                                                       Silent night, holy …

                                                       Son of …, oh how bright,

                                                       … is smiling from Thy …                   

                                                      Peals for us the hour of grace.

                                                     Christ the Saviour … ( 2 )

Night,  bright,  child,  sleep,  saw,  angel,  song, Christ,  God,   love,  face,  is born

Let’s check our answers. What is the song about? Who was born on Holy Night?


You know that every country has it’s traditions in celebrating Christmas. You prepared some information. Let’s make 2 groups- Ukrainians (1st desk) and the English (2nd desk). Take your places, be ready to ask and answer the questions. Thank you for well-done projects. If you answer is right the team will get a point (Santa).


                   The British

1. When do we celebrate Christmas?

1. When do we celebrate Christmas?

2. How many dishes do we have then?

2. What are the dishes on the table?

3. Do we have Holy Supper or Dinner?

3. What do we put inside the pudding?

4. What is the main dish on the table?

4. Where are the Christmas presents?

5. What are the other Christmas dishes?

5. How do we call Christmas songs?




 5. READING        Now we*ll continue our game. I give you texts, but all the parts are cut and mixed. Try to arrange them into the Christmas story «FAT PUSS AT CRISTMAS».Let*s read in turns. Can you choose the correct answer?

1. One morning Fat Puss saw everything…(dirty,beautiful,covered with snow).

2. Fat Puss  decided to…(play snowballs, make a showman, roll down a few hills).. 3. He took a … (pine, oak, fir) tree to show Florence.

4. On Christmas Day friends…(sang carols, went for a walk, played games).


Thank you for good work. It’s time to watch a short abstract about Christmas time in Great Britain.

Look at these things lying on table. What are the symbols of Christmas? Put them onto our poster.

                         Christmas Symbols

Star   decorations   present   pudding   stocking   Santa Claus   Christmas Tree

True or false?     1. Children are waiting for Christmas.

                           2. The boy wrote a letter to his grandparents.

                           3. The received the Christmas card from their friends.

                           4. Children were decorating the Christmas Tree.

                           5. The boy opened his presents before Christmas.

                           6. They put two stockings on the fire place.



Now we are ready to count our Santas. The winner is… Thank you pupils for good work. I appreciate your home assignments. Some of you will get a snowflake (9, 8). We don’t have bad marks. That’s great! The homework will be to create a Christmas card to any person.  Let’s end our lesson with the English traditional song “JINGLE, BELLS!”. Good bye!



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