Laughter and Humour in Our Life

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: Revise the key words of the unit “Lughterâ€; To discuss the helth nd socil benefits of humour nd lughter; Develop listening nd speking skills; Give presenttions bout some British or mericn Comedins; Listen to rdio interview nd do Multiple choice nd True or Flse sttement tests; Develop the students’ sense of humour. The theme of our tody’s lesson is:†Lughter nd Humour in Our Lifeâ€. We re going to figure out the helth nd socil benefits of humour nd lughter hve tlk bout some British nd mericn comedins develop our sense of...



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3 чел.

Laughter and Humour in Our Life.


Revise the key words of the unit “Laughter”;

To discuss the health and social benefits of humour and laughter;

Develop listening and speaking skills;

Give presentations about some British or American Comedians;

Listen to a radio interview and do Multiple - choice and True or False statement tests;

Develop the students’ sense of humour.

Lesson Outline.

  1.  Introduction.

    Good morning, my dear students. I am happy to see you all. The theme of our today’s lesson is:” Laughter and Humour in Our Life”. We are going to figure out the health and social benefits of humour and laughter, have a talk about some British and American comedians, develop our sense of humour and just feel good and happy. I hope everyone feels relaxed, in a good mood or as Americans say in high spirits. Right? Can you rate your mood today? Is it 50% 75% or 100%? I like you smiling; it means you are eager to start the lesson.

  1.  Warming up. Brainstorming.

The first task of yours is to name as many words and expressions as you associate with the word “laughter’.

Why do people laugh?

When do people laugh?

How do people laugh?

e.g. to improve mood, to relieve stress, to promote good relationships, to decrease tension, to have fun, to encourage and support nearest and dearest, to feel excited and joyful;

at comic situations, watching comedy shows, enjoying a comedy film, telling jokes, when somebody makes you laugh, having fun activities, doing something silly, sharing a good joke or anecdote, at parties, concerts, at school, when it is funny, reading a comic book;

giggle, chuckle, cackle, burst into laughter, make someone laugh, crack someone up, burst out laughing, make or pull a face, fall about laughing, laugh at your head off.


  1.  Phonetic drills and a quote discussion.


Listen to the clown and catch the humour quote.

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”(Victor Hugo).

Repeat the quote after the clown.

Quote… unquote. What does the clown mean saying that laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face?

  1.  Pre-listening activity.

I’d like to give you some ideas about benefits of laughter. Distribute them into three categories:

Physical health benefits;

Mental health benefits;

Social Benefits.

  1.  Laughter boosts immunity.
  2.  Laughter adds joy and zest to life.
  3.  Laughter strengthens relationships.
  4.  Laughter attracts others to us. 
  5.  Laughter eases anxiety and fear.
  6.  Laughter lowers stress hormones.
  7.  Laughter relieves stress.
  8.  Laughter decreases pain.
  9.  Laughter relaxes your muscles.
  10.  Laughter improves mood.
  11.  Laughter prevents heart disease.
  12.  Laughter enhances resilience.
  13.  Laughter enhances teamwork.
  14.  Laughter helps defuse conflict.
  15.   Laughter promotes group bonding.

E.g. Physical Health Benefits:

  •  Boosts immunity
  •  Lowers stress hormones
  •  Decreases pain
  •  Relaxes your muscles
  •  Prevents heart disease

Mental Health Benefits:

  •  Adds joy and zest to life
  •  Eases anxiety and fear
  •  Relieves stress
  •  Improves mood
  •  Enhances resilience

Social Benefits:

  •  Strengthens relationships
  •  Attracts others to us
  •  Enhances teamwork
  •  Helps defuse conflict
  •  Promotes group bonding

  1.  Listening activity.

Listen to the interview with Dr Fry about healthy properties of humour and laughter. After that you are supposed to cope with the two tasks: Multiple-choice Test and True or False Statement Test.


Interviewer: Good morning, listeners. We have with us today Dr William Fry, a psychiatrist and humour researcher who studies the healing effects of humour. Dr Fry, could you explain why it is good to laugh?

Dr Fry: Good morning. The scientific world has examined humour and has found that the laughter associated with happiness has an effect on most of the major physiologic systems (that is the normal functions) of the body. These effects have been demonstrated by lab experimentation. It’s my personal belief that laughter associated with happiness is a total body activity.

Interviewer: Are the benefits of laughter any different for people of different ages?

Dr Fry: The benefits don’t seem to be significantly different among adults of various ages, but studies have not been done on children.

Interviewer: Could you explain the physiological opposition between humour and stress?

Dr Fry: The interaction between humour and stress is complicated because stress itself is complicated. Some stress is desirable in human beings to maintain their health-even their survival. We cannot live without environmental demands on our physical beings. If humour were to eliminate those demands, the human race would die.

Interviewer: Do they teach courses in humour for medical health professions?

Dr Fry: Doctors have a difficult time using humour with patients because they don’t want the patient to think they are fooling around. A doctor is a serious person in the patient’s life. But it is very valuable for a doctor to be friendly and light-hearted and to show humour from time to time. In other words, doctors need to strike a balance between being professional and being a friendly human being.

Interviewer: What are “humour facilities”? How can one start one in a hospital?

Dr Fry: There are many humour facilities that are presently available in the US, Canada, Britain and in other countries. In the US, facilities can include humour rooms, humour wagons (where a wagon is wheeled from room to room with humour items available), humour TV channels, clowns (some are actually on hospital staffs), and humour facility visitors who provide programme to patients on a scheduled basis.

Interviewer: That sounds interesting. What about other situations? How can humour help in, for example, bad traffic, when you are stuck in the car?

Dr Fry: Here’s a good idea: with your doors locked, put a red nose on and look around at the people stuck alongside you. Someday, everyone will have a red nose on and a traffic jam will result in the instant appearance of 10,000 clowns!

Interviewer: How about while studying for exams? It’s so easy to get stressed then.

Dr Fry: Having a laugh while you are studying is a good idea because it increases the brain’s alertness. You can count on your mind being more alert and you are less likely to fall asleep while studying.

Interviewer: Dr Fry, thank you again for being with us here today.

  1.  Post-listening activity.

Decide which the correct answer is: A, B, or C.

1. Dr Fry is talking about studies on

A. the effects of laughter associated with humour.

B. human physiology and stress.

C. healing methods used in laboratories.

2. Scientists haven’t measured the positive effects of laughter on

A. adults

B teenagers.

C. children.

3. It is not easy for doctors to use humour at work because

A. they want to maintain their professional image.

B. patients may not take them seriously.

C. they don’t think it would have any value.

4. What you can’t find among humour facilities are

A. extra meals in the humour rooms.

B. clowns and performers.

C. special TV channels and programmes.

5. When you study, laughter helps your brain to

A. fall asleep faster.

B. keep alert and active.

C. fight stress after the exam.

Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

  1.  Dr Fry believes that a laughter associated with happiness involves the whole body.
    1.  The effects of the healing humour have not been scientifically examined.
    2.  It wouldn’t be beneficial if humour eliminated stress from our lives.
    3.  US hospitals provide many humour facilities for their patients.
    4.  Putting a red nose on while you are stuck in a traffic jam can be a good way of releasing the tension caused by the jam.

  1.  Watching a video.

To relax a bit after this challenging test I want you to watch a video and recognize one British comedian.


  1.  Presentation about Rowan Atkinson.
  2.  Students’ presentations about some famous British and American comedians.

And now it is high time you presented your favourite comedians.

  1.   Summarizing and conclusion.

Indeed, when laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and boosts energy. I am sure today we have realized how powerful and beneficial humour and laughter are. Let’s smile and laugh at our challenges, make our world brighter and sunnier, let your humour be sophisticated and kind and help you every day to enjoy your life.


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