Environmental Situation And Climate In The World

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Procedure Stges Chirmn Guests Students Notes Introduction Wrmingup Speking Summing up Home ssignment Ldies nd gentlemen Let me open our conference. There re representties of the Ecologicl orgniztions from meric Gret Britin Ukrine the Climte Experts the Professor of Oxford University nd Students of this University t our conference. Mr Simon nd Mr Winter their interesting story of mking the cquintnce of the pretty girl nd invittion her to our conference.



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The Conference

“Environmental Situation And Climate In The World”

Level upper-intermediate



  •  to develop students` communicative skills;
  •  to expand pupils` vocabulary on the topic studied;


  •  to develop speech (phonetic and intonational hearing)
  •  to practice using Conditionals;


  •  to give pupils an idea about weather and climate in different countries;
  •  traditions and customs determined by weather and climate change and peculiarities;


  •  to bring up in pupils mutual respect sincerity, culture of communication

The Conference is prepared on the multimedia computer.


Урок проведён в нетрадиционной форме. Это заключительный урок-конференция по теме «Общественная сфера общения» и подтема «Человек и природа»

Цель урока: обобщение знаний по изученной теме и развитие коммуникативной компетенции учащихся средствами ИКТ, периодической печати “English” и “Digest”, путём отражения темы в творчестве Шекспира.

Учитель использовала проектную технологию при подготовке конференции. Это позволило расширить лексический запас учащихся по теме, развить их творческие способности в процессе поиска материалов об экологии, климате и погоде в разных странах.

 Большое внимание было уделено воспитанию у учащихся взаимного, искреннего уважения и культуры общения на английском языке.

Такая работа учителя и учащихся поможет выпускникам школы реализовать свой потенциал и знания в современном мире, правильно выбрать профессию.




Guests, Students





Summing up

Home assignment

Ladies and gentlemen! Let me open our conference. It is dedicated to such a vital problem as Enviromental Situation and Climate in the World. There are representaties of the Ecological organizations from America, Great Britain, Ukraine, the Climate! Experts, the Professor of Oxford University and Students of this University at our conference.

Why shouldn’t we listen to young men. Mr Simon and Mr Winter their interesting story of making the acquaintance of the pretty girl and invitation her to our, conference.

You are welcome!

Thank you. We see you have come to the right place, I mean our conference. Now well continue our work Whatever country you take you may find something special if you talk about climate and weather. As we have watched the climate is a stock subject for conversation. The only constant feature is its changeableness. Do you agree with me?

The second project to be presented is “Ukraine’s. Environmental Issues”. Please, listen to the information and be ready to discuss it.

I’d like to draw your attention to one of the most burning environmental issues in Donbass. It is air pollution.

I know the member of the Green Party wants to speak about it. Please, Mr. Green.

The most burning envien mental problem in Our city is air pollution p.23

Many cars in the streets pollute the air with their exhaust fumes. It is very dangerous for the health of people. (см. V cтр.23)

The Ukrainian Green Party is very active today. We want to extend the network of nature reserves and to maintain cooperation with international ecological organizations.

Dear guest and Students! As you know the American representatives of the Ecological organizations have come to the conference! It will be really interesting to know about the climate, the environment in South and North America.

Dear friends! During our work on this problem we came across different proverbs and sayings by known and unkown people about man’s attitude to Mother Nature. Let’s remember some of them.  

I um going to introduce you the, American Professor from Oxford University, he will make the conclusion of the conference and answer your questions.

Our conference is coming to an end you have a chance to ask the

Professor some questions. (O.D.Karpiuk, English Study 11, p.40)

So, our conference is over. Don’t forget that the Earth is our home. and to preserve it we should remember three simple laws of ecology

Digest to read the text

and give a short summary of it.

Thanks everybody. We do appreciate your work at the conference and all of you have got excellent marks.  

Newspaper “Digest” № 18, 2011, page 14 to read a text and give the comprehension.

The dramatizing of the dialogue “Weather” (tow young men and a girl)

English student: You are right! The English saying runs “We haven’t a climate, we have only samples of weather” No wonder that Shakespeare once reminded of the weather in Sonnet 34 (reads).

It’s about Gr. Britain that is famous for its changeble weather.

1) The govenment expert takes the floor.

It’s common knowledge that Ukraine is an industrial and intensively farmed country so it contains some of the most polluted lands in Eastern Europe. Pollution is especially severe in many of the densely populated areas of Ukraine like Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovs’k and Zaporizhia. Other Ukrainian cities with major chronic air pollution problems include Kyiv, Komunars`k, Makiivka and Odessa. It also should be mentioned that the matter of great concern is the condition of environment in the Crimea, one of the most beautiful areas of our country. (O.D.Karpiuk, English Study, 11, page 32)     

«Keep up your English», Москва, стр.77

Professor:  “Ecology” is a Greek word. It means the science about home. Our home is the Earth. We must take  care of it for ourselves and for the next generations. This means keeping our environment clean. The problem of nature protection is the most important nowadays because the ecological situation in the world leaves much to be desired.

Ukr. Student 1

All representatives of the conference have badges on

1) the requisites:

folding umbrella, rainbow, bench

2) the words on the multimedia board: to be regarded – быть замеченным

to stir – двигаться

to dazzle – ослеплять

folding umbrella – складной зонт…

Project 1

on the multimedia


Sonnet 34

Why didn’t thou promise such a beautious day And make me travel forth without my cloak, To let base clouds o`ertake me on the way?

Project 2

Project about Donetsk

Students, guests read from the multimedia board: Man is a social animal. (Spinoza)

A Man who has not planted a tree during his lifetime has lived in vain. (A saying)

The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives. (An Indian proverb)

The laws are written on the multimedia board: “Everything is connected to everything else”.

Everything has to go somewhere”.

“Let nature take its course”



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