National cuisine

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Tody we continue to discuss different questions nd fcts bout mels nd food. ll living things need food becuse it is the bsic fuel of our life. Wht food is very good for us Which of the foods re not so good for us nd wht food cn even cuse illnesses Write list of 15 best nd 15 worst foods. Nowdys in spoken English you my often come cross such phrse s junk food.



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National cuisine

(Конспект  серії уроків у 10 класі

за підручником Карпюк О.Д.)

Вчитель англійської мови:

Балема Т.П.

Communication Sphere:
  National cuisine       

The Theme: Ukrainian dishes.


  •  to practice vocabulary and spelling;
  •  to develop students’ creativity;
  •  to increase cultural awareness;
  •  to develop skills of unprepared speech;

Audio-visual aids: a computer,  cards, pictures, texts, dictionaries



 1.T. Good morning pupils. Today we continue to discuss different  questions and facts about meals and food. We   have  already learnt some materials about English meals(slideshow) and today  we will speak about our Ukrainian cookery.

2.Warming – up

Everybody knows that Ukrainian people are very hospitable and they are excellent cookers. They like to cook and to treat the guests. Ukraine enjoys a variety of traditional cookery, as well as favorite imported dishes. Your home task was to prepare  some information  about Ukrainian meals. Let’s listen to your  information.




T.   And now-the next task is to read the text and say why “The Pechena Kartoplia” restaurant is popular with visitors. 

|Post-reading task|

T. Do you like potato? Let’s listen to the story|From the history of potato| and tick the sentences T or F.


  •  The archeologists have found potato remains in the ancient ruins of Peru and Chile.
  •  The Incas worshipped potatoes but they didn’t eat them.
  •  Ancient Inca potatoes had dark purplish skins and yellow flesh.
  •  In the 17th century the people of many European countries such as  Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France saw potatoes for the first time.
  •  Much time has passed since people started to like eating potatoes.
  •  Today, the potato is so common and plentiful in the Western diet that it is taken for granted.

3. Speaking

          Work in pairs, please. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

  •  Do you like potatoes?
  •  What is you favourite “potato” dish?
  •  Can you cook potato by yourself?
  •  What popular Ukrainian potato dishes do you know?

 4. Discussion

 T.I know some pupils have prepared the projects about potato and “ potato dish” let’s see and listen to  them.

| projects|

 5. Writing

T. All living things need food, because it is the basic fuel of our life. It keeps us warm, gives us energy and helps kids to grow healthy. What food is very good for us? Which of the foods are not so good for us? And what food can even cause illnesses?

Write a list of 15 best and 15 worst foods. Compare your list with your classmates’ lists and discuss your choises.

6. Dictionary work

T. Nowadays in spoken English you may often come across such a phrase as junk food. The word junk means ‘of little or no value’. Read how junk food and health food are defined in some English dictionaries and then give examples of these kinds of food. Explain in Ukrainian the meaning of these expressions.

Junk food food that is not very good for you but that is ready to eat or easy to prepare: crisps, sweets.

Junk food bad quality unhealthy food, containing a lot of sugar, fat and carbohydrate content.

Junk food processed food(hot dogs)

Health food food that is believed to be good for health.

III Conclusion

     1.Homework: To interview a friend and write about his favourite Ukrainian dish.



The Pechena Kartoplia

The bread and potatoes have been the main national dishes of all Slavonic people for centuries.

The speciality of the Pechena Kartoplia, the delicious baked potato, is cooked before customers’ eyes. The smoking potato is taken out of the oven.Then it is cut in halves. Butter and cheese are added and the potato is mashed into appetizing soft puree. Then the filling is put inside. It is of the customer’s choise- herring, pickled or fried mushrooms, crab meat, brynza, ham, cabbage, etc. But the menu doesn’t limit itself to potatoes; there is also a great selections of salads, hot sandwiches (toasts) with ham, fried mushrooms and cheese, varenyky (Ukrainian ravioli with cherry, meat, potato and mushrooms), hot fragrant soups, mouth-watering desserts (delicious pies, fruit with soufflé and fruit jelly) and various drinks (from ice-cold refreshing drinks to hot chocolate and coffee).

Lively and bright interiors, in which green, yellow and red colours dominate, create a pleasant atmosphere and festive mood.

                                                             From the history of potato

In the ancient ruins of Peru and Chile, archaeologists have found potato remains that date back to 500 B.C. The Incas grew and ate them and also worshipped them. They even buried potatoes with their dead, they stashed potatoes in concealed bins for use in case of war or famine, they dried them, and carried them on long journeys to eat on the way (dried or soaked in stew). Ancient Inca potatoes had dark purplish skins and yellow flesh. The Incas called the potato "papas," as they do today. Following is the Inca prayer that historians say they used to worship them.The potato was carried on to Italy and England about 1585, to Belgium and Germany by 1587, to Austria about 1588, and to France around 1600. Wherever the potato was introduced, it was considered weird, poisonous, and downright evil. In France and elsewhere, the potato was accused of causing not only leprosy, but also syphilis, narcosis, scronfula, early death, sterillity, and rampant sexuality, and of destroying the soil where it grew. Most Americans considered the potato as food for animals rather than for humans. As late as the middle of the 19th Century, the Farmer's Manual recommended that potatoes "be grown near the hog pens as a convenience towards feeding the hogs." Today, the potato is so common and plentiful in the Western diet that it is taken for granted. We seem to forget that the potato has only been with us for a few hundred years.

Potato Timeline

1536 – The potato arrived in Europe

1609 – European sailors take the potato to China

1719 – Potatoes arrive in USA

1801 – First French Fries served in America

1845 – The Irish potato famine

1853 – Potato crisp invented in New York

1952 – ‘Mr Potato Head’ toy invented

1995 – The potato is grown in space

2008 – United Nations International Year of the Potato

Communication Sphere:   National cuisine       

The Theme: This world of known and unknown food


  •  to teach students to analyze and generalize the material;
  •  to develop students’ language skills;

        ‘’    TASTES     DIFFER’’.



Audio –visual aids: PC, cards, text-books



               1.T. Good morning, dear friends! Today we are going to discuss a very interesting topic. If you  look at the computer  screens,  you will see the topic of our lesson.

         2.Warming – up

T.  Health is our wealth. And our health much depends on food we eat. We must eat good and healthy meals not junk ones.

                People in different countries have different meals time.

    Let’s compare the meals time in Ukraine and in English-speaking countries.

                   Meals time                    

BRITAIN                                 USA

Breakfast                         Breakfast

7.00-10.00a.m.             7.00-10.00a.m.

Lunch                              Lunch

12.00 a.m.-2.00p.m.                  11.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.

         Dinner                                            Dinner

6.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.                     6.00 p.m.-9.00 p.m.

T. And what about Ukrainians and their meals time?

              |P1, P2, P3|


              1. Speaking

T. Do you know what is a packed lunch?

               (P1, P2, P3, P4)


T.Where can a person go if he or she would like to have lunch?


  •  where people may be served meals while sitting in the car;
  •  where people choose their own food and carry it to the table;

  •  where no-alcoholic drinks, cakes and light meals are served;
  •  where cheap light meals and non-alcoholic drinks are served;
  •  where meals are prepared, sold and eaten and their prices may be

rather high.


T.Complete the table below. What a customer usually does in each

of the places for eating out.



Fish and chips







Fast food




Usually it is open from…


The customer may have a reservation there.

The places there are never reserved.

The manager usually accompanies the customer

To the table.

The customer usually chooses a table and occupies it.

The customer may have breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

The customer may have only light lunch.

T.In Britain and other English-speaking countries one can easily find a menu offered by this or that eating place either on the door or somewhere nearby. Read the menu samples and try to guess what kind of eating place may have such a menu.


 T. Imagine that you have come to one of eating place.

      Act out the situation using the key expressions below.

5.Work in groups of three. Discuss the following questions:

  •  What dishes may be offered in the menu of a tea shop?
  •  What drinks are usually served in a tea shop?
  •  What can be offered for dessert in a tea shop?

6.Role play the situation in which two customers are ordering a meal in a tea shop.










Read an English recipe and answer the questions.

  1.  What do you think such abbreviation as oz, tsp, prep, hrs stand for?
  2.  What vocabulary does one need to be able to read English recipes?
  3.  Does one need to know words denoting kitchen tools?
  4.  What grammar does one need to be able to read recipes?
  5.  Do we really need to learn to cook in the age of fast food and takeaway food?

                                                                           /The Classic Christmas cake.|

III Conclusion

     1.Homework: To write the recipe of your favourite dish.



The Classic Christmas Cake

This, with no apologies, is a Christmas cake that has been in print since 1978, has been made and loved by thousands and is, along with the Traditional Christmas Pudding, one of the most popular recipes.  It is rich, dark and quite moist, so will not suit those who like a crumblier texture.


 1 lb (450 g) currants

 6 oz (175 g) sultanas

 6 oz (175 g) raisins

 2 oz (50 g) glacй cherries, rinsed, dried and finely chopped

 2 oz (50 g) mixed candied peel, finely chopped

 3 tablespoons brandy, plus extra for 'feeding'

 8 oz (225 g) plain flour

  level teaspoon salt

  level teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

 Ѕ level teaspoon ground mixed spice

 8 oz (225 g) unsalted butter

 8 oz (225 g) soft brown sugar

 4 large eggs

 2 oz (50 g) almonds, chopped (the skins can be left on)

 1 level dessertspoon black treacle

 grated zest 1 lemon

 grated zest 1 orange

 4 oz (110 g) whole blanched almonds (only if you don't intend to ice the cake

Communication Sphere:   National cuisine       

Theme: Is good food really a part of good life? 


  •  to develop the pupils’ reading and listening skills;
  •  to practice work in groups and pairs;
  •  to cultivate the pupils’ interest in studying English

Audio –visual aids: PC,a video-recorder, cards, pictures  


 At a dinner party one should tat wisely, but not too well, and talk well, but not too


                                     W. Somerset Maugham, British written

Eat at pleasure, drink with measure. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

. Where you eat is sacred

                              Jowis Bunvel, Spanish film-maker

Every cook praises its own broth.                                       Hunger breaks stone walls



I. Introduction

1.   Today we’ll continue to speak about food, recipes and food in our life. Please look at the screen and read the following proverbs and quotations, say which of them you like most of all and choose three of them to learn by heart. Let’s discuss some of them.


2.Warming up

T. I see that some of you are meat-eaters but most of you are  sweet -eaters and at home you wrote the recipes of the most tasty sweet dishes. Now you’ll present them.

                                                     |a part of the project PPPP|


T. 1.Reading. I want you to read the recipe and to tell us what dish can you cook using such ingredients:



                                                                                                                         900 g lean beef                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                             24 button mushrooms

                                                                                                                                       2 red peppers

                                                                                                                                   4 langer courgettes


                                                                                                                                     12 baby onions

50 ml olive oil

1 tsp lemon juice,1 tsp coriander seeds, crushed                                                       

2 tsp cumin seeds, crushed

2 springs thyme, bruised                             

1 tsp fresh green pepper

Corns, crushed.   Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg1 tsp chopped fresh mint 

1 tsp chopped fresh dill

1 tsp ground cumin

Pinch of cayenne pepper

24 bay leaves

12 metal skewers


T.  Children, we are going to watch a video about school children cooking for an Aston Villa footballer called Nigel Reo Coker.

Pre-video questions:

 What do you think the children cook for the footballer?

 Does Nigel Reo Coker like the food that the children cooked for him?

 Who were those four main adult speakers in the video?

3. Speaking

T. Try to guess what dish is described as follows:”Cubes of beef and mixed vegetables are marinated, threaded onto skewers, barbecued and served with herby yoghurt sauce’. Choose the picture on which this dish is depicted.

T. The pleasure of eating outdoors is something that has been enjoyed for centuries, is’n it? Look at the pictures below and say which of them gives us an idea of a picnic. Which of them gives us an idea of a dinner party in the garden?


Do you think food tastes better when it is eaten in open air?

Some  people say that food in the open air becomes simply magical.

Are you of the same opinion? Do you enjoy eating outdoors?

How long ago did you have a picnic?

Where was it? Did you really enjoy it or did anything spoil it?

Have you ever enjoyed having barbecue somewhere?

Would you like to have a dinner party in the garden in summer or in late spring or in early autumn?   

5. Writing

T. Pupils,I hope you have got a lot of useful and interesting information about food, different

dishes, meals, recipes.You have learnt many new words and word-expressions and now the next

task is:

Try to define the following words, using the key words below.

 A barbecue is_______________________________________________________________

 A dinner party is____________________________________________________________  

 A picnic is_________________________________________________________________

Key words:a metal frame/which/to be used/for cooking food/outdoors

                  an occasion/when/people/take/eat/food/outdoors

                 an outdoor party/during/which/food/to be cooked/be eaten outdoors

                an outdoor party/ during/which/food/to be cooked indoors/to be eaten outdoors

               the food/one/take/for eating outdoors

III Conclusion

     1.Homework: To prepare a short story about your favorite Ukrainian dish.




 |words from the video:

healthy diet; take-aways and fast food; fresh, affordable food is healthy and nutritious, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, fresh fish and seasoning| 

 Aston Villa are a Premier League football team from the city of Birmingham in the English midlands.

In this video, children from Birmingham visit the kitchens of Aston Villa football club. They meet a player, Nigel Reo-Coker, and learn about what footballers eat. This is part of a project that encourages children to cook and to eat healthily. The head of the local health programme talks about the „wow factor‟ – the excitement that children can get from meeting their footballing heroes and how it helps them to learn.


Tell the students they are going to watch the video without any sound. Tell them to watch carefully to find out what the children are cooking. Tell them that they are cooking more than one item.

Watch again

Watching the video without any sound for a second time.

Remind the students that there were four main adult speakers in the video. Ask them who they thought these adults were. 


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

34946. Олигополия: сущность и виды 38.5 KB
  Вовторых олигополию отличает от всех прочих структур тот факт что ей присуща взаимозависимость фирм. Взаимозависимость фирм означает что действия каждой из фирм затрагивают каждого из конкурентов и что фирмы осознают это. Например если какаялибо из фирм меняет цену или объем рекламы то это повлияет на величину продаж конкурентов. В то же время невозможно предсказать влияние на продажи фирмы изменения цены поставляемой ею продукции без того чтобы предварительно принять определенные предположения относительно характера реакции на...
34947. Отрасль. Признаки отраслевого рынка 31 KB
  Признаки отраслевого рынка Отрасль группа фирм производящих блага предназначенные для удовлетворения одной потребности и взаимозаменяемые между собой. Признаки отраслевого рынка: численность продавцов и их рыночные доли; степень дифференциации продукта; условия вступления в отрасль и выхода из нее; степень контроля производителей над ценами; характер поведения фирм. К тому же нескольким фирмам легко вступить в сговор. Рыночные доли фирм размер фирм обусловливают возможности фирм оказывать влияние на рыночную цену.
34948. Показатели безработицы. Зависимости между данными показателями 27.5 KB
  Зависимости между данными показателями К показателям безработицы относят уровень безработицы и ее продолжительность. Уровень безработицы Уровень безработицы это доля безработных в общей величине рабочей силы. Он измеряется в процентах и рассчитывается по формуле: уровень безработицы число безработных рабочая сила занятые и безработные Продолжительность безработицы Определяется как число месяцев которые человек провел не имея работы.
34949. Полезность, предельная полезность и их функции 57 KB
  Полезность можно разделить на объективную и субъективную. Полезность блага тем выше чем большему числу потребителей оно служит чем настоятельнее и распространённее эти потребности и чем лучше и полнее оно их удовлетворяет. Полезность является необходимым условием для того чтобы какойнибудь предмет приобрёл меновую ценность.
34950. Понятие издержек производства, производственная функция 41.5 KB
  Естественно что минимальный объем совокупных затрат меняется в зависимости от объема производства Q. Однако составляющие совокупных затрат поразному реагируют на изменение объема производства.
34951. Понятие основных и оборотных средств на предприятии 44.5 KB
  Оборотными средствами называется постоянно находящаяся в непрерывном движении совокупность производственных оборотных фондов и фондов обращения. Следующая таблица отражает структуру основных и оборотных средств: Производственные фонды Фонды обращения Основные Оборотные Средства труда Предметы труда Рабочая сила Готовая продукция Денежные средства Дебиторская задолженность Пассивные Активные Сырье топливо энергия материалы Здания земля Машины оборудование Основные фонды Оборотные средства.
34952. Понятие предпринимательства и его этапы становления в России 39.5 KB
  Этапы предпринимательства: Зарождение предпринимательства В конце 9 века помимо товарообмена появились денежные отношения. С 16 века в Московской Руси начинается рассвет торговопромышленного предпринимательства. Эпоха Петра как стремительное развитие предпринимательства Эпоха Петра 1 в начале 18 века.
34953. Понятие собственности и ее формы 41 KB
  Собственность как экономическая категория есть отношение между людьми по поводу материальной основы хозяйственной деятельности т. В этом плане собственность тесно связана с экономической властью с управлением производством с повседневными отношениями между людьми. Формы: Индивидуальная собственность.
34954. Понятие эластичности. Прямая и перекрестная эластичности спроса 43 KB
  Прямая и перекрестная эластичности спроса. Эласти́чность численная характеристика изменения одного показателя например:спроса или предложения к другому показателю например: цене доходу и показывающая на сколько процентов изменится первый показатель при изменении второго на 1. Товары с эластичным спросом по цене: Предметы роскоши драгоценности деликатесы Товары стоимость которых ощутима для семейного бюджета мебель бытовая техника Легкозаменяемые товары мясо фрукты Товары с неэластичным спросом по цене: Предметы первой...