Cultural Development of Young People

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Der friends Tody t the lesson we’ll try to revel the notion “Culturl development of young peopleâ€.: I think I’ll be doctor becuse it’s n importnt nd necessry profession which helps people to keep in good helth. Pupils brinstorm their ides nd come to the conclusion tht “ culturl development†includes the following things: eduction upbringing socil surroundings trditions the wy we tret other people the wy we work nd study the wy we dress...



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Cultural Development of Young People

Цели: Активизировать в речи учащихся употребление л.е. по данной теме.

          Развивать навыки спонтанной речи, умение вести беседу в рамках предложенной  


          Воспитывать у учащихся чувство уважения, толерантности друг к другу.    

Warming up

T.: Dear friends! Today at the lesson we’ll try to reveal the notion “Cultural development of young people”. What aspects does this notion include? But before starting the lesson let’s warm up a bit. I wish to know you a little bit better.

What are your interests and hobbies?

What do you prefer to do in your free time?

What are your plans for the future?

-P.: As for me I’m a very active person with a lot of various interests. I’m fond of music, I play the guitar. Besides, I love electronics and spend much time cleaning and mending radios.

-P.: And I’m crazy about tennis. It’s the greatest game in the world!

-P.: I’m an expert of coins. I’ve got a big collection of coins from almost every country of the world.

-P.: I’m keen on travelling. I hope to go on a trip to Great Britain one day and see London with its famous sights and monuments.

-P.: I don’t have any problems, but I’ve got some really good friends with some common interests that keep us busy all our free time.

-P.: I think I’ll be a doctor because it’s an important and necessary profession which helps people to keep in good health.

-P.: I’m not sure but I think I’ll choose photography. I’ve always wished to know more about it.


T.: Thanks children for your sincere stories and now let’s continue our lesson.

     We live in the time of high  technologies and great scientific achievements and discoveries. But can our society go on along the road of progress and remain valuable without the development of some cultural aspects? I’m sure you realize it quiet well. Of course, no! So let’s try to find out what do we mean when we speak about such thing as “cultural development”.

Pupils brainstorm their ideas and come to the conclusion that “ cultural development” includes the following things:

      - education

      - upbringing

      - social surroundings

      - traditions

      - the way we treat other people

      - the way we work and study

      - the way we dress and speak

      - our behavior at home and public places

     Work Group

Pupils put the previous statements in order of their importance from their point of view. The

speaker of each group presents their ideas to the class.

      Speaking Activity

1. T.: Now let’s discuss the words of a famous English poet of the 19-th century Alfred Tennyson:

                                            “Better not be at all

                                             Than not to be noble.”

Express your ideas of this saying using the following table

From my point of view

I think

I’m sure

It seems to me




have to

respect each other

be polite

be tactful and kind

tell the truth

keep one’s promise

not do any harm

not hurt other people’s feelings

speak honestly

save other people’s time


         - P.: I fully support Tennyson’s saying. His words is just like a code of man’s behaviour

            and good attitude towards other people.

    -P.: We should always treat other people in the way we want to be treated by them. So we

     should be honest, kind and tactful.

    -We should try to save other people’s time, keep our promise, never let hurt other

     people’s feelings.

- T.: And I want to add. You should always try to be noble in every thought and every

  deed  of yours.

2. T.: While speaking about cultural development we should touch upon one more aspect, that is  

Ukrainian character.

Choose from the list below the words that relate to the Ukrainian national stereotype and make short dialogues to give characteristic of the Ukrainians.

friendly    romantic      hospitable     sensitive      hard-working     rude     caring       polite

nationalistic      reserved      outgoing      lazy      talkative      easygoing      punctual

                    Sample dialogues   

 1)  A: What are the Ukrainians like to your mind?

      B: I think we’re very friendly people.

      A: Right you’re! You know there’s a well-known

            tradition in this country to meet dear

            guests with bread and salt on the

            embroidered towel called “rushnyk”.

  2) A: I’m sure we’re sincere and open-hearted people

      B: And we’re very hospitable and famous

           for our borsch and vareniky.

  3)  A: As far as I’m concerned, we’re an easygoing


       B: Oh, no doubt! We treat problems and hardships

            with humour and optimism.

  4)  A: From my point of view we’re a caring like nation.

       B: I can’t say nothing but agree with you.

            We’re always willing to help others.

  5) A: What’s your opinion? Are we nationalistic?

      B:  I don’t think so. Maybe some politicians want

           to see us in such a way. As for the ordinary people

           they’re quiet tolerant in the terms of different language

           aspects and cultural backgrounds.

         Writing activity

The teacher gives some time for the pupils to write a short description of their own character and read it to class then.


T.: Dear boys and girls!

Today we spoke about such an important aspect of our life as cultural development. So you should always remember that if you want to gain some goals in life you should be well-educated,  well-bread, honest, tolerant, respect other people. Because cultural development is an inseparable part of mankind’s development and has always played a very great role in our life.

        Home assignment  

The  pupils should prepare a project “ A man of high culture”.

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Cultural Development of Young People

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