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I want to draw your attention to the blackboard where the quotation from John Clarke is written: “He that travels far knows much”. I think these words can be the motor of our lesson. Let’s try to prove that Clarke was really right. What do you think about this quotation? How do you understand these words? What is your opinion?



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Конспект уроку з англійської мови за темою:

«Досліджуємо Велику Британію».   5клас

                                                Вчитель Пономаренко Н.М.

                                                                                 НВК №4                    

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UNIT 7. Discover Britain.

Мета:      Ознайомити  з новими власними назвами.

                Практикувати учнів у вживанні власних назв в усному мовленні.

                Продовжити формувати навички діалогічного мовлення.

                Удосконалювати техніку читання.

                Поглиблювати знання учнів про країну мова якої вивчається.




- Good morning, dear friends. I’m glad to see you. How are you today? I think everything is OK. Are you ready to start our work?

Слайд №2

2.Warming up.

I want to draw your attention to the blackboard where the quotation from John Clarke is written: “He that travels far knows much”. I think these words can be the motor of our lesson. Let’s try to prove that Clarke was really right. What do you think about this quotation? How do you understand these words? What is your opinion?

I think….                                  

To my mind…                         

In my opinion…..


1) – develops our outlook.

2) – if you visit different countries, you get acquainted with traditions and customs of these countries.

3) – is exciting, because it is adventure.

4) – when we travel, we move from one place to another.

5) – gives us knowledge.

6) – helps us to study foreign languages.

7) – helps us to make friends.

Let’s summaries everything you have said.

To my mind travelling is exciting, because when you travel you have a chance to change your style of life, to visit new places and to see different historical places of interest, you learn more about the traditions and customs. When you travel, you meet different people and make friends. Travelling helps you to study foreign languages, speaking native people.

  •  How do you think, why did I begin our lesson from this quotation?
  •  May be we shall travel today?
  •  Yes, you are right. We shall make a trip to the some country.

Let’s read the descriptions of the country and try to guess what country it is. Write down the answers into the crossword puzzle. If the answers are correct, you will find the name of the country we are going to visit today.

These cards are for you.

1). The UK of Great Britain and N. Ireland is situated in________(Europe)

2). It is an island___________(country).

3). Great Britain is the name of the ___________(biggest) island.

4). English_______(Channel) separates the country from the continent.

5). They all speak English? The official_________(language) of the country.

6). The country _____(consist) of 4 part.

7). _________ (Edinburgh) is the capital of Scotland.

Read the name of the country you have found. You are right. It’s England.

Text about Great Britain. (page 134 ex.2)

But how can we get there? Choose the best means of transport.

  •   I think by plane is OK. It’s fast.
  •  All right. Today we’ll go on an excursion and visit some places of interest in  London. We’ll go there by plane. In order to go by plane we need a pilot, stewardess, passengers…

People who travel by plane arrive at the airport. They have to show their tickets and passports to the customs officer.


  •  Your passport, please. How long are you planning to stay in the country?
  •  Tree weeks.
  •  Well, bags on the table and your customs form, please. How much do they weight?
  •  23 kilos.
  •  Have you anything to declare?
  •  What?
  •  Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, fresh fruit,…?
  •  Oh, not.
  •  Open your suitcase, please. What is it?
  •  Plants, shawl, dress…..Only for personal needs.
  •  Thank you .


Now sit comfortably and close your eyes. Listen to the music. How quit and nice it is! Now imagine that you are sitting on a small cloud. It is Flying high up in the sky. You can seethe sun, yellow, bright and beautiful. Now your cloud is taking you to the mountains. They are white with snow and ice. And now you are going up into the open space. It’s very black and deep, and only stars are shining in its dark. You look down and see our planet. It’s green and wonderful. You are going down and seethe red sunset. It looks like fire and makes you warm and comfortable. And now your little cloud is back. You are feeling very well. Open your eyes and back to our classroom.


We are in the plane. Your task is to complete the dialog. I give you parts of the dialog. Put them into the correct order.

Pilot    .- Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. “British Airways” are glad to meet you. I am        pilot, Mr.________ and I wish you a pleasant flight.

Stewardess   . –Let me introduce myself. I am Miss_________, a stewardess. Welcome to our plane.

Tourist.  –Is this your first visit to England?

Tourist.  –No, it is not. I was in England several years ago. And what about you?

Tourist. –Oh, it’s my first visit. England is the country of my dream.

Tourist. –Really?

Tourist. –It’s my dream to see Nessie.

Tourist.- Look, look! We are flying above the sea.

Tourist. –It’s not the sea. It’s La-Manche and English people call it the English Channel.

Tourist. –The weather is fine today and we lucky to sea  the sea.

Tourist. –The weather is changeable in Britain. English people say: “We have no climate, we have only the weather”.

Stewardess. –Ladies and gentlemen! Our plane is about to land in London, the capitol of England. We ask you to fasten your seats. Stop smoking. Our plane will arrive exactly on time and your guide is waiting for you in the airport.

Teacher: Welcome to London, the capital of England. We are in the capital of the country. I think you are lucky because you are going to see a lot of interest, among them (text on page 136 ex.1):

Слайд №3

  1.  Westminster Abbey

Слайд №4

  1.  St. Paul’s Cathedral

Слайд №5

  1.  Trafalgar Square

Слайд №6

  1.  Buckingham Palace.

Слайд №7

What means of transport will you choose?

(text on page 124 ex. 1)

Let’s remember. How many parts does Great Britain consist of ? What are they ?  What are their capitals ? What is the official language of these countries ?

Listen to the dialog between teenagers from each of the four countries. Note down where they come from and their ages.

Most of the tourists go to Scotland to visit the lakes which are called lochs. People believe that the well-known monster Nessy lives in one of them

Слайд №8

Work in pairs. Pupil A describes a well-known monster Nessy. Pupil B listens and draws a picture of it.

Let’s summaries everything you have said.

H/t  page 141 ex. 3


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