Meet Disney Heroes

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Педагогика и дидактика

T: (divides pupils into two teams. Teams choose the names for them). Now I’m going to tell you the names of some colour and you will pick up the flag with this colour.) Each pupil can get one point for his team.



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Meet Disney Heroes 

Level  - Beginner, Elementary


  •  to develop speech habits
  •  to improve listening skills
  •  to revise the vocabulary on topics "Colours'", "Numbers", "Countries and continents"
  •  to teach working in groups
  •  to teach speech etiquette
  •  to introduce new vocabulary
  •  to introduce the modal verb ‘can


  •  "Get Ready1 " SB, Felicity Hopkins, Oxford University Press,2003
  •  Tape-recorder
  •  Tapes ## 1, 6 "Get Ready 1"
  •  Computer presentation "Get Ready"
  •  Posters "Colours", "Animals of the World", "Jack and Sue"
  •  Hats-masks of  Disney heroes  
  •  Pictures with the names of countries and Disney heroes
  •  Number-colour puzzles
  •  Coloured flags
  •  Toys of animals
  •  "Magic tubes"
  •  Chart "Colours" "Stepping Stones 1 "SB,  John Clark, Julie Ashworth, Longman, 2003

The Procedure

  1.  Greeting.
  2.  Warming-up. Revising the phrase "How old are you?"
  3.  Revising possessive pronouns his, her
  4.  Revising countries Ukraine, America, Australia, Russia, and the structure "I am from Ukraine".Making up dialogues
  5.  Revising the names of  colours
  6.  Team game "Colours"
  7.  Revising numbers 1-6, words "girl", "boy". 
  8.  Introducing the structure "I can see... a cat"
  9.  Saying Good-bye, drawing up conclusions.

  1.  Greeting.

T: Good morning, children

Ps: Good morning

Good morning

Good morning to you;

Good morning

Good morning

I’m glad to see you

  1.  Warming-up. Revising the phrase "How old are you?"

T: (addressing one of the pupils) How old are you?

PI: I am six. ( addressing another pupil): How old are you?

P2:1 am 7... and so on.

  1.  Revising possessive pronouns his, her

T ( pointing to "Jack and Sue" poster): Do you now what is his name?

Ps:His name is Jack. 

T: What is her name?

Ps:Her name is Sue.

T: Let's greet them and sing ''Hello" song 

(on the computer screen - the first slide of presentation) Song: Hello, hello, hello. 

Hello, hello, hello,

 I am Jack.

Hello, hello, hello.

 Hello, hello, hello, 

I am Sue.

T: And now let's sing "Good-bye song"


Good-bye, Jack and Sue  \ 4 times

T: (demonstrates the portraits of Disney heroes): What is his (her) name?

Ps: His name is... Rockie. Her name is Nut.

  1.  Revising  the names of the countries:Ukraine, ‘America, ‘Australia, ‘Russia and the structure "I am from Ukraine".

T: Let's revise the names of the countries.

P1: I am from Ukraine.

P2: I am from America... and so on.

  1.  Making up dialogues

T: And now let's make up dialogues like these

  •  Hello!
  •  Hello! What is your name?
  •  My name is Nut. What is your name?
  •  My name is Rockie. Where do you live?
  •  I am from Ukraine. Where do you live?
  •  I am from America. How old are you?
  •  I am 6.How old are you?
  •  I am 6.Glad to meet you.
  •  Glad to meet you, too.
  •  Let's play with a cat.
  •  OK.
  •  Good-bye.


(optional: Morning exercises)

  1.  Revising the names of  colours

Red and yellow, blue and green, blue and green, blue and green, 

Red and yellow, blue and green, blue and green, blue and green,

 Black and white and brown.

T: (showing the colours chart with a picture of a ball): What colour is the ball?

Ps: Green... and so on.

  1.  Team game "Colours"

T: (divides pupils into  two teams.Teams choose the names for them).Now  I’m going to tell you the names of some  colour and you will pick up the flag with this colour.) Each pupil can get one point for his team.

  1.  Revising numbers 1-6, words "girl", "boy".

T: And now let's decipher secret messages with numbers and colours.(T: reads "one red, 2 blue..." and Ps decide what number they see)

Revising numbers 1-6, words "girl", "boy".

T: Listen to the rhyme "One bird, two birds..."(Get Ready), then try to  recite it.

T: Listen to the rhyme "One boy. two boys...", then name the students in your group. (Pupils listen to the tapes and follow the slide on the computer screen, then recite the poems).

  1.   Introducing the structure "I can see... a cat"

And now I'll take the magic tube. What can I see? …I can see a cat, I can see a dog

T(addressing one of the pupils ):What can you see?

P1: I can see a cat, I can see a dog...

Giving hometask

T: Your home task will be to say what you can see at home.

(optional:Reciting poem "Teddy bear")

  1.  Saying Good-bye, drawing up conclusions.


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