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It’s the Main Street. But we can’t go. We don’t know the names of cartoons in English. You can get 1 ball. Let’s underline the letter combinations and read them correctly. (дети подчеркивают и читают хором за учителем)



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THEME:                                                            THE MAGIC WALT DISNEY WORLD

OBJECTIVES: - расширить словарный запас учащихся,  активизировать построение предложений в Present Continuous, формировать навыки работы со словарем;

- развивать оперативную память, совершенствовать навыки выразительного чтения, развивать навыки монологической речи, стимулировать творческий поиск детей;

- воспитывать стремление к активному культурному отдыху детей,  самостоятельность, умение работать в команде.

EQUIPMENT: multimedia projector, motto: Where dreams come true, text for reading, Present Continuous Dragon, flashcards  

                        for  writing, pictures of cartoon heroes, a ring, a steering wheel, T/F cards, fish, scrambled letters, Walt Disney

                        quiz, a camera, toys.


  1.  Организационный этап: сообщение темы, цели, задач урока

T.: Stand up. Stand still!

           Good morning, children. Sit down please.

           What can you see on the black-board?

           Ch.: Cartoons.

           T.:   So what is the theme of our lesson?

            Ch.: Cartoons.

            T: Yes, but what cartoons Warner Brother’s. Dream Works or Walt Disney cartoons?

           Ch.: Walt Disney cartoons.

            Slide 1  T.:  Yes, the theme of our lesson The Magic Walt Disney World.    

                                And by the end of the lesson you will be able to know the names of cartoons in English, to  

                                remember the Present Continuous Tense and to describe a Disney hero.  You can get 12 balls during

                                the lesson.

           Slide 2. Who is the father of Walt Disney Cartoons? Do you Know?        

                         It is Walter Disney. He also created a Magic Walt Disney Park. He has a surprise for you.  Let’s call him!

Ch.: Walter Disney!!!

W.D.:  How do you do, children! I’m from California, the USA. I know you have a dream to go to my park. I invite you to my magic park. It is the place where dreams come true. I wish you they do.

Slide 3.  There is  a Main Street, a Frontier Land, an Adventure Land, a Fantasy Land and a Discovery Land in  

              the park.


At the end of your trip you can take a photo with cartoon heroes.

              (to the teacher)  My dear teacher, I’ll give you a magic ring. If you need help you will turn a ring and   

              mybest friend will  help  you.

2. The main part.

T.: Let’s go!

Pirates:  No entrance! At first read then go!

Slide4.  ee    ng      ow     wh     er      ou      ai    ck

The Main Street.

T.: It’s the Main Street. But we can’t go. We don’t know the names of cartoons in English. You can get 1 ball.

      Let’s underline the letter combinations and read them correctly. (дети подчеркивают и читают хором за    


Chineese Whisper Game: Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Lion King.

Slide 5. Frontier Land. (приграничная страна)

T.: Now we are in the Frontier Land. What does ‘frontier’ mean in Russian? (работа со словарем) Let’s go!

Pirates: We don’t let you go! You must write the password.

T.:  What password? I don’t know. Oh, children, look! What can you see?

Slide 6.

Ch.: I can see adragon.

T: Yes.  It is a Present Continuous Dragon.  Let’s write what Princess are doing now.

   We have got two teams. Which is the fastest? You can get 3 balls, if  you write all sentences correctly.

Работа с флэш-картами: 2 учащихся пишут у доски на плакатах, остальные на карточках. После окончания письма учитель исправляет ошибки 2 учащимся у доски, остальные исправляют сами.

После выставляют себе оценки на полях в тетради (0-3балла)

Pirates: Good job! Are you tired? …..Then stand up and dance!

Slide 7. Video Warm-up “HEADS AND SHOULDERS”

Slide 8. Adventure Land.

T.: Now we are in the Adventure Land. What does ‘adventure’ mean in Russian? (Приключение)

T: Oh, it is a  steering wheel! There are some words on the wheel.

Pirates: Do not touch! There will be a trouble!

T.: OK! We must do the task. We want to go further. Children, you can get 2 balls.:

                                                                                     1. name 5 adjectives

                                                                                     2. name 5 parts of the body

                                                                                     3. name 5  clothes

                                                                                     4. name 5 colours

                                                                                     5. name 5 actions

Slide 10. Звучит песнь сирен. Дети засыпают. Учитель вспоминает о кольце, данном Вальтером Диснеем и зовет на помощь!   

T.: Oh, my dear children are sleeping. What can I do?..   Oh, I have a magic ring. Help! Help!

Входит Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse: Do not cry! I can help you! Say: “Enie- minie- minie-mo!”

T.: OK! Enie- minie- minie-mo! Wake up!

Дети просыпаются.

T.: I’m glad! I’m so glad! Let’s go home!

Slide 11. Fantasy Land.

Пираты вносят сундук.

Pirates: You can not go home! You are in Fantasy Land now.

T: What does word “fantasy” mean in Russian?  (фантазия)

Slide 12. Cinderella Castle

T: Children, look! I can see a castle. It’s interesting who lives here?

Pirates: We have got a Princess in the chest. Children, read the text and guess who lives here.

T: You can get 1 ball.

         Дети читают  и переводят по цепочке, угадывают Золушку, затем выполняют задание T/F.

HO               She is sad. She is very beautiful. She is young and thin. She has got long fair hair and red lips. Her eyes are blue.    

              Her nose is small.

                   She lives with her father, a step-mother and two sisters. She always does  the cooking  and washing up. She usually        

              sweeps the floor.

                    She is wearing a dirty dress and big boots.

                    She likes to dance.

    T: Is it she? (достает из сундука Бабу Ягу)

    Ch.: No!

    T: Who is she?

     Ch.: She is Cinderella.


 T: Yes, you are right. And now let’s play a “Fishing Game”. Go to the board, catch the fish and read the sentence. The rest,  show me your cards “T” or “F”. You can get 5 balls.

На доске рыбки, в рыбках утверждения, по 1 уч-ся читают утверждения, остальные показывают T/F:

     She is beautiful                             T

    She has got long dark hair           F

    She is wearing a red dress           F

    She has got two sisters                 T

    She likes dancing.                         T

T: Please, put your balls into your copybooks.

Slide 13. Discovery Land.

T.: It is a Discovery Land. What does ‘discovery’ mean in Russian? (открытие)

Slide 14. Cnideerlal           Sown Wihte             Sleeping Beauty.   

Pirates: Make up names from the letters.

T: Who are the in the cartoons?

Ch.: They are princess.                

T.: Join into groups, ask “What is your favourite Princess?”, choose the Princess and tell us about your favourite Princess, using the unfinished sentences and word file.

Slide 15. Unfinished sentences:

                 This is…. / My favourite Princess is…….

                 She is…..

                 She has got…….

                 She is wearing a……..and……..

                 She is ………………….now.

                 I like……………because she is……………..

T: Listen attentively and then put the speaker a mark.

3. Conclusion.

T.: How do we name in English    Золушка, Спящая Красавица, Белоснежка…..?

     How do we form the Present Continuous Tense?

     What lands are there in Walt Disney Park?

     What are your marks? Let’s count.

H/t. At home do the quiz about Walt Disney World and write a composition on the theme “My favourite Disney hero”.

Pirates: Well done! Now you can take a photo with cartoon heroes and go home. Good-bye!


Дети выходят к доске и фотографируются с игрушками-героями Диснея.    


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