The System of Education in Great Britain

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Good afternoon, pupils. I’m glad to see you again. How are you today? How is your day going? Great! We heard much about England, and we learn the language of this country, but we have never thought how pupils and students live there. So today we are going to discuss the system of education in Great Britain. I hope we will find out much new information for us. I think we can start.



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КЗСШ №4  м.Кривий Ріг

Тема уроку: The System of Education in Great Britain

Цілі уроку:

      Практичні: активізувати використання вже вивченої лексики, сприяти

                           ознайомленню учнів  з культурою Великої Британії.        

      Загальноосвітні: поглибити знання учнів про систему освіти у Великій

                                     Британії, розширити кругозір.

      Розвивальні: розвинути навички монологічного мовлення, мислення,


      Виховні: виховувати інтерес до країни, мова якої вивчається, виховувати

                    вміння  працювати яка індивідуально,так і в колективі.

Засоби навчання: підручник, записи на дошці, ілюстрації.

Тип уроку: урок вивчення нового матеріалу

                                            Хід уроку:

І. Початок уроку

Організаційний момент:

T.: Good afternoon, pupils. Im glad to see you again. How are you today? How is your day going? Great! We heard much about England, and we learn the language of this country, but we have never thought how pupils and students live there. So today we are going to discuss the system of education in Great Britain. I hope we will find out much new information for us. I think we can start.

Мотивація діяльності: 

T.: I will show you some pictures of the best universities  now, we will try to guess their names and write down in your copybooks. Look attentively.

( 1 – University of  Cambridge, 2 – University of Oxford, 3 – Harvard University, 4 – Princeton University, 5 – Columbia University, 6 – University College London, 7 – Imperial College London)

Good job! Now you know some of the best universities all over the world. And you see that many of them are situated in Great Britain.

II. Основна частина уроку

T: Now you will listen to a text about the system of education in England. Please, be attentive,because after listening you will answer my questions. Make notes if you need them.

England has a very interesting system of education. Education is class divided in England. There are state and public (private) schools. About 90% of children go to the state schools and other go to the public (private) schools. All state schools in Britain are free. Some parents choose private schools for their children. They are very expensive, considered to provide a better education and good job opportunities. Parents pay for these schools.  An example of a private school is Eton. It is the most famous public school. A year at Eton costs &17000. it is very old and a lot of important people used to be students there.  There are 3 stages of education:




Primary education consists of infant schools and junior schools.  Primary education lasts for 6 years. At first they attend the infant school from 5 to 7, and then junior school until they are 11. In infant school children don’t have real classes. They study to write and read; they mostly play. They know some numbers. When children are 7, real studying begins. They have classes and don’t play as much as it was in infant school.

Then begins the secondary education. Parents can choose one of the type of secondary education schools. There are modern schools, comprehensive schools and grammar schools, which accept a wide range of children from all backgrounds. Children study a lot of compulsory subjects. English, Maths and Science are called ‘core’ subjects. If pupils go to grammar schools they will have a good theoretical secondary education. Primary and secondary education are compulsory for all children. After 5 years of secondary education pupils take exams in different subjects, and they get General Certificate of Secondary Education- GCSE. After that students can leave and start working or continue their studies in the same school as before. If they continue, they have to take further examinations, which are necessary for getting into university or college.

The school year in English school has three terms: autumn term (September-Christmas), spring term (January-Easter) and summer term (Easter – June). There are holidays after each term. Autumn and spring holidays are about 6 weeks. In addition all schools have a half-term, which lasts a week in the middle of each term.

Each school has its colour of uniform. One of the most important elements of the uniform is a school tie.

    English children go to school 5 days a week. They don’t go to school on       

    Saturdays and on Sundays. The school day starts at 9 o’clock and finishes  

    between    3 and 4 p.m. The lunch break usually lasts an hour and a quarter.

    Besides classes there are a lot of extracurricular activities after school. English

    schools offer a wide range of activities (school orchestra, music ensembles,   

    sport competitions).

And now, answer my questions please:

  •  Education in Great Britain is class divided, isn’t it?
  •  Are there any state schools in Great Britain?
  •  How many % of children attend state schools?
  •  Are there any private schools? How are they called? Which school is the most famous?
  •  When do British children begin to go to school?
  •  Who attends the public schools?
  •  What is an important element of a school uniform?

What do you think? Is the British system of education better than ours?

T.: Well – done. You are very active today. Please, look at the blackboard now. You can see 1 word there. It’s EDUCATIONAL. Make as many words as possible from this one. Let’s start. (education, cat, lion, date, cute, tone, note, etc.)

T.: You can also see 2 columns: words and their definitions. Match them correctly.

Semester                  a student in the last year of High School or University

Senior                      someone who is studying at a university to get a Master degree

Major                        one of the two periods of time that a year at High Schools and

                                 Universities is divided into

Curriculum                an amount of money that is given to someone by an

                                 educational organization to help pay for their education

Postgraduate              the main subject that a student studies at college or university

Education                  the subjects that are taught by a school

Scholarship                the process of teaching and learning, usually at school,

                                  college, university

III. Заключна частина

Закріплення вже вивченої лексики

T.: Give English equivalents to these words and phrases:

Система освіти, шкільний предмет, державна школа, приватна школа, сдавати іспити, позакласний захід, стипендія,.

Good-job. Thanks everyone for the lesson. You were attentive and active today. Your hometask for the next lesson will be: choose 1 of the universities that we discussed today and find interesting facts about its history. Try to make your story as interesting as possible. You can use any information about this or that university you want. Your marks for today are: . . . See you next lesson.


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