Нові технології. Написання електронних листів

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Look at the words on the screen and guess what part of speech they are and what theme they concern. Use, upgrade, zoom, erase, paste, plug, unzip, view, scroll, print, touch. You are right. They are all verbs and they deal with a computer, new technologies, as well as new means of communications So, today we are going to speak about new technologies and e-mails as the form of the new kind of writing.



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Тема: Нові технології. Написання електронних листів.

Мета: навчальна складова мети уроку: формування лінгвістичної компетентності учнів: використовувати фразові дієслова та ЛО по темі «Наука та технічний прогрес» в усному мовленні, писати електронні листи, розуміти та передавати нову інформацію, використовуючи нові технології.

Розвивальна складова мети уроку: формування та розвиток мовленнєвої компетентності: описувати події в їхній логічній послідовності та висловлювати власну думку про почуте та прочитане, розвивати навички аудіювання, мовлення, читання та письма.

Виховна складова мети уроку: формування поведінкових компетенцій ефективно співпрацювати під час парної та групової роботи, загальну культуру учнів.

Обладнання: підручник для 10-го класу Англійська мова Карпюк О.Д.Рівень стандарту.-Тернопіль: «Видавництво Астон», 2011, картки з завданнями,  комп’ютер.

Хід уроку.

1.Організація класу.

Привітання. Запис дати. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

2. Warm-up.

Work in pairs. Make a list of  5 things that you associate with the computers and new technologies. Use these prompts to describe things from your list.

It is a bit like…

The main thing with…

It is used for…

It is made of…


P1.-It is a small object. It is made of plastic and metal. It is used for storing information.

P2.-  A flash-drive?

3.Словникова робота.

Look at the words on the screen and guess what part of speech they are and what theme they concern.

Use, upgrade, zoom, erase, paste, plug, unzip, view, scroll, print, touch.

You are right. They are all verbs and they deal with a computer, new technologies, as well as new means of communications

So, today we are going to speak about new technologies and e-mails as the form of the new kind of writing.

4 Listening


  Pre listening

Match these computer verbs with their synonyms

1 Upgrade

2 Zoom

3 Erase

4 Paste

5  Plug

6 Scroll

7 View

8 Print

9 Touch

a) scan, see, explore

b) rub out, scratch out

c) connect

d) mark, stamp

e) hit, come in contact with

f) move the text

g) join, attach

h) rate higher, improve

i) examine closely

Answers:1-h, 2-i, 3-b, 4-g, 5-c, 6-f,7-a, 8-d, 9-e.

  While listening.

Listen to the song and fill in the words.


Artist: Daft Punk

Buy it, ________ it, break it, fix it,
Trash it, change it, mail - ________ it,
Charge it, point it, ________ it, press it,
Snap it, work it, quick - ________ it,
Write it, cut it, ________ it, save it,
Load it, check it, quick - rewrite it,
________ it, play it, burn it, rip it,
Drag and drop it, zip - ________ it,
Lock it, fill it, call it, find it,
________ it, code it, jam - unlock it,
Surf it, ________ it, pause it, click it,
Cross it, crack it, switch - update it,
Name it, rate it, tune it, ________ it,
Scan it, send it, fax - rename it,
________ it, bring it, pay it, watch it,
Turn it, leave it, start - format it.


Post listening

Sing a song.

4. Reading

Слайд 5.

Pre-reading. Look through the e-mails. What are the words in bold? What do these phrasal verbs mean?

broke down – stop operating or functioning

it is out of order- not functioning properly

you were in charge of- in control

I am responsible for – being the agent or cause

I deal with – take action with respect to smb or smth

we will succeed in- to attain success or reach a goal

we can look for   - try to discover or locate

I’ll get back to- return to a previous activity

looking forward to – to expect or hope for

Слайд 6.

Work in pairs. Look through the e-mails (1-4) and headings (A-D). Match headings to e-mails. Read the e-mails quickly to get a general understanding. Look for the key-words in each letter and try to choose the most vivid heading first. Read the left ones in more detail.

1. Thanking after a business trip

2. Giving information

3. Asking for help

4. Following up a contact

2 Asking for help

Answers: 1-D, 2- A, 3- B, 4-C.


To   Jaime Sanchez

From              Jeremy Miles

Subject Executive toy


Dear Mr. Sanchez

Thank you for your email requesting further information about our new executive desk toy. It was invented by an innovative Norwegian designer and is made out of titanium. I have attached a document with more product details, including a photo and the price. If you would like to place an order, please call our customer order line on 0151 496 0994, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or telephone.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Miles


To   Robert Terry

From              Janice Wei

Subject URGENT machine registration number RDV0027288


Dear Bob

I am writing to you because we have a problem at our factory with one of your machines. The machine has the registration number RDV0027288.

The machine broke down yesterday and our engineers have been looking at the problem. They think that the G13 and the G19 are faulty and need to be replaced.

We do need this machine to be fixed as our production seriously decreases when it is out of order. Could you please send one of your engineers to us as soon as possible?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yours sincerely



Following up a contact

To   Teruko Kato

From              David Wilson

Subject Request from London office


Dear Ms Kato

I am emailing you after I met Mr Derk at our office in London last week. Mr Derk told me that you were in charge of food exports to Europe for JN International and he asked me to contact you.

My name is David Wilson and I am responsible for food imports to the UK. I deal with local offices in China and Vietnam and I oversee the movement of food products to the UK.

Would it be possible for us to meet in Japan to discuss importing Japanese food products to the UK?

Yours sincerely

David Wilson

Import Manager

South East Asia


To   Alan Marks

From              Rafael Cupul

Subject New drink


Dear Alan

Thank you very much for your hospitality in Brighton. I really enjoyed the trip and you made me feel very welcome. I was really impressed by your ideas and I am sure that together we will succeed in selling our chocolate drink in the UK.

As you suggested, Andres Carro will come to Brighton next week. He will share his expertise with your team and we can look for ways of adapting the recipe for British tastes. I’ll get back to you on this by the end of this week.

I am sure it is going to be a fantastic project and I am very much looking forward to working with you.

With very best wishes

Rafael Rossi

Sales Manager

Post reading

Use of English.

Complete the sentences using words given. Read the sentence without thinking about and looking at the gaps. Think about the type of word you need. Look very carefully at the words which come just before and after the gap.

Look, be responsible, get, deal, in charge, break

 1. In our garage we have got an old car. It _____down many years ago.

 2. US musicians should ________for their music and image.

 3. Let’s see how it _________with Russia and the reforms.

 4. This provider ________ for the high-speed Internet in the apartments.

 5. Fill out the form from below and we’ll _____ back to you.

 6 We are_____ forward our trip to the west coast of Scotland.

5. Speaking

Let us talk about e-mails?

Work in groups. Discuss these questions. Use the prompts and your own ideas.

In my opinion…

If you ask me…

To be honest..

Everybody knows that…

The reason why …is…

I mean…

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘e-mail’?

How important is e-mail to you?

Do you prefer writing e-mails or real letters with a pen and paper?

How much time do you spend reading and writing e-mails?

Do you ever receive spam mail? What do you do with it?

How many different e-mail accounts do you have / need?

If you could secretly have access to someone else’s e-mail account, who would it be and why?

Which e-mail provider do you use (Mail, Inbox, Ukr.net, Yandex..)? Are you happy with the service?

Do you think e-mail can be dangerous?

What new functions would you like to see with e-mail?

Have you ever waited, and waited, and waited and waited for an e-mail to arrive? How many times did you check?

E-mail has replaced post. What will replace e-mail in the future?

What can happen if someone steals your email password?


Pre writing.Ex4, p.87

a) Get to know what is in e-mail address.


Billbrown   - username

@ -  [?t]

mailbox - domain

edu - type of organization

ua - country code

b) Go around the class and ask 5 or 6 mates to tell you their e-mails, fill in the E-mail List and read aloud the addresses.

E-mail List





Work in groups of four.

Group A. Write a short e-mail. You are going to Kyiv this weekend. Ask you friend to join you. Tell about time of leaving and arriving. The tickets are free.

Group B. Write a short e-mail. Your friend invites you to the free trip to Kyiv. Tell that you will come. Ask about the place of meeting and sights you are supposed to visit.

Group C. Think over and write down the plan of writing the correct and polite e-mails.

Be concise and to the point

Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation

Make it personal

Do not write in CAPITALS

Take care with abbreviations and emotions

Do not forward chain letters

Do not use email to discuss confidential information

Group D. Put the parts of the e-mail into the right order.

1. Sample Formal Letter of Apology

2. To whom it may concern:

3. My name is Edward Miller. I stayed at your hotel with my family March 8-12, 2013. We had a lovely stay, but I recently learned that my six-year-old son took the alarm clock from our hotel room with him when we left.

4. I apologize for my son's actions. He is quite chagrined. I would like to know what address I should mail the alarm clock back to. Please let me know the preferred address, and I will send the clock (and my son's letter of apology) as soon as possible.

5. Sincerely,

Edward Miller

7.Заключна частина

Підбиття підсумків

What was the most interesting task for you and what information can you share?

Домашнє завдання.

1-а група. Підготувати презентацію про новинки інформаційних технологій.

2-га група. Впр7 а) с.89.Написати електронного листа.

3-тя група. Впр7 б) с.89.Написати електронного листа.

4-та група. Скласти і оформити алгоритм написання електронних листів. Впр5б) с.88

Використані джерела:

1. Англо-російський і російсько-англійський словник для школяра. Фонетика: Граматика: Лексика до розмовних тем. /Сост. А.А.Кадук.- К.: А.С.К., 2001.

2. Сучасний англо-російський та російсько-англійський словник 50000 слів + граматика/ укладач Т.А. Сиротина – Донецьк: ООО ПКФ «БАО», 2003.-992 с.

3.  Програмa для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів. Іноземні мови.2-12 класи.-К. Ірпінь:Перун, 2005.

4. Panny Ur. Grammar Practice.Activities and Practical Guide for Teachers/ Cambridge University Press





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