Вулиця, на якiй я живу

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

My name is Semen. I live with my family in a big town. I live in Rivna street. My street is long. There are many green trees and flowers in our street. You can see many big houses and new shops in our street. My school is in our street too. In Rivna street you can always see many trams,buses and cars. In our street there are many men,women and children. My street is clean and nice. I like it very much



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2 чел.

               Конспект уроку у 5 класi.

Тема:Вулиця, на якiй я живу.

Мета:допомогти отримати iнформацію про свою                         

          вулицю iноземною мовою;розвивати навики                  

          говорiння,письма,аудiювання  i  читання;    

          виховувати почуття гордостi за рiдне мiсто.

Тип уроку:комбiнований.

Обладнання:пiдручник О.Карп'юк”Англiйська мова         

                       для 5 класу”,карта-схема Червонозаводського,

                       картки для групових  та парних  робiт.

Хiд уроку

1)Органiзацiйний момент.


   Betty Botter bought some butter

   But shе said my buttеr’s bittеr

При вимові звука В губи спочатку змикаються,потiм миттєво розмикаються.Звук дзвiнкий.

Now find some words with this sound into your books.

3)Тема та мета уроку(At the end of the lesson your will have some information about your street.)But now we want to know about the main street of our town-Matrosov street.Три учнi розповiдають,iншi слухають i задають  запитання.

4)Складання карти-схеми


School   shop   cinema   plant       hospital   bank

Pupils    milk      film        worker   doctor      money

Writing.Запропонувати учням написати по одному слову,

              яке б  пiдходило до тих чи iнших споруд.

Here is the map of Chervonozavodske.At the end of the lesson you must guess what building is hidden here.

5)Do you want to draw?Подання тексту для читання”Kyiv”(намалювати схематично план міста,користу-

ючись текстом)


   Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.It stands on the Dnipro.Kyiv is a very big and beautiful city.In the streets of Kyiv you can see many high and wonderful buildings,large shops,many cars,buses,trolley-buses and trams.There are many parks and squares in Kyiv.In the streets,in the parks and on the squares you can see many trees and flowers.The main street of Kyiv is Khreschatyk.

     There are many plants,factories,schools,institutes,theatres and cinemas in Kyiv.It is very beautiful.


Pick up,put down

Stand up,turn round.

Clap left,clap right

Clap up,clap down.

Look left,look right

Look up,look  down.

Turn round,sit down

Touch something brown.

7) Do you want to speak to your partner?Do it,please.

-Do you like  your street?

-What can you see in your street?

-Can you see many cars and buses there?

-What must you do before you cross the street?

-What must you do when the light is red?

-What can you do when the light is green?

    Парна робота.This exercise will help you to do your hometask for the next lesson.

Прочитай текст i дай вiдповiдi на запитання про свою вулицю.

   My name is Semen.I live with my family in a big town.I live in Rivna street.My street is long.There are many green trees and flowers in our street.You can see many big houses and new shops in our street.My school is in our street too.In Rivna street you can always see many trams,buses and cars.In our street there are many men,women and children.My street is clean and nice.I like it very much

Do you live in a town or in the village?

What street do you live in?

Is your street long?

Are there many people in your street?

Are the houses in your street big or small?

Is your street clean?

Do you like your street?Why?

9)Робота з пiдручником.One of you will be a teacher.Read the questions about Kyiv and ask pupils to answer (Впр.1стор.152)

     Is Kyiv a new city?

     How many people live in the capital?

     What is the biggest river in Ukraine?

     What is the name of the main street?

     What is in the centre of Kyiv?

     Are there any places of interest?

     What is the symbol of the city?

10)Пiдсумок.What new information did you get?Оцiнки прокоментувати.Вiдгадати,яка будiвля схована.

Домашня робота:Початковий рiвень-намалювати свою вулицю.

                                Середнiй-намалювати i пiдписати споруди,якi 

                                розташованi на вулицi.

                                Достатнiй-намалювати,пiдписати i                 


                                Високий-розповiдати,додаючи власнi речення.


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