План-конспект уроку для 4 класу за темою „Christmas”

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Тhis day people usually visit their friends. There is a lot of dancing and eating. People bring a piece of coal for good luck. People decorate trees with toys, send greeting cards and find presents in their stockings. People send cards to people they love. They don`t write their names.



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План-конспект уроку для 4 класу за темою „Christmas


розвиток навичок монологічного та діалогічного мовлення, логічного будування висловлювання на англійській мові, розвиток граматичних навичок (вживання дієслова „бути” в теперішньому та минулому часі).;

розвивати творчу фантазію, пізнавальний інтерес, ініціативу в здійсненні мовленевої діяльності;

розвивати міжпредметний звязок;

виховувати почуття прекрасного, повагу до культури та традицій інших народів,

розвивати вміння соціального спілкування. 

Обладнання: географічні мапи Велікобританії  та Америки, роздатковий матеріал, картки, дзвоники, аудіоматеріали.

Хід уроку

І. Організаційний момент.

Teacher: Good morning, dear children! Glad to see you! Today we are going to have a contest. Last time we spoke a lot about holidays in Great Britain and in the USA. Today we’ll speak about Christmas – a beautiful holiday which is loved by children and adults. All the tasks will be connected with Christmas. I hope you’ll enjoy our English lesson. Please, be active, sociable and friendly to each other. Let’s start! 

ІІ.Holidays in Britain. Активізація пізнавального інтересу. Фронтальна робота.Заповнити таблицю. Розвиток навичок аудіювання.



Mother`s Day

St. Valentine`s Day

New Year`s








This day people usually visit their friends. There is a lot of dancing and eating. People bring a piece of coal for good luck.

People decorate trees with toys, send greeting cards and find presents in their stockings.

People send cards to people they love. They don` t write their names. Those who get them must guess who sent them.

All people eat chocolate eggs. Sometimes parents hide eggs in the house or in the garden and children look for them.

This day children help at home and give or send cards and presents. Mothers like this holiday.

Holidays in Britain

1-New Year




5-Mothers Day

Look at the picture and guess the theme of the holiday we'll speak about.

( На картині зображення  різдвяної ялинки) (мал.1) You can see the fir-tree and there is a nice red star on it. Well, this is а traditional “ Christmas Tree”. There are а lot of symbols and things which are connected with this holiday. What are they? What events and symbols are associated with the Christmas celebration?

( Учні складаять приклади, використовуючи слова на картині)

And who tells me what kind of holiday Christmas is.

Зразок відповідей:

P1: Christmas is a favorite and happy holiday for English children.

P2: Christmas is a religious holiday. On this day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who was very kind and loved children very much.

P3: I think Christmas is a family holiday.

ІІІ.Класс ділиться на 2 команди: “Snowflakes” и “Snowmen”.

T: Children! I have prepared a surprise for you. Here is a magic box.

Let’s open it!

Учні відкривають коробку і достають дзвоники із завданнями. Обговорюють в групах информацію, яка вже їм знайома з попередніх уроків. Далі групи обмінюються запитаннями і дають відповіді.

1.What do you know about Christmas?

P1: The most popular holiday in Great Britain and America is Christmas. They celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. There are a lot of traditions connected with Christmas. Every year the people of Norway give the city of London a present. It’s a big Christmas tree and it stands in Trafalgar Square. Most families decorate their houses with a Christmas tree, buy gifts for the family and friends, write Christmas cards. In England almost every family receives more than 60 Christmas cards.

T: Очікування свята часом більш пріємне, ніж само свято. Люди із задоволенням готують прикраси до Різдва . До свята можна нарядитити не тільки традиційні ялинки та венки, але й приготувати щось смачне.

2. What traditional Christmas meals do you know?

P2: The traditional Christmas meals are roast turkey and Christmas pudding. In England people make Christmas pudding before Christmas. All the family stir the pudding and make a wish. It’s a traditional meal which people cook for Christmas party. They think that if they all take part in mixing it, they will be happy. When the pudding is hot they put 5-penny pieces in it, and sometimes little silver charms- a horseshoe, a button and a ring. A horseshoe means a happiness and good luck, a button-wealth, a ring-marriage. мал.2.

3. What do you know about holiday crackers?

P3: If there are children in the family people usually have Christmas crackers. Inside them there are many surprising things. (мал.3). When you pull them they make a bang, and you’ll see a paper hat, a small toy or a piece of paper where the jokes or wishes are written on. Here are some jokes wishes:

4.What do you remember about Christmas traditions in England?

Christmas Traditions in England

Виконання тесту в групах.

1. People send Christmas ... to greet each other.





2. They wish “... Christmas and Happy New Year!”





3. Father Christmas “comes” to every house through ...

the door,

the window,

the chimney.

4. Father Christmas arrives from ...

the North Pole,




5. He brings ...

a snow girl,


a New Year tree,


6. He is wearing ...

a rain coat,


a suit,

a fur coat.

7. He puts little presents ...

under children` s beds,

into children` s shoes,

into children` s stockings,

under their pillows.

ІV. Виконання завдань.


T: And now it’s time to have a contest. First I’d like you to guess riddles!

Group 1 “ Snowflakes”

They run upon the ground with upturned noses. (Skis)

You can’t hear me, but you can see me all around. What am I? (Snow)

He comes at night

( or so they say!)

Then does his job

And goes away. Who is he? (Santa Claus)

By day it is white,

cold and not dry,

It falls from the sky. (Snow)

A little old woman with 12 children: some short, some long, some cold, some hot. What is it? (A year)

It is decorated with lights, and toys, and tinsel, and it is in all the houses and in squares. ( Green Tree)

It is a thing which is very dear to children at Christmas, as they find presents in it in the morning. (Stocking)


Group 2 “ Snowmen”

What often falls but never hurt? (Snow)

What goes whithout moving from its place? (A clock)

Whether I am coming, or whether I am going, I sing a song when I’m blowing. What am I? (The wind)

This is the season when morning are dark,
And birds do not sing
In the wood and the park.
This is the season When children ski
And Santa Claus Brings the Christmas tree.
What season is it? (Winter)

What man cannot live inside the house? (Snowman)

It is a thing which people hang on the door of the house or a flat. (Wreath)

7. It is a traditional meal which people cook for Christmas party. (Pudding)


T: Well done! I hope you can solve my puzzles as well. The task is to make up the sentences with the help of these words.

/owns/ /lcod /

( keys: snow, cold)

( Учні складають речення з даними словами).

TASK 3 Time for fun

T: It’s time to play a little.

T: Now I want to see which of you is the best at finding a treasure. Get these secret messages and start your treasure hunt:

The 1st group: / It is in the classroom on the bookshelf. /

The 2nd group: / It is in the classroom behind the board. /

(Діти знаходять скарб - лист з завданням: ”Guess what Santa Claus wishes boys and girls оп Christmas Day. Snowflakes will help you to find the answer. “ (мал.4)

Виконання пісні „I wish you a Merry Crictmas.


T: Yesterday I received a letter from England. The English girl Mary described Christmas Day in her letter. But she has made some mistakes and left out the verb to be. Please, read the letter and correct the mistakes:

“ Today____ Christmas Day and my family and I _____ at home. It ___ Christmas Eve yesterday and we _____ in town shopping for presents. It____ not cold yesterday but it _____ snowing outside. We ____ not cold because there ______ a big fir-tree in the living-room and we _____ all nice and warm. I like Christmas and I _____ very happy today!”

( Keys: is, are, was, were, was, was, are, are, am)


T: And now you see groups of words. In each group there is a word which does not go with others. Find this word, please!

Turkey, goose, pudding, nuts, oranges, pears, eggs.

Sleigh, Santa Claus, snowflake, winter, Christmas tree, butterfly.

Christmas pudding, turkey, cracker, tinsel, sleigh, wreath, Easter.

Tinsel, stocking, mistletoe, gift, sleigh, decorate, pumpkin.

( Keys: 1. Eggs 2. Butterfly 3. Easter 4. Pumpkin)


.Task 6.

 Малюнок 5

YES or NO?

December 22 is Christmas.

People decorate their houses.

It is a time to remember poor people.

Children write letters to Christopher Columbus.

People sing Christmas carols.

On Christmas Eve many peple go to school.

Children hang up their shoes.

1 No,   2 Yes,   3 Yes,   4 No,   5 Yes,    6 No,   7 No.


Зєднати слова з відповідними малюнками. Скласти діалог з партнером про святкування Різдва.

Look at the pictures and we'll speak about.


  1.  Christmas tree
  2.  stocking
  3.  gift
  4.  Christmas card
  5.  Santa Claus

1с,    2a,   3d,   4b,   5e.


Correct the false information about how Christmas is celebrated in the world.

Holly is an ever green plant with sharp-pointed leaves and white berries.

Mistletoe is an evergreen plant with small leaves and red berries.

On Christmas Eve there is a bunch of holly in every house. Under this bunch boys kiss girls.

Father Christmas brings Christmas Trees to every house.

Children put a candle on top of the Christmas Tree.

A Jule Log is a piece of wood which people burn in the fireplace on the 26th of December.

British children usually get their Christmas presents in their new gloves.

The highlight of Christmas Dinner is a turkey with a coin inside it.

Find and correct mistakes.

Holly is an ever green plant with sharp-pointed leaves and red berries.

Mistletoe is an evergreen plant with small leaves and white berries.

On Christmas Eve there is a bunch of mistletoe in every house. Under this bunch boys kiss girls.

Father Christmas brings Christmas presents to every house.

Children put a star on top of the Christmas Tree.

A Yule Log is a piece of wood which people burn in the fireplace on the 25th of December.

British children usually get their Christmas presents in their new stockings.

The highlight of Christmas Dinner is a pudding with a coin inside it.


T: If you solve the rebuses you’ll find what presents Santa Claus has in his bag. (Малюнок 6)

Keys: a) в слові сook забираємо літеру “c” , отримуємо слово books;

b) в слові boys забираємо букву “b”, отримуємо слово toys;

c) в слове clock забираємо перші дві літери “c” и “l”, в слові rings – букву “r”, отримуємо слово stockings;

d) в слові press забираємо перші дві літери “p” и “r”, отримуємо слово chess.


VІ. Підведення підсумків. Оцінювання учнів.

Виконання пісні „Jingle Bells

VII. .Домашне завдання. Скласти кроссворд зі словами з теми „Різдво”.

Маланова Оксана Володимирівна


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

  Кроме того, в настоящее время поле боя помимо ширины и глубины стало характеризоваться и третьим параметром — воздушным пространством, т. е. приобрело объемный характер, поскольку действия не только соединений и частей, но подразделений поддерживаются авиацией, а батальоны и роты к тому же мог применяться в качестве воздушных десантов.
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  Паскаль қазіргі кезде дүние жүзіне кең тараған, электронды есептеу машинасына тәуелсіз, әмбебап тіл. Borland фирмасы Pascal тілінің бірнеше версияларын ойлап шығарды. Соның ішінде қазіргі кезде соңғы Turbo Pascal 7.0 версиясы кеңінен қолданылады.
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