All About Us. Two Capitals: London, Kyiv

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: - to develop pupils’ skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing; - to teach pupils to express their opinion; - to provide interactive work in pairs and small groups; - to teach pupils cooperative work;



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All About Us. Two Capitals: London, Kyiv.             Form 4  

Горидько Н.П, СЗШ №20 ім. О.І. Стовби, м. Дніпродзержинськ

Objectives: - to develop pupils’ skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing;

                  - to teach  pupils to express their opinion;

                  - to provide interactive work in pairs and small groups;

                  - to teach  pupils cooperative work;

                  - to educate the culture of communication and respect to speakers.

Equipment and materials: English 4 (A. Nesvit), a blackboard,  sights of London and Kyiv, multimedia whiteboard, video “London” (Серія «Золотий глобус»), computer presentation “Kyiv”, handouts “Two Capitals”, a song «Києве мій».


  1.  Introduction

Motto: Good, better, best,

           Never rest,

           Till good be better

           And better best.


T:  Good morning, boys and girls!

Ps:  1,1,1- The bell has gone                             

      2,2,2- We are all here too.

      We are all in our palaces

      With sunshing faces.

    Good morning to you.

T:  How are you, pupils?

Ps: We are super!

-Warming Up

T: Our  today’s topic is  “Travelling. Two Capitals”. We are going to   travel around 2 capitals, London and Kyiv, speak about these cities. You’ll listen and read the texts, do exercises, complete your travel brochures. On our way to the cities we have some stations, unusual stations.

Let’s start our trip 

1. The first station is –Phonetics-.

Let’s practice in phonetics. Repeat  after me!

  Work while you work

  Travel while you travel.

  This is the way

  To be happy and gay.

 II Main Part


2)As you know, people have many things for a trip.  The next station is –Word land-

T: - What do we need for a trip?     - I think  

                                                        - I am sure         it is a           map,( camera… )

                                                        - Surely  

- What is the most important thing for a trip? – a smile

                                                                         - to be friendly and helpful.

T: What places are there in each  capital – city? I think it is a street.

                                                                            Surely, it’s a street (a square,  a bridge,a railway station, an airport, a  bus station, a river port, a cathedral, a park, a zoo, a playground, buildings,  museums, cinemas,  shops,  palaces).        

T: You are good. Well-done!

Pair Work

3.  Our next station is -Transport land-

Let’s refresh in our memory all the combinations with the words “to travel by” and speak  about the kinds of travelling.

Let’s practice the words: by  plane, ship, train, bus, boat, ship, spaceship, car.

Discuss it in pairs.

- Let’s travel           plane?       - With pleasure      - I’m sorry, I am a little 

- What about    by  ship?          - All right                 bit scared of flying/water  

   travelling            train?        - Good idea            - I don’t like busses.

                              bus?          - Why not?                They are slow.

                              boat?        - Wonderful




4) Now “Listening Station” is.

Pre – listening activity

T: Children, look at these bright pictures and answer the question:

  •  What can you see in these pictures?
  •  What holidays do we celebrate in winter?
  •  Are these  holidays popular?
  •  Do you celebrate these  holidays?


T: Listen to the text twice.

Winter holidays come soon. Christmas in Britain is on the 25-th  of  December. In Ukraine Christmas is on the 7-th  of  January. Two capitals are beautiful on these holidays.  The streets are bright with lights, flags, snowmen. There are little Christmas  trees  on the window-sills of shops, museums, restaurants. But in the centre of  Kyiv and London we can see  very big  Christmas  trees. In   London this tree is on Trafalgar Square and in  Kyiv  it is on Independence Square. These squares are very popular and a lot of people visit them.

Post – listening activity.

T: Now let’s see who understood the text better.

   Complete the sentences using the words.

Complete the sentences. Use the words:

popular, holidays, December, seventh, capitals, square, lights, Christmas, centre

Winter     ______     come soon. Christmas in Britain is on the 25-th    of  _______                   . In Ukraine Christmas is ______       of  January. Two _______    are beautiful on these holidays.  The streets are bright with________  , flags, snowmen. There are little________     trees  on the window-sills of shops, museums, restaurants. But in the ___________  of  Kyiv and London we can see  very big  Christmas  trees. In   London this tree is on Trafalgar  __________    and in  Kyiv  it is on Independence Square. These squares are very  __________   and a lot of people visit them.

5) “Relaxation Station” is.

Are you tired? Let’s do some morning exercises.

My hands are on my head

It’s a nice place.

On my shoulders, on my knees.

Hands up! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Hands down! Shake! Shake! Shake!

Hands on hips! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! Stop!

The next station is “Speaking”

6) Group work.

T: – Let’s train some words. Repeat after me:


Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

Regent’s Park

Trafalgar Square

Nelson Column


Watch the interesting film “London” and enjoy it.

Guide: Close your eyes!


             Open your eyes!

   We are in London!

T: Let’s start with a poem about your city.


Everybody knows London.

It stands on the river Thames.

It’s the capital of England

And in general of state.  

- Now take turns to ask and answer the questions about London

- Is there a …          in London?         -Are there many/a lot of…?

- Yes, there is.                                    - Yes, there are

T: Now we are going to Kyiv.

Guide:  Close you eyes!

            Open them.

            We are in Kyiv.

            Everybody knows Kyiv.

            It stands on the river Dnipro.

            It’s the capital of Ukraine.

            We are proud of it.

            You are welcome!

T: Let’s practice some words. Repeat after me:

Independence Square

Maryinsky   Palace

Kyiv Zoo

Khreshchatyk Street

Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra

    St. Sophia’s Cathedral

- I suggest you a computer presentation  “Kyiv” and  a song about our beautiful capital.

Group “Londoners”,

- take turns to ask and answer the questions about Kyiv.

Group Work

T: Now you’ll work in groups, make your travel brochures and then you’ll share the information about your city.

7) The station “Reading” is.

Do exercise 1 page 60

Do exercise 2 page 60

III Summaring

Home assignment:

T: Your hometask is to write about your native town in the past.

Do exercise 5 page 61

T: Travelling is always exciting. Was our imaginary trip interesting and useful for you? What did you like during our lessons? You were active, hard-working and did everything together. I want to finish our lesson with the song “The more we get together”      



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