London Transport

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There are lots of places of interest in London. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It is a museum now. There are hundreds of interesting collections in it. There is a famous clock in London called Big Ben



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2 чел.


                                                                              Загурська Лариса Володимирівна

                                                                              Тема:  Транспорт у Лондоні.


Клас:     5

Тема:     London Transport

Мета:    Сприяти повторенню та активізацій в усному мовленні ЛО та   

              граматичних структур необхідних для ведення бесіди про подорож, транспорт у Лондоні. Вміти здобувати інформацію з текстів та працювати в групах та парах, з роздатковим матеріалом.

Наочні посібники: Види Лондона, тематичні картини.

Технічні засоби навчання: Магнітофон, касета з записом тексту «Лондон»

Роздатковий матеріал: Картки з завданням для роботи у групах.

Література: A. Nesvit “We learn English” 5 клас,

                     «Тести з англійської мови» А.С. Несвіт

Хід уроку

I.Початок уроку:

Aim1. Тема та мета уроку

T: “The topic of our lesson is London Transport. By the end of the lesson   

      you will be able express your thoughts on the topic “Travelling in London”.


T: “Let’s start our lesson with a poem “Travelling”

                                                I like to ride in railway train

    Through tunnels dark and wide.

        Over the bridges crossing the river,

                                                I feel so safe inside.

  When water looks very smooth,

                                                I like to sail by ships or boat.

                                                A sea voyage is very good,

      When you feel a sea breeze blows.


But airplane is the best of all,

                                                It flies so very high

  That people look like tiny dots,

                                                And clouds go sailing by.

II. Основна частина.

Vocabulary Practice

T: - Let’s refresh in our memory all the words combinations with the words “to travel   

    by”. Pupil 1 will work near the blackboard and the others will help him.

 To travel by:           -   Plane

                                          -   Car

                                          -   Ship

                                          -   Taxi

                                          -   Boat

                                          -   Double-decker; - Train

 T: -Now, let’s together answer the question’’ Why do we travel?’’

                                     to learn more about people’s traditions

          Why do we travel?

to visit new cities


          for pleasure          for business               to see places             to enjoy nature

Oral Practice   

 T: - Let’s ask the questions about your travelling and “Microphone”   means of travelling.

  (Interview)         (P1 – near the blackboard answer the questions)

P1              (Ps – ask the questions)



 P2: Have you ever travelled by train?

  P1: Yes, I have.

 P3: Where did you go?

 P1: I went to Odessa.

 P4: Who did you go with?

 P1: I went with…

 P5: Did you like your trip?

 P1: Yes, I did.

 P6: What did you see through the train window?

 P1: I saw…

 P7: Where do the trains stop?

 P1: They stop…

 P8: Why do the passengers usually hurry up?


 P9: What happens to a person who is late for the train?

 P1: …

 P10: When must the passengers take their seats?


 P11: How do people know that the train stops?


 P12: Is the travelling by train comfortable or not?


 P13: Who drivers the train?

Pair work                   

T: - Imagine, please, that right now you are at the airport. What will you say to the clerk?  Let’s make up this dialogue.

P1             Passenger

P2                Clerk

Passenger: Can I check for the fight to London here?

Clerk: Yes, sir. May I have your ticket and a passport, please?

P: Certainly. Here you are.

C: What’s the purpose of your visit to London, sir?

P: I want to see a capital of England.

C: How long will you stay here?

P: For two weeks.

C: Will you put your luggage on the scales? It’s all right. You may take your ticket and passport and here is your boarding pass. Flight is 120. Go to Gate 5.

P: Thank you.


 T: - I know you like traveling. Tell me about your last traveling be train.  



Pre-listening Activity   

T: - And now imagine, please, that we are already in London – the capital of England.

What do you know about London?

P1: It’s a big city.

P2: It stands on the river Thames.



While-listening Activity                    

T: - Now, let’s listen and try to understand everything you have heard about London.


London is the capital of Britain. It is one of the most interesting places in the world. About eight million people live here. There is a big river in London – the Thames. There are a lot of bridges over the river. Tower Bridge is the most famous. It is more than 100 years old.

There are lots of places of interest in London. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It is a museum now. There are hundreds of interesting collections in it. There is a famous clock in London called Big Ben.

You can see splendid churches in the city. Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest royal churches. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the mot wonderful classical church in Britain.  

London’s park and gardens are really beautiful. In Regent’s park there is the Zoo. It is one of the biggest and most famous zoos in the world.

There are about 10 thousand streets in London with a lot of shops and cafes, cinemas and theatres, galleries and museums. Big red buses run up and down the streets. The oldest metro in the world, called Tube, is here in London, too.


Pоst-listening Activity

 T: Let’s guess quiz.


                                               London Quiz


  1.  London is the ….. of England.
  2.  centre
  3.  capital
  4.  part
  5.  The famous clock in the London calls…
  6.  Big Boll
  7.  Big Doll
  8.  Big Ben
  9.  More than… live in London.
  10.  2 mln
  11.  18 mln
  12.  8 mln
  13.  From Tower Bridge you can see…
  14.  St. Paul’s Cathedral
  15.  The London Zoo
  16.  The Tower of London
  17.  The Queen lives in…
  18.  the Tower of London
  19.  Buckingham Palace
  20.  Westminster Abbey
  21.  Westminster Abbey is famous…
  22.  museum
  23.  royal church
  24.  circus
  25.  In Regent’s Park there is the biggest… in the world.
  26.  metro
  27.  clock
  28.  zoo
  29.  There are… in the centre of London
  30.  Piccadilly Circus
  31.  Trafalgar Square
  32.  Regent’s Park
  33.  There are… streets in London.
  34.  6
  35.  1 mln
  36.  10 thousands

1 b, 2 c, 3 c, 4 c, 5 b, 6b, 7 c, 8,b 9 c.

Group work     

 T: - Now, you’ll work in 3 groups. Read your text and try to translate it into Ukrainian.

 Then, you’ll share the information you have learnt with your friends.

 Group A: London Buses

 Group B: London Underground (Tube)

 Group C: Taxi

A. London Buses

If you are on holiday in London, travel by bus. London buses are called double-deckers. They have a driver and a conductor. Look at the sign on the front, on the side or on the back of the bus to know where the bus is going. Read a notice board at the bus-stop to know the places on the bus route.

When you get on the bus, the conductor says, "Fares, please." You say where you want to go, he tells you how much to pay, you pay him and he gives you a ticket. Keep it till the end of your trip!

B. London Underground (Tube)

You can get to most places in London very quickly by the under ground. There are many lines on the London Underground. All the lines are of a different color on the map. Buy the ticket from the ticket-office at the Underground station, or from the automatic machine. Keep the ticket till the end of your journey.

C. Taxi

If you are in a hurry, the fastest way of travelling is by-taxi. Do you know what a London taxi looks like? Their special shape and black color are famous all over the world. The black cabs as they are called have become the symbol of London. Now the taxi drivers have their cabs in different colors - red, green, even silver. And soon the shape is going to change, too. London drivers have green badges on their jackets. They have to know all the routes around the capital perfectly.

III Закінчення уроку:


T: Do exercise 5 p. 125


T: - What did we do at our lesson today?

          - What did you like the most?

          - You worked well and your marks are…

          - Let’s finish our lesson with the words.

                              I am a good pupil.

                              I am a better pupil.

                        I am the best pupil.


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