Love. Wedding. Marriage

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Objectives to develop student’s fluency in speaking English, communicative activity using interactive forms; to motivate students in expressing their opinions; to develop students’ thinking skills;



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Харцизький міський відділ освіти

Харцизька українська гімназія






Хроменко Тетяна Іванівна,

учитель Харцизької гімназії

                                                                                        Підсумковий урок

                                                                                        з англійської мови

                                                                                        в 11 класі

                                                                                        ( підручник О. Д. Карпюк )

2010 р.

“Love.   Wedding.   Marriage”

(11 form)


  •  to develop student’s fluency in speaking English, communicative activity                                   using interactive forms;
  •  to motivate students in expressing their opinions; to develop students’

    thinking skills;

  •  to form students’ habits of communication according to the given situation;
  •  to widen students’ knowledge on the topic;

Equipment: topical pictures, cards for individual and group work, the text,

                  an article” Как мне вернуть его“, cards “ love, poetry, painting,


References: O. D. Karpiuk, English Study, 11 Form, page 93



I. T.  Dear pupils! We are here to speak about love and wedding and marriage.  Is there anything more important for modern teenagers?

 There is a quotation written on the blackboard but one word is missing. Put this word and explain this quotation.

“Falling in love is awfully simple but falling out of love is awful”

(Учні вставляють пропущене слово, пояснюючи свою думку. Потім учитель пише потрібне слово і учні пояснюють вираз)

T. Try to remember these words during our lesson.

II. T.  Let’s perform our talk-show. Our show-man reads the definition of the word “love” from Oxford Student’s Dictionary:  

“love: warm, kind feeling, deep fondness, affectionate and tender devotion”

( Дві групи учнів обговорюють означення цього слова, кожна група

висловлює свою думку )

III. T. We know that poets create a great number of poems expressing this deep feeling. When we are sad or excited, when we are in love we open a book of poetry

and relax reading a poem that coincides with the state of our soul. Let’s try to create a poem. 

чні складають твір, вставляючи пропущені слова )

And I Love Her

I give her all my …

That is all I do.

And if you saw my …

You’d love her too, and I love … .

She gives me …

And tenderly the … my lover brings,

She brings to me, and I live her.

A love like …

Could never …

(Love, her, everything, love, ours, die, kiss)

IV. T. We have said that poetry describes varies feelings, emotions, suffering of our soul. But what about painting? Is it easy to express our feeling in colours?

The artists show their attitude to this felling using only paints. Do you agree? Imagine we are in the famous Tretiakov Gallery. Now we are passing by the picture “Misalliance “.

Everybody knows it is nоt polite to overhear. But let’s try to do it.

(Два учні обговорюють  відому картину )

V. T.  It’s an open secret that every young boy, every young girl dreams about his/her future “half of an apple”.  

Please, choose the words about characters and appearance.

 Innocent, delicate, proud walk, plump, broad shoulders, responsible, generous, beard, pale, forehead, vivid, teeth, lazy, pretty, stylish, industrious, funny, well-bred, features, moustaches, ambitious, chin, curly.

(Одні учні виписують слова про зовнішність, інші –про характер)

VI. T.   Poetry, painting  express passion, despair, attachment, treason. But it is not a secret that many people are fond of watching films about love, especially if the end of it is happy (wedding, marriage). Please, one of the pupils tries to make an

announcement  of any film. You try to persuade us to watch this film. You may choose an old or modern film.

Please, try to describe the feelings of the main characters. Of course, the main characters are in love.

VII. T. Nowadays a great number of teenagers are fond of reading articles in different journals, magazines. Many girls  prefer stories about happy love. But sometimes there are some young readers’ letters about their feelings, their friends.

These readers want to have some advise from another teenagers. Now listen to this story and try to help the girl.

(Дівчина переказує статтю із журналу “Cool Girl” , потім хлопці  та дівчата

  дають їй пораду)

VIII.   T. Who is going to  contradict me that reading is very important for studying English.

Let’s  begin to read the text “ So you want to change roles” ( page 93)

a) let’s read and  translate the text;

b) find some antonyms to these words:  good, to begin, to start, horrible;

c) find some synonyms to these words:  to begin, to expect, quickly, quiet;

d) form NOUN, VERB, AJECTIVE : to begin, explanation, shopping;

IX. Summering T. At the very beginning of our lesson we discuss the quotation

“Falling in love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful”.  Do you think that these words can be the motto of our discussion today?

(Учні висловлюють свою думку один за одним, роблять висновки)

X. Home task:   Read, translate the text (page 95 – 96)


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