Eating habits. Good health is above wealth

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Педагогика и дидактика

At the lesson we are going to revise the words learned at the previous lessons ; improve reading ,listening and speaking skills; We are going to practice in grammar. We’ll give advice what food should we eat to be healthy.



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Theme: Eating habits. Good health is above wealth.


       -to revise the words learned at the previous lessons;

       -to improve reading ,listening and speaking skills;

        -to revise grammar material.


Read the poem


                         “Do you like apples?

                           Do you like plums?

                           Do you like bananas?

                           Yes,I do. They are fine.


As you have guessed   from the poem the theme of our lesson is

               “Healthy  food.  Eating  habits.

The motto of our lesson will be “Good health is above wealth.”

At the lesson we are going to revise the words learned at the previous lessons ; improve  reading ,listening and speaking skills;

    We are going to practice in grammar. Well give advice what food should we eat to          be  healthy.

 II Warm up activities

T.: What things do you associate with the word “Food “

Vegetables                                                                                   Fruit

  Potato                                                                                         Apricot

  Tomato                                                                                       Orange

  Carrot                                                                                         Banana

  Cucumber                                                                                   Apple

  Pepper                                                                                         Plum  


Dairy products                             Drinks                                     Meat

Butter                                             Milk                                         Chicken

Milk                                               Coffee                                       Beef

Cream                                             Tea                                           Lamb    

Yoghurt                                          Juice                                          Pork

Cheese                                           Yoghurt                                    Turkey

III  The main part of the lesson .


1.Practising vocabulary.

Now let’s have  a competition .

Make up as many sentences  as  possible using these words .

e.g. I usually drink tea for breakfast.

      I always eat meat for dinner.

      I like eating vegetable salad.

2 Check on homework

Look at the list of products   and write them down into two columns -Healthy food and unhealthy  food.

Chocolate , eggs  , sweets, nuts, cakes, fruit, butter, ice-cream, vegetables, milk.

Healthy food

Unhealthy food









Ice –cream

Explain why do you think so.

Chocolate  is unhealthy food because  it contains  a lots of sugar .And much sugar is  bad for  our health.

Eggs, nuts, milk are healthy food- because they give us a lot of energy.

Fruit  and vegetables-healthy food –because they contain  a lot of vitamins. They are good for our health.

3. Work in pairs

Ask and answer the questions how often you eat and drink the products from these lists. But before making questions you should be well prepared for it. That’s why let’s review words to be ready .Look at the blackboard

Always ,usually, often, sometimes, never, every day, once a week , twice a day, three times a week.                                                                                

4.Making questions.

-How often do you  drink milk?

I usually drink milk every day.

-How often do you  eat fruit?

I always eat fruit.

5. Speaking

Look at the  table and say how often does Sally have these food for breakfast














Bread roll










P1: She usually has pizza for breakfast

P2: She never has eggs for breakfast

T: Now I want you to tell what do you usually have for breakfast.

6. Relaxation

T: Are you tired?

Let’s relax and play an interesting game.

“I like, he likes”

P1: I Like cheese.

P:2 She likes cheese and I like milk

P:3 She likes cheese , she likes milk and I like juice.


a) Listen to the text about Alison

Alison is an English schoolgirl. She goes to school. English people always have breakfast in the morning. English breakfast is a very big meal – sausages, bacon, eggs,  tomatoes and mushrooms. But Alison never has breakfast in the morning. She sometimes eats chocolates, sweets and bread-rolls  after the second lesson . She always feels very tired and ill at the lesson.

b) Are the  sentences True or false :

-Alison is an  English schoolgirl.(T)

-She studies at the university (F)

-English people have a small breakfast ( F)

-English people never have breakfast at home (F)

-Alison always has breakfast (F)

-She eats much  sweets (T).

c). Give advices to Alison what should she do to be not very tired and ill.

P1: She should have breakfast every morning.

P2: She should drink hot tea in the morning .

P3: She shouldn’t eat chocolates at school.

P4: She should eat fruit after   the second lesson.

9. Improving your speaking skills


Give your  classmates advice on what food to eat to be healthy

You    should                 eat well;

          shouldn’t             drink a lot of water;

                                      eat lots of  fruit;

                                      eat  hamburgers and pizzas because they are bad for our  health

                                      drink milk  because it gives us energy and it’s good for our                         


                                       eat too  many biscuits.

III  Summary  

T: What is the conclusion?

We  may say that  

If you eat well ,you will stay healthy. And good health is above wealth.

IV. Home assignment

To retell about eating habits in your family.


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  Если тело не получает извне никакой энергии, то работа А при расширении совершается за счет внутренней энергии U (U = кинетической энергии теплового движения атомов вещества + потенциальной энергии их взаимодействия друг с другом).
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