Environmental protection

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Green Peace is an international organization the main purpose of which is the protection of the environment. It provides active actions for nuclear – free future against the pollution of the biosphere and protection of nature. Green Peace was established by a group of North – American activists in 1971. The organization is worried about the disappearance of many species of animals and plants emission of radioactive and other harmful substances into the atmosphere, seas and oceans.



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5 чел.

Topic: Environmental protection

Aim:  -  to repeat grammar skills (using Present Perfect Tense);

          -  to reuse lexical material on the topic and use it in the pupils` speech;

          -  to develop creative thinking;

          -  to show the importance of environmental protection for people all over

             the world;

          -  to bring up love to the native land and its nature.

Equipment: CD, a tape – recorder        

                                   The course

I Greetings

T: - Good morning, children!

Ps: - Good morning, teacher!

II Warming up

T:  Look and repeat.

Help save the Earth!

Help save the Earth!

Ecologize, economize,

Recycle and reuse.

It`s all up to you

To help save the Earth!

T:  What is this chant about? (About ecology, about our planet, about its protection). You are right. The topic of our lesson is Environmental protection. Today we speak about the Earth and its pollution.

III Interaction

- Look at the blackboard. Match the words which can be used as a word combination, pronounce them and make up a short dialogue.


soil                     pollution






light industry


machine building

c) work in pairs. Make up the dialogue.

P1:  What kinds of pollution do you know?

P2:  I know soil pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.

P1:  How do you think what is the most dangerous industry?

P2:  I think heavy and chemical industrials are the most dangerous.

d) T:  Match the words and make up own sentences.

1) chemical a) wastes

2) industrial b) problems

3) ecological c) protection

4) drinking d) pollution

5) environmental  e) resources

6) natural f) water

(chemical pollution, industrial wastes, ecological problems, drinking water, environmental protection, natural resources)

T: - Read your sentences, please.

P1: - What are the main ecological problems in your town?

P2: - What is the level of chemical pollution?

P3: - We`ve got some drinking water.

IV Language work

T: - Let`s remember the Present Perfect Tense.

Discussing grammar


Have            V(3d form)


T: - Children, open your copy – books, write down day and date. You should complete the sentences, using Present Perfect Tense.

  1.  I …never … the Earth. (pollute)
  2.  A lot of animals … … since 1980s.(die)
  3.  Some kinds of animals, birds, plants … already ….(disappear)

V Reading

T: - Now you read the text about material reuse. You must translate it. When you have finished, compare your version with the translating version.

At first say, what means material reuse. Now do you understand it?

                                            Material reuse

All the inhabitants of the Earth can economize and reuse raw materials. It`s possible to save energy by switching off electric devices, driving cars only in cases of real need. Reuse of some materials, for example, bottles and plastic bags, economizes resources. Cans, paper, glass and some kinds of plastics - may all reused, economizing raw materials.


Усі мешканці Землі можуть економити та вдруге використовувати сировину. Якщо вимикати електроприлади, коли вони не використовуються, користуватися автомобілем тільки у разі необхідності – таким чином можна економити енергію. Використання сировини вдруге, наприклад, пляшок і пластикових пакетів, економить ресурси. Алюмінієві банки, папір, скло та деякі види виробів із пластику – все це може бути використано вдруге та дозволяє економити сировину.

T: - Answer the questions, please. What can people do to economize energy?

What materials may be reused? What pupils can do for it?

VI Listening

T: - Pupils, what is Green Peace? (It`s organization which tries to protect our ecology). You are right. Now you listen to the text and answer the questions.

Green Peace is an international organization the main purpose of which is the protection of the environment. It provides active actions for nuclear – free future against the pollution of the biosphere and protection of nature. Green Peace was established by a group of North – American activists in 1971. The organization is worried about the disappearance of many species of animals and plants emission of radioactive and other harmful substances into the atmosphere, seas and oceans. Green Peace has its offices in 31 countries. The Green Peace office has been working since 1990.

1) True or false

  1.  Green Peace is an international organization.
  2.  It takes care of nature.
  3.  Green Peace was established in 1961.
  4.  It was organized by a group of North – American activists.
  5.  Green Peace has its offices in many countries.
  6.  Green Peace hasn`t got its office in Ukraine.

2)Answer the questions

  1.  What is Green Peace?
  2.  When was the organization established?
  3.  What are the main problems Green Peace deal with?
  4.  In what countries of the world does Green Peace work?
  5.  Does Green Peace have an office in Ukraine?
  6.  When has its office been working in Ukraine?

VII Reflection

T: - At last you should write down the test. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.

                   Ecological,   wastes,   pollution,    environmental

  1.  Industrial …get into the air and water.
  2.  John is an … specialist.
  3.  They discuss the ecological problems of the town: the level of the air and water …, radiation.
  4.  … problems in a big city course.

VIII Summarizing

T:   - Well, you work hard. Your marks are…

IX Homework

- Make up the project work “ Our planet Earth”

Урок у 6 класі на тему:

«Захист навколишнього середовща»

                                                                    Неклега – Таран Ольга Сергіївна

                                                                    Молодогвардійська ЗШ I-IIIст. № 21

                                                                    М. Краснодона

                                                                    вчитель англійської мови


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