Life of a Society. Famous people of the USA

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Today we start learning a new theme “Life of a Society. Famous people of the USA”. While learning this theme you’ll extend your imagination about some famous people of the USA, there deeds, inventions, interests. You’ll learn how there deeds and ideas have changed life of a society, and have made and still are making history. You’ll extend your vocabulary and broaden your world outlook, practise skills of making simple projects. And I hope, you’ll enjoy English.



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12 чел.

Shostka Town Administration

Education Board


English Language Chair

Life of a Society

Lessons Plans


                                                                                    Content author

                                                                                    Novikowa V. A.

Shostka 2011

Shostka Town Administration

Education Board


English Language Chair

Life of a Society

Famous People of the USA

Content author

Novikowa V.A.

Shostka  2011

         Theme: “Life of a Society. Famous people of the USA.”


                  General:  to introduce theme

                                  to broaden students’ world outlook.

                  Specific:  to introduce topical vocabulary

                                  to practise topical vocabulary

                                  to develop reading skills

                                  to develop students’ capacity for learning new lexis.

           Materials: text “American Originals”, pictures of notions,

                                    photos of  people.

           Lesson structure:

  1.  Organizing class

  1.  Reporting subject and aims of the lesson.

Today we start learning a new theme “Life of a Society. Famous people of the USA”. While learning this theme you’ll extend your imagination about some famous people of the USA, there deeds, inventions, interests. You’ll learn how there deeds and ideas have changed life of a society, and have made and still are making history. You’ll extend your vocabulary and broaden your world outlook, practise skills of making simple projects. And I hope, you’ll enjoy English.

  1.  Warming up.

There are some names and notions. Let’s try to explain them, whether they are proper names or names of objects.

Raglan              – style of a coat, raincoat or dress. It’s the name of English general.

Mercedec         – a car. It’s a name of Amie Elineck’s daughter. He was the winner

                           of the first car race. And he insisted on changing the name

                           “Diemler” into “Mercedec”.

Chanel              – a form of liquid gold – Chanel 5, a perfume. It was the first                 

                           perfume to bear designer’s name. Coco Chanel created fashion.

Singer               – a sewing-machine. Isaak Singer invented it.        

Gillette             – safe blades for razors. King Gillette invented them.     

Newton             – physics figure. Issak Newton an English physicist, who discove-

                           red  the law of gravitation.                     

Ford                 – a car. In 1908, Henry Ford, built the first Ford Model T., “Tin


Jeans                – pants for miners. This name comes from name of the city Genoa,                                

                           from which first canvas was brought to the USA.   

Morse              – type of telegraph, which was invented by Samuel Morse.

Farada             – figure of electrical capacitance. Michael Faraday, an English

                          physicist, who discovered electric current.


  1.  Introducing vocabulary. Pre-reading activity.

You are quite right. You know all these notions. And now you’ve learnt their origin. Each notion is connected with a certain person and no doubt  these notions changed life of a society. And people, who these notions are connected with, have influenced life of a society.

   So, let’s start learning a new theme with learning new lexis.

an original                              an achievement

an origin                                 prominent

an inventor                             outstanding

an invention                           famous

to invent                                 well-known

to discover                             a wire

a discovery                             to inspire    

a discoverer                            to create

to achieve                                

  1.  Practical aspect of the lesson.  Practising lexis in reading.

            Text “American Originals”:

      While reading, pay attention to names and notions.

  1.  Post – reading  activity. Practising vocabulary in speaking.

             Answer these questions, please.

  1.  Can we eat hot dogs in Shostka?

          Who invented this notion?  

 2.      When we say “I’d like to buy Levi Strauss”, what are you going to buy?                                                                                                                         

 3.      How was modern chewing gum invented?

4.     In what way did Alexander Bell’s invention change people’s lives?

5.     Are you fond of drinking coca – cola? Can you name its ingredients?

  1.  I’m sure, you can’t imagine your nowaday’s life without video games.

          What have you learnt about this invention?

  1.  What is your favorite video game?
  2.   As for me I hadn’t got Barbie in my childhood. And what about you?
  3.  Can you imagine your life without electricity, but with candles?
  4.  What is your attitude to an iron? Is it a useful thing? Why? Why not?

So, these are examples of how the way of living changed and is still changing.

  1.  Written Practice. Practising vocabulary in writing.

Fill in gaps in the sentences with the words you’ve learnt today.

 Develop, a hot dog, computers, invention, pants, chewing gum, created, video game, sewed, a discoverer.

  1.  ___ of a mobile telephone made possible to send speech through air  

without a wire.

  1.  What  dog hasn’t got a tail?   ---      ___.
  2.  Early ___ were very large and expensive.
  3.  “Orbit” is a very popular ___.
  4.  My favourite  ___   is  “On the Moon”.
  5.  ___ of Microsoft began writing computer programs at 13.
  6.  Betsy Ron  ___  the first US flag.
  7.  Isadora Duncan, a US dancer, helped  ___  modern dance.
  8.  Walt Disney, a US producer of films,  ___  Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
  9.  Levi Strauss’s  ___  didn’t wear out easily.

  1.  Summarizing.

  1.  Home assignment.
    1.  Learn new vocabulary.
    2.  Read text “Inventors and Inventions” (pp. 137-138)   

    X.  Ending the lesson.


Keys:     1  -  invention                              6 – a discoverer

              2 – a hot dog                               7 – sewed

              3 – computers                             8 – develop

              4 -    chewing gum                      9 – created

             5 – video game                           10 - pants


( to be continued)

                                     AMERICAN  ORIGINALS

                    The HOT DOG was called the frankfurter after  Frankfurt, a German city. Frankfurteres    were first sold in the U.S. in the 1880s. Americans called them  “dachshund sausages”. A dachshund is a dog with a very long body and short legs. “Dachshund sausages” became popular at baseball games. The men walked up and down rows and yelled, “Get your dachshund sausages!”  One day in 1906 a newspaper cartoonist Ted Dorgan got an idea of a cartoon.  He drew a bun with a dachshund inside. Dorgan did not know how to spell  “dachshund”, so he            wrote,  “Get your  hot dogs!”   The new name became a sensation.

                    BLUE JEANS came  to America with the gold rush. A young immigrant from Germany  Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco in 1850. Thousands of men were coming  to dig for gold.  Levi Strauss  sold canvas  to the gold miners for tents. The miners needed strong pants for the work. Strauss got an idea and got his canvas into pants. In one  day he sold all his pants he had made. The fabric had no color and the pants got dirty easily. Strauss dyed the fabric blue. Today the company he started is known around the world.

                    Chewing gum has a long tradition. In  Mexico, Indians have long  chewed chicle, the gum resin. In 1850  Mexico  and the U.S. fought a war over Texas. General Lopez led the Mexican soldiers. When Mexico lost the war General Lopez went to live in New York and took with him a lot of chicle. An American inventor, Thomas Adams, bought some chicle from Lopez. In 1871 he made first gum balls. They were a great success. During the WWI and WWII American soldiers were given chewing gum to keep them from getting thirsty. So chewing gum became popular around the world.

                  TELEPHONE was invented by Alexander Bell who emigrated to America in 1870. He taught in a school for deaf. There he experimented  with a machine to help the deaf here. While experimenting Bell got an idea of a telephone. For  years Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson, worked day and night. They tried to send speech through  a wire. Finally, on March 9, 1876, Watson heard: “Mr.Watson, come here!”  He rushed  upstairs into Bell’s room, and shouted, “I heard you!”  Nobody knew  how telephone  would change people’s lives.

                 COCA-COLA was invented by a druggist John Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. He made a brown syrup by mixing coca leaves and cola nuts. He called it  “Coca-Cola” and sold  the mixture  as a medicine to all problems. Few people bought  Coca-Cola  and sold it to another druggist, Asa Candler. Candler sold Coca-Cola as a soda  fountain drink. Soon everyone was going to soda  fountains to drink Coca-Cola. Candler didn’t put Coca-Cola into bottles, but two businessmen got  that idea and became millionaires. Coca leaves were no longer used in Coca-Cola. The exact ingredients  are not known  - the Company keeps its secret. Coca-Cola became very popular with the soldiers and the company started 10 factories in Europe. Today there are Coca-Cola factories  around the world.

                   VIDEO GAME was invented in 1972. The father of home video game  is Nolan Bushnell. He was born in 1943 and grew up near Salt Lake City, Utah. The first big hit  was a simple game called “Pong”.  “I built it with my  own two hands  and a soldering iron”, he said of his creation.

                  BARBIE is not just a doll. It is diminutive  doppelganger of Barbara Handler Segal, a Los Angeles  woman and the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler, creators of  Barbie. The doll was named after Barbara in 1959,  when she was 17.  Ruth Handler says  Barbara really did inspire the popular doll. When Barbara was 4  Ruth watched  her play   with her paper dolls, which were  more nature-looking than their plastic counterpart and came with extensive cutout wardrobes. Ruth  decided that girls needed a doll that looked like a teenager and wore stylish clothes. Barbara’s brother Ken became a miniature  counterpart of Barbie in 1961, at 16. Barbie has made him a millionaire several times over.  Little dolls snap one every two seconds at  $10 each.  About 700 million  of the dolls have been sold.


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