Autumn Festival

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Good morning, dear guests. I’m glad to see you. I have got a letter. It is a birthday card. I don’t know whose birthday it is. But I think you like to travel. Let’s come with me to the magic country. Neznaiko and the Queen N: Hi! My name is Neznaiko and who are you? The Queen: Hello, my dear boy. I am a queen. Are you in a good mood? N: Yes, I am.



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« Autumn Festival »

Good morning, dear guests. Im glad to see you. I have got a letter. It is a birthday card. I don’t know whose birthday it is. But I think you like to travel. Let’s come with me to the magic country.

Neznaiko and the Queen

N: Hi! My name is Neznaiko and who are you?

The Queen: Hello, my dear boy. I am a queen. Are you in a good mood?

N: Yes, I am.

The Queen: It’s great. And how old are you, my dear?

N: I m 8.

The Queen: Where do you live?

N: I live in Flower Town. My town is very beautiful. There are many flowers at every house I live in Blue Bell Street.

The Queen: So, you are the right boy. I wrote you the letter. I want to invite you to the party. I have got 4 daughters. Here they are:

Spring: I am green

Summer: I am bright

Autumn: I am yellow

Winter: I am white.

N: Oh, your daughters are 4 seasons

Spring: That’s right. Spring is green

Summer is bright

Autumn is yellow

Winter is white

The Queen: Good for you. And one of them has her birthday today. But who is she? My daughters tell you the riddle.

Spring: It’s cold

Summer: It’s rainy

Autumn: Birds don’t sing songs

Winter: It brings fruit and vegetables.

N: I don’t know

Spring: What a rainy season,

Summer: The sky is dark and grey.

Autumn: No sunshine any more,

Winter: No playing out of doors.

The Queen: Dear Neznaiko, what season is it now?

N: I know, I know it’s autumn.

Autumn; Yes, it’s really me, the Golden Autumn. I come after summer when days become cool September, October and November are my months, I bring a lot of fruit and vegetables. The nature is beautiful. The leaves are red, brown, green and yellow. The days are short at nights are long. It’s often gloomy and rainy. Birds fly away. People go to the forest to gather mushrooms. They bring home baskets full of mushrooms. It’s also harvest time. And of course, this is the season when children go to school. One day you get up and see snow on the ground. Also I’m rich with gold and full of wonderful holidays. They are: the first of September- the day of Knowledge, the ninth of September- the World day Beauty, the first week of October-the Teachers Day, the 31-st of October – Halloween, the day of Pokrova and the Harvest Festival. And I’m the Princess of today’s holiday.

N: Let’s sing a song to Autumn “Happy Birthday to You”. (Everybody sings)

Autumn: Thank you.

N: Look, Autumn, the leaves are coming.

Leaves: Happy Birthday! Be happy and wealthy!

This is the season

When fruit is sweet,

This is the season,

When school-friends meet.

When noisy and gay

And browned in the sun,

With their books and bags

To school they run.

It is autumn, it is cold

I put on my yellow coat,

My hat and glovers,

My pants are grey

And I am warm and I am O.K.

It is raining, it is wet

I put on my violet hat,

Violet suit,

My glovers are white

And I am warm, I am all right!

The leaves are falling

From the trees

Yellow, brown and red

They patter softly

Like the rain

One landed on my heads!

Warm September brings us school,

Days are shorter, nights are cool.

Fresh October brings much fruit,

Then to gather them is good.

Red November brings us joy, Fun for every girl and boy.


Pumpkin: Dear Autumn, Happy Birthday to You! I wish you good luck. I’m the main person in the people’s kitchen garden. I have got a big family. Please meet all of them.

How are you? How are you, my dear melon?

Melon: I am fine, I am fine.

Pumpkin: Oh my beet, how are you? How are you?

Beet: We are O.K. We are O.K. and you?

Pumpkin: And I am O.K. too. How do you do my suns cucumbers?

Cucumbers: We are alright

We alright

Thank you.

Pumpkin: And you my big watermelon? How the things are? How the things are?

Watermelon; I am ripe and I am sweet

Children like me to eat.

And I’m well and I’m well

How can we eat you?



Characters: Turnip, Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Dog, Cat, Mouse.


(Grandfather sees a big turnip.)


Oh, what a big turnip we have in our kitchen-garden.

I want to pull it out.

(Pulls the turnip.)

One, two, three, it's too big for me.

Granny, come here!

Help me, please!


All right, Grandfather, I'll coming.

Grandfather and Grandmother (pulling together):

One, two, three!..

One, two, three!..

(No result.)

Oh, it's too big for us! Grandmother:


Granddaughter, help us, please!


All right, Granny. I'm coming.

Grandfather, Grandmother and Granddaughter (pulling together):

One, two, three!..

One, two, three!..

(No result.)

Oh, it's too big for us!


Dog, Dog, come and help us, please!

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter and Dog (pulling together):

One, two, three!..

One, two, three!..

(No result.)

Oh, it's too big for us!


Cat, Cat, help us please!


All right, Dog. I'm coming.

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Dog and Cat (pulling together):

One, two, three!..

One, two, three!..

(No result.)

Oh, it's too big for us!


Mouse, Mouse, come here! Help us, please!


All right, Cat. I'm coming.

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Dog, Cat and Mouse (pulling together):

One, two, three!..

One, two, three!..

One, two, three!..

(Fall down.)

Turnip (standing up):

Here I am!

All (together):

Oh! What a big turnip we have!




Characters: Little Red Hen, Duck, Little Mouse, Tommy Mouse.-Story-teller.



One day the Little Red Hen finds a grain of wheat.

Little Red Hen:

Can you help me grow it?

Little Mouse: No.

Tommy Mouse: No.


So the Little Red Hen grows the grain of wheat. The plant is tall and strong.

Little Red Hen:

Can you help me to cut the wheat?

Little Mouse:


Tommy Mouse:



So the Little Red Hen cuts the wheat and makes it into flour.

Little Red Hen:

Can you help me to make the bread?

Little Mouse


Tommy Mouse



So the Little Red Hen makes a loaf of bread.

Little Red Hen:

Can you help me to eat the bread?

Little Mouse


Tommy Mouse


Little Red Hen:

But now I cannot give you any bread, Little Mouse and Tommy Mouse. You are very lazy.

I can give some bread to me.


The Queen: Autumn is also the time for school. Our pupils know what to do at school.

A song ’’I Like To Sing”

The Queen: We almost forget about the Teachers Day. Let’s applaud to our dear teachers. This dance is for you.


Fruit and Vegetables:

Hurry up! Hurry up! Dear Autumn! We are sorry we are almost late. But we say Happy Birthday to You.

An Apple

Apples here

Apples there

Apples growing everywhere

A Pear

Look at the dress I wear

Sweet and juicy Pear.

A Plum

When you are nice,

And nobody harm

They, they like

Sugar is a plum.


Juicy grapes

Everybody tastes.

I am a potato

Take my hand!

I am a cabbage

Be my friend!

Monday carrots-

Tuesday beet

Autumn brings us

Special treats


Tomatoes are in row

And the garden

Starts to grow.

Autumn: Neznaiko, please tell me where are fruit and where are vegetables?

Neznaiko: This is an apple. It’s a fruit. This is a potato and a cabbage. They are vegetables.

Autumn: That’s right.

Neznaiko: Tomato is a fruit and grapes are a fruit. A Carrot is a vegetable.

Autumn: Neznaiko, tomato is a vegetable.

Look at my gifts and please treat our guests with them.

Autumn: I know that there are a lot of people who have their birthdays during the time of my ruling. And I want you to come up to me. This is a cake with candles, make your wish and blow them.


Autumn: It s a pity, but the time of my ruling as well as this autumn Festival is coming to its end. I don’t say farewell to you. I just say Goodbye, See you soon. And I know that next year we will gather again in this hall to celebrate the beautiful autumn holidays, the season which is the most colorful, richest and most inspiring.


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