Health Foods

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Yesterday afternoon in a village near Bristol, a tall old man with a good suntan celebrated his birthday with some friends. After a party he played tennis and then went for a five mile walk with some of his guests. There was nothing unusual in this. The man, whose name was Mr. Misha Weibold has been celebrating his birthday in this way for a long time. The only unusual thing is that Mr.Weibold was 85 years old yesterday.



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Health Foods.

( урок для 7 класів)

Цілі уроку : практична: вдосконалювати навички вживання countableanduncountablenouns та будувати речення з alotof, much, many,little,alittle;освітня: ознайомити учнів з типами їжі; розвивальна: розвивати навички читання, монологічного мовлення та письма; розвивати вміння самостійно працювати; виховна: виховувати в дітей розуміння правильного вибору їжі та повагу до вибору іншого.

Обладнання : підручник WeLearnEnglishbyAllaNesvit; тексти та комплекти завдань; зображення продуктів харчування; комп’ютер.

Хід уроку

І. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

Aim 1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

T : They say, “ Health is the main wealth”. We can’t but agree more. Let us

consider some factors of a healthy way of life.

By the end of the lesson you should be able:

 to make up short stories about your families eating habits;

 to use Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

Warm-up 2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Proverb. Pronunciation drill. Робота над прислів’ям.

Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. It only doubles trouble and troubles other you.

 Фонетичне відпрацювання прислів’я;

 Знайти український еквівалент. ( Не буди лихо, доки воно тихо.)

II. Основна частина уроку

Listening 1. Пред’явлення тексту для аудіювання

T : Now you will listen to the text “ Secrets of a long and healthy life”. While

listening write down the three things Mr. Weibold has always done and the

three things he has never done.

Secrets of a long and healthy life.

Yesterday afternoon in a village near Bristol, a tall old man with a good suntan celebrated his birthday with some friends. After a party he played tennis and then went for a five mile walk with some of his guests. There was nothing unusual in this.

The man, whose name was Mr. Misha Weibold has been celebrating his birthday in this way for a long time. The only unusual thing is that Mr.Weibold was 85 years old yesterday.

“I don’t walk as fast as I used to and my eyes aren’t quite as good as before but otherwise I feel as fit as I was when I was 30”.

When asked what his secret was for such a long and healthy life, he answered, “There are three things which I’ve always done and three things I’ve never done. First of all I’ve always walked at least 5 miles every day. Secondly I’ve always eaten very simply. Thirdly, I’ve always been in the habit of getting up early.

There are the three things which I’ve never done: I’ve never smoked a cigarette in all my life! I’ve never worried about anything. And I’ve never been married I’ve believed that marriage was a very unhealthy thing and now I am sure of it. When I was 60, I used to have a lot of friends who were married. And do you know where they are now? They are all dead”.

1. (HO1) Mr. Weibold has always: He has never:

1. Walked at least 5 miles. 1. Smoked a cigarette.

2. Eaten very simply. 2. Worried about anything.

3. Got up early. 3. Been married.

T: I wouldn’t agree that marriage is unhealthy and I think it is impossible not to worry.

What do you think of Mr. Weilbold secrets of a long and healthy life?

2. A Strip Story. Скласти розповідь. (HO2)

I’ve never worried about anything.

They are all dead.

I’ve always eaten very simply.

I’ve always been in the habit of getting up early.

I feel as fit as I was when I was 30.

Yesterday afternoon in a village an old man celebrated his birthday.

Oralpractice 2. Активізація лексики в діалогах.

T: Mr. Weibold eats simply and thinks it is healthy. Look at the pictures

and answer the questions:

1. What kinds of food and drinks do you see?

2. Which of these foods are healthy?

3. Which are unhealthy?

4. Which of these do you like ?

T : Look at the pictures again and write two lists of products (HO3):

Healthy food

Unhealthy food

T: Work in pairs. Discuss your lists with your friend. (Pupil A asks Pupil B about the things in his lists. Both pupils say how often they eat and drink the things (often, twice a week, every day).

Reading 3. Читання та обговорення тексту за темою уроку.

1). Pre-reading conversation.

T : We eat to live but not live to eat. Do you agree? Why, then, do so many people overeat nowadays? And another unhealthy habit is eating fast food or junk food. Americans are the biggest junk food eaters. Do you know that in one day Americans eat 87 mln hot dogs. Let us read and discuss text about balanced diet (p. 64).

2). Readingthetext.Практикування учнів у читанні тексту з підручника, робота з новою лексикою та словником.

3). Post-reading. Complete the sentences (HO4):

 A balanced diet consists of_______________________ .

 You must eat well, but________________________ .

 A nutrient is_________________________________ .

 A lot of meals are_____________________________ .

 It’s better to eat only a little of____________________ .

 Snack foods contain a lot of_______________________ .

4). Say if the sentences are true or false (HO5)



We must keep a balanced diet.

There are six main food groups to build your daily menu.or false.ther you.. ating habits;

гічного мовлення та письма; розвивати вміння самостійно працювати; в

Each group is not a good source of nutrients.

A lot of meals are a combination of two or more of the main food groups.

We must eat too much.

Grammar 4. Тренування учнів у вживанні countable and uncountable nouns.

1). Presentation: Countable nouns have singular and plural forms ( one sandwich – two sandwiches) . Uncountable nouns don’t have a plural form. They can appear without an article and they cannot be used with an indefinite article. The following words are uncountable in English : milk, tea. Bread, sugar, flour, coffee, cheese, food, fruit, meat, pepper, rice, salt, soup, water.

2). Practicing. Complete the sentences with a lot of, much, many, or little/a little.

 Steve doesn’t usually eat _____sweets.

 Have we got ______butter in the fridge?

 There is ____of meat in the freezer.

 Is there _____mineral water in the bottle?

 There is ____sugar in my cup of tea.

 I think we need ____flour to bake this cake.

 There are ____plants on the windowsill.

 Peter has got _____English books in his home library.

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку

Homework 1. Домашнє завдання.

Write about your family eating habits. Use Countable and

Uncountable nouns.

Summarizing 2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

T : Health is your wealth. Eat proper food, go to bed early, stop smoking, go out more, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and you’ll get healthier.


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