Friends and Friendship

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Педагогика и дидактика

Presentation: Friends, friendship… How much can we say about these special words. Friendship is a feeling that is between friends but what these feelings are. So pupils, today we continue to speak about friends and friendship. But first I want you to answer some questions



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Friends and Friendship

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Lessons plan.


  •  to repeat and to actualize lexics on the given topic
  •  to continue to form skills of dialogue and monologue speech on the given topic
  •  to improve pupils' reading and writing
  •  to revise grammar material (Present Simple and Present Continuous|)
  •  to form skills of working in groups
  •  to bring up respect to other people


     Greeting: Good morning, how are you…


      Friends, friendship… How much can we say about these special words. Friendship is a feeling that is between friends but what these feelings are. So pupils, today we continue to speak about friends and friendship. But first I want you to answer some questions

   1)What is friendship?

   2)Isn’t it the most important thing in our life?

   3)What does friendship mean to you?

   4)Can you imagine your life without friends?


     Follow up:

     Activity 1.Read the text.

My best friend’s name is Julie. She is great! Julie is twelve years old and she lives in my street. She's good at English and maths, and she likes sport. She plays tennis every Saturday morning and she always wins! Julie is very generous and she’s got a lot of friends. Everyone likes her because she’s a very cheerful person. I like Julie because she always has fun. I see Julie every day. We always walk to school together. We usually watch films and listen to music together, and we talk about a lot of different things. Sometimes I feel sad, but Julie always makes me feel good!


    Read the text again. Correct the false sentences.

1.Julie isn’t good at maths.


2.She plays tennis every day.     

3.She’s very mean.

4.Amy sees Julie every week.

5.They ride their bikes to school.

   Answer the question about your best friend.

  1.  How old is your best friend?
  2.  What is he\she good at?
  3.  What kind of personality has he\she got?
  4.  What does he\she enjoy doing?
  5.  Why do you like your best friend?
  6.  What do you do with him\her?

Activity 2. Complete the sentences about your best friend.

  1.  I like … because…  .
  2.  … is a fantastic ….
  3.  … has got a great personality. He\She …
  4.  Everybody likes… because…  .
  5.  I usually see …  .
  6.  …. thinks that one day I …  .

Activity 3. Listen and complete the song. Use the words in the box.

   See, things, long, want, bad, give

You’re my best friend.

Ooh,you make me live

Whatever this word  can (give ) to me

It’s you, you’re all I (see)

Ooh,you make me live now, honey

Ooh, you make me live

You’re the best friend

That I ever had

I’ve been with you such a(long )time

You’re my sunshine

And I (want) you to know

That my feelings are true

I really love you

You’re my best friend

You’re the first one

When things turn out (bad)

You know I’ll never be lonely

You’re my only one

And I love the (things)

I really love the things

That you do


You’re my best friend


Complete the puzzle with words from the song. What's the extra word?

  1.  The things you feel inside yourself
  2.  …. Second,third,…
  3.  Be alive.
  4.  Sad and alone.
  5.  Good weather.
  6.  The earth with all its countries.    

1. Answers:

2. 1.feelings

3. 2.first

4. 3.live

5. 4.lonely

6. 5.sunshine


     Extra word: friend

Activity 4.Match two part of proverbs and try to explain what they mean.

  1.  A faithful friend … buy friendship
  2.  A friend in need … by the company he keeps
  3.  A man is known … is the medicine of life
  4.  Money can’t … is to be one
  5.  The only way to have a friend … is a friend indeed.

Key words:

Do my best, personality, feel good,be good at, feeling,friendly, cheerful,active, boring, busy, creative, energetic

1.”The only way to have a friend is to be one”means that if you don’t want to be alone, you don’t have to be selfish.Just think a little of others and they will think of you.

2.”A friend in need is a friend indeed” means that the best friend is the one who helps you when you are really in need of help.You know your real friends when you are in a difficult situation.

3.”A man is known by the company he keeps”means that friends usually respect each other for these or those treats  of character. They have much in common.There is another saing: “Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are”

4.”Money can’t buy friendship”means  that one can only deserve a friend and money is  nothing when we speak about a real friend.


5.”A faithfull friend is the medicine of life” means that a friend will always help you in difficult situation

4.Rounding off:

        Summarizing. Pupils, now I want  to see the way  you understand the meanings of the words friend and friendship. So please continue the  definition. Friendship is....   A real friend is....

        Evaluation. You worked good enough at this lesson so your marks are...





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