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Педагогика и дидактика

Aims:to practice some grammar points (adverbs of frequency, Present Simple, Present Continuous); to ask and answer questions to find out about classmates’ health habits; to give practice in reading a text for specific information; to develop students’ listening skills; to create a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the classroom.



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(Конспект уроку у 6 класі)

Вчитель англійської мови

Ткаченко Н. Б.


  •  to practice some grammar points (adverbs of frequency, Present Simple, Present Continuous);
  •  to ask and answer questions to find out about classmates’  health habits;
  •  to give practice in reading  a text for specific information;
  •  to develop students’ listening skills;
  •  to  create a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the classroom.

Materials:  HOs, a tape-recorder and the recording of the text




I. Introduction to the lesson.

  Greeting. Warming up

T: Today you will

               read  and listen to about other people’s everyday things

               ask and answer questions about your healthy habits

               practise using adverbs of frequency, Present Simple, Present Continuous

By the end of the lesson you should be able to talk about your  and your classmates’ health habits

According to a newspaper British children

  •  brush their teeth more than three times a day
  •  visit the dentist once a year
  •  wash their faces twice a day
  •  play a sport four times a week

Which of these things do you think are true?
SS’s  answers

II. Body

1.  Grammar: Adverbial of Frequency

T: People who take care of their health live long lives. How often do you do these healthy things?



three times


a day

a week

a month

a year

I check my eyes   once a year.

I check my eyes   ____________________________________

I visit the dentist  ___________________________________.      

I eat fruit & vegetables  _______________________________.

I play a sport  _______________________________________.

I walk in the park ____________________________________.

                                                                                                        S1 S2  S3, etc

2.  Speaking

Ask your partner about his/her healthy habits.


How often do you…?



three times

… times


a day

a week

a month

a year

a day

a week

a month

a year

a day

a week

a month

a year

a day

a week

a month

a year

wash your hair

clean you shoes

brush your teeth

go to the dentist

take a shower in the evening

play a sport

eat fruit and vegetables

comb your hair

have medical check

sleep in front of the computer

stay up late

wash your hands

                                                                                                                                    S1   S2;  

Let’s compare the British and Ukrainian Students’ results.


3.   Reading

T: Read about Cliff Richard’s  typical day’s  work  in London Zoo.           

3.1  Before you read

What are Cliff’s duties?

SS’s  answers: He feeds the animals.

                      He cleans the cages.

3.2  While you read

Which of his works are boring?



    There are different animals in my section from zebra of around 250 kilograms to a prairie dog of about two kilos. Six keepers work in this section, they take care of the animals.

    A typical day starts at eight o’clock. I walk around the section looking for any problems.

    After this I complete a Report Sheet. I write what is happening in my section. Three times a week I also order food for the animals.

    Next we clean the animal enclosures. We water the plants & change the animals’ drinking water.

    Three times a week we collect fresh food for the animals. The food includes fish for the seals,maize, oats and dairy nuts for the zebras & tapirs, and various types of fruits and vegetables for the monkeys.

    There is a tea break at ten thirty, and then we prepare the food for all the section’s animals. It takes us about two hours. The food must be ready for the seals by eleven thirty, because many people come to watch the feed. After this the keepers have their lunch.

    In the afternoon we usually feed the animals & clean – rake (згрібаємо ) leaves in the autumn, for example, which is a boring job.

    We keep a record ( запис ) of the development ( розвиток ) of the baby seal; this will be useful for us in the future, and it may be useful for other zoos, too. At three there is another feed for the fur seals. We walk around the section before going home at five o’clock.

3.3  After you read


T:  How often does Cliff Richard do these things during his day?

     e. g. He completes a Report Sheet once a day.

                   complete a Report Sheet

                   collect fresh food for the animals

                   order the food for the animals

                   cleans the animal enclosures

                   record the development of the babies


What is Cliff doing at this time?













Cliff is completing a Report Sheet at eight fifty.































4.  Physical warming up


One, one,


Three, three.,

Four, five

Jump up high!

Six, seven,

Eight, nine

Bend left, bend right.

And ten.

Do these again!

(Move as you wish)


4.  Listening

T:  Listen to what a woman is talking about her family. Complete the sentences with the correct adverbial of frequency.


I take the dog for a walk every morning & evening & I play tennis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I’ve got two children. Nick works in France but he telephones every week. Susan goes to school & she visits French classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We always go away on holiday when school finishes, at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. I think our family is a typical English family.


              She takes the dog for a walk  twice  a day.


              She plays tennis ______________________________  a week.

              Nick telephones__________________________   a month.

              Susan has French classes _______________________ week.

              They go on holiday ____________________________  a year.  


III.  Conclusion 

1. Homework

T: Exchange your questionnaires from the task II.2. Write the conclusion about your partner’s health habits.

  1.  Summarizing

T: Are our daily routines boring?

   What is the most boring things for you?

   Do we have to do such things? Why?

SS’s  answers


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