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Good morning, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. I hope you are OK. In our today’s lesson we’ll get to know some new facts about one of the children’s best loved holidays, read the text, sing a song, play a game and do a lot of interesting activities.



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  •  to develop pupils’ reading and writing skills;
  •  to broaden pupils’ knowledge on the topic “Holidays in Great Britain”;
  •  to practise talking about Halloween;
  •  to teach pupils to cooperate in pairs and groups.

Equipment: pupils’ book “English 5” (O. Karpiuk) and a class audio cassette to this book, a tape-recorder,  posters with Halloween words, handouts with the tasks, symbols of the British holidays, a Halloween bag with strips of paper and treats, blitz-quiz  cards with questions.

(The lesson is based on the course-book by O. Karpiuk, “English 5”, Unit 5 “What’s the news? p.81)


  1.  Introduction.

T.: Good morning, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. I hope you are OK. In our today’s lesson we’ll get to know some new facts about one of the children’s best loved holidays, read the text, sing a song, play a game and do a lot of interesting activities.

II. Warming-up.

T.: First have a look at the blackboard. Match the symbols of the holidays and their names. When do people celebrate them?


St. Valentine’s Day Halloween Christmas New Year

Look at the decorations in our room. What holiday are we going to discuss today?

I know that some of you have prepared poems about this holiday. What is more, you have brought pictures to illustrate your poems.

Trick or Treat

Witches, ghosts, and goblins.

Stealing down the street,

Knock on every door way,

Trick or treat!

When your door is opened,

This is what you meet,

Scary creatures shouting,

Trick or treat!




Your eyes are bright and green,

Where have you been

What have you done

So skittery-scary this Hallowe'en?

And where did you get

that pointed hat?

Tell me that,


Witch, Witch

Withch witch, where do you fly?

Under the clouds and over the sky.

Witch, witch, what do you eat?

Little black apples from Hurricane Street.

Witch, witch, what do you drink?

Vinegar and good red ink.

Witch, witch, where do you sleep?

Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap.

Skeleton Parade

The skeletons are out tonight,

They march about the street,

With bony bodies, bony heads,

And bony hands and feet.

Bony bony bony bones

with nothing in between,

Up and down and all around

They march on Hallowe'en.

III.Main Part

  1.  Reading

Pre reading

T.: To know more about Halloween and to be able to speak about it we’ll need some words. Look at the pictures and the words and pronounce them after me.

(Halloween words on the posters: spider, lantern, poison, ghost, gravestone, haunted house, vampire, hat, bat, web, witch, skull, cat, pumpkin, coffin)


T.: Now you can choose what activity to do next. You can choose either a crossword puzzle (HO1) or a word search (HO2). (завдання складаються вчителем з урахуванням рівня підготовки дітей).

While reading

T.: Now let’s read the text about Halloween (the course-book by O. Karpiuk, “English 5”, Unit 5, “What’s the news?”Ex.3 p.81). While reading it, try to find as many words connected with Halloween as possible.


Halloween is on the 31 of October. Children in English-speaking countries go “trick or treating”. They dress up as ghosts, witches or devils. Then they visit their neighbours’ houses. They ask: “Trick or treat?” The neighbour has to give them a treat (usually chocolate) … or they play a trick on their neighbour (for example, they throw water into the house!) Pumpkins with candles inside are usual decorations in the windows of people’s houses.

Post reading

a) T.: Let’s see how many words connected with Halloween you have found. Well done. I am sure it won’t be difficult for you to do our next task – to choose the correct variant according to the text we have just read. (Test - HO3).


  1.  Halloween is on the 31st of _______.

a) November   b) October   c) December

2. On this day children dress up as ___________  .

a) their neighbours   b) usual   c) witches and ghosts

3. On this holiday children visit __________.

a) their neighbours’ houses   b) English-speaking countries    c) ghosts, witches or devils

4. Pumpkins with ____________ inside are usual decorations.

a) chocolate   b) candles   c) candies

5. When children ask “trick or treat?” the neighbour has to give them a treat ___________.

a) usually water   b) usually candles   c) usually chocolate

 b) T.: Let’s check the results of the test. Great! I see that you are ready to answer the questions. For our blitz-quiz take these cards (HO4). Each card has a symbol of Halloween. Find a partner with the same symbol on the card and discuss the questions written there.


When is Halloween?

What do children usually do at this time?

Why are their clothes unusual?

What do they usually get as a treat?

What tricks can they play on their neighbours?

What are usual decorations in the windows of people’s houses on this day?

c) T.: As you know on this holiday children go “trick or treating”. In our lesson we can’t do that, but we can play a “trick or treat” game. There are strips of paper in this Halloween bag. I have written the word “treat” on some of them. Those who draw such a strip will receive a treat. But I have written the word “trick” on the others. Pupils who draw these strips will have to perform a trick.

II. Writing.

T.: Let’s unite into 3 smaller groups. Each group will make up a story about Halloween. But the story of the first group will start with the sentence “My favourite holiday is Halloween”. The beginning of the second story will be “People celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October”, the third one “One of the children’s best loved holidays is Halloween”. For your stories you can use the words on the posters, information from the text and the poems.

T.: I see that you are a bit tired. So, let’s have a rest and sing the song about Halloween. (the course-book by O. Karpiuk, “English 5”, Unit 5 “What’s the news?” Ex. 4, p. 81).


The witch, the witch,

The ugly old wicth…

Oh, what a terrible sight!

“Just once a year comes,” –

People say.

“On scary Halloween Night”.



IV. Summing-up.

T.: Our lesson is over. I want to thank you and say that you have been great today. Your marks are …

V. Home assignment.


1. Карпюк О. Англійська мова: Підручник для 5 класу загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів.- Тернопіль, Видавництво «Астон», 2005. –С.81.

2. http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/halloween_stationery.htm

3. http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/songspoems8.html


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