What is health for you?

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Педагогика и дидактика

A lot of years passed. The men decided to return to their wives and children. They were happy to be again with their families. In the evening, when they opened their sacks, they found out that their stones disappeared. One of them found beautiful flowers in his sack. They were Health, Love, Happiness and Friendship. He gave these flowers to his children and asked to guard them so that they should never leave their family. He told his children that those beautiful flowers were the values of life.



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                                          What is health for you?


  •   To revise the vocabulary and use it in speech;
  •   To encourage pupils to speak;
  •  To develop students’ speaking and listening skills;
  •  To encourage students to work in pairs;
  •  To motivate students to communicate in real-life situations;
  •  To enrich students’ knowledge of healthy lifestyle and danger of having bad habits

Equipment:      cards (HO)s, legend, dialogues, videos

If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want

                                                                                                                Elbert Hubbard


  1.  Greeting and introduction.

T:  Good morning, everyone (ladies and gentlemen)! I’m glad to see you. How are you today? How did you feel yesterday? It’s so good we all feel fine.

  1.  What is life? What do we live for? What are the values of life? People have been asking these questions since times immemorial and each generation tries to find the keys to them.

There is an old legend. Long time ago there lived two men. When their children were born they left their families and started wandering with sacks on their backs. While travelling around the world they put small stones into their sacks.

A lot of years passed. The men decided to return to their wives and children. They were happy to be again with their families. In the evening, when they opened their sacks, they found out that their stones disappeared. One of them found beautiful flowers in his sack. They were Health, Love, Happiness and Friendship. He gave these flowers to his children and asked to guard them so that they should never leave their family. He told his children that those beautiful flowers were the values of life.

Another man found spiders and snacks in his sack. He had nothing to give to his children. He collected greed, thirst for money and envy.

It is sometimes the case with us. Some of us find that our values of life are everlasting. Others only at the end of their lives come to understand that they have cared only for material things and have not thought about the eternal.

  •   What are the most important values mentioned in the legend?

T:  Today we’re going to speak about health. I think you agree the problem of health is topical. It’s getting especially grave nowadays when people are overloaded with work, have little time for rest, don’t pay enough attention to sport. Good health is a great gift. To be healthy is the most important thing in the world.

2)     And now let’s have a quiz. Your task is to guess the word from the definition. If you put

       together the first letters of these words, you'll get a phrase.

  1.     A piece of paper given by the doctor for treatment. (Prescription).
  2.     If you come to the doctor, first of all he will... you. (Examine).
  3.    To return to previous state of health. (Recover).

 A very high temperature. (Fever).

  1.    If we have pain in the ear, we say we have an... (Earache).

 A sore selling the medicine. (Chemist’s).

 We take a temperature with it. (Thermometer).

 A pain in the head. (Headache).

  1.    The doctors say if they want to calm down the patients: "Take it..." (Easy).
  2.   You call it if you need first aid. (Ambulance).
  3.  You must check them if you often have a cough and pneumonia. (Lungs).
  4.  Pain in the tooth. (Toothache).
  5.  What is above wealth? (Health).

T; So we've got a phrase: PERFECT HEALTH.

  •   What is necessary for perfect health?
  •  Can you name four main steps to perfect health?

Perfect health:    

               -   a good diet

  •   regular exercises
  •  keeping good hygiene
  •  getting enough sleep

At  this lesson we are going to work in  two teams.

The first team is…    Our team has the  name “Nuts”. Our motto is: “A nut a day keeps a doctor away”.

The second team is “Onions”…

Our motto is: “Always ready to help mankind”

The first task for our teams.

What other proverbs about health do you know? Do the matching.  Choose one of the proverbs to comment on  it.

A sound mind                                            makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Health                                                        keeps the doctor away

An apple a day                                          in a sound  body

Early to bed and early to rise                    above wealth                                               

1. "Health is above wealth."

S1: Many people consider wealth to be the highest objective in life. But they forget that there are some things that money can't buy. For instance, love, friendship, respect and health. Of course, with money you can get better medical treatment in case you are ill, but, unfortunately, there exist some incurable diseases or disabilities which make people suffer, and no wealth is able to cure them. So I am sure that good health is the main priority in life.

2. "A sound mind in a sound body."

S2: The connection is obvious. If our body suffers from any disorder, our mind suffers with it, and we are unable to perform social duties. A sound body is the result of a healthy way of life a person leads. If people care about their health, they willingly choose healthy habits and avoid bad ones.

3. "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

S3: The saying proves that rest is also necessary to the health of both body and mind. Late hours are very harmful to the health as they exhaust the nervous system. We should go to bed early and get up early.

4. “An  apple a day keeps the doctor away”

S4: These sayings stress the importance of vitamins. If we eat enough fruit all the year round, we supply ourselves with energy and strength. Besides we should constantly take care

  1.  Speaking

1)    It’s high time to talk about our health and the way to be healthy. We always have a

       lot of questions about our health. That’s why we invited two very famous doctors:

       Mr. Cold( the representative of the team “Nuts”  and Mr. Piggy-Wiggy

        (the representative of the team “Onions”)

Presenter 1: Good morning, our dear guests.

Presenter 2: We are glad to see you here in our studio at the programme "Ask the Doctor".

Presenter 1: Today we will talk about our health and the way to be healthy.

Presenter 2: That's why we invited two very famous doctors: Mr. Cold...

Presenter 1: And Mr. Piggy-Wiggy.

Presenter 1: I have a question to Mr. Cold. What should we do to keep the heart healthy?

Mr. Cold: To keep your heart healthy, you need to go in for sports, take cool showers and, of course, do morning exercises.

Presenter 1: Maybe we should eat some special food which is useful for our heart.

Mr. Cold: If you want to have a healthy heart, you should drink juice and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, apples and oranges, for example.

Presenter 2: And tell us, please, what we must not do if we don't want to spoil our heart.

Mr. Cold: We must not drink a lot of coffee, smoke, drink alcohol and eat a lot of food.

Presenter 1: Now it is clear. We'll take care of our heart after your words, because our body needs a healthy heart. It's one of its main organs.

Presenter 2: Yes, you are right. And I would like to ask Mr. Piggy-Wiggy a question. What is harmful for our brain? And what is useful?

Mr. Piggy-Wiggy: Our brain is very important to us. This organ helps us think, move, speak. If there is something wrong with your brain, you can hardly live a normal life.

Presenter 1: I'm already afraid. Doctor, please, advise us what to do to be healthy.

Mr. Piggy-Wiggy: Oh, it is easy and difficult at the same time. At first you should go to bed in time. Then eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, meat and cheese, drink water and juice. Don't drink coffee and tea late in the evening, don't smoke.

Mr. Cold: Also you should do regular physical exercises, be outdoors every day.

Presenter 2: Thank you for the information.

2)      We have been working a lot at our portfolio.  We have read a very useful book

       “How to stay healthy?”

What useful information about healthy life will you put into your portfolio?

  •  A  healthy life
  •  Inside your body
  •  The right food
  •  Food around the world
  •  Why do you wash
  •  Exercise for everyone
  •  Exercise and your body
  •  Time outdoors
  •  Rest and sleep

  1.  Listening
  2.   Listen to the text and prepare the task for the other pupils.

Alex: Hi, Steve. You look fantastic! I haven't seen you for a long time and you haven't changed a bit. You really look healthy.

Steve: I guess I do. I get a cold not more often than once in 2 or 3 years. I never suffer from anything.

Alex: No headaches, backaches, pains in the stomach?

Steve (laughs): No, and my legs don't hurt; and my arms don't hurt either.

Alex: Do you think that's because of your diet or the exercise you take?

Steve: I don't know. I like food, and I eat healthy food, fruit and vegetables. And I like fish and meat as well as sour cream and cottage cheese. I eat bread and pancakes but don't like sweets. So, I can't say I keep to a diet.

Alex: No, you can't. Do you take regular exercise?

Steve: Not enough. My work keeps me busy. It's only in summer when I can play volleyball, swim and ride a bicycle.

Alex: Do you do any winter sport?

Steve: No, I don't. But I walk a lot. That's the exercise I do. By the way I don't smoke and never drink alcohol.

Alex: Great!

2)    Make up questions and do the questionnaire

  •  look/what/Steve does / like?
  •  does/how/Steve/get/often/a cold?
  •  keep/does/to\he/diet/a?
  •  his/all/exercise/year round/what/is?
  •  keep/what else/Steve/helps/fit/to?

3)   Acting out the dialogues

Teacher: I think it's not a secret that sometimes you don't want to go to school and you pretend to be ill. Let's listen to a poem. The boy says he's ill. Put down all his illnesses and complaints (symptoms).


"I cannot go to school today,"

Said little boy whose name is Ray.

"I have the measles and the mumps,

And very many little bumps.

My mouth is wet, my throat is dry.

I'm going to blind in my right eye.

My leg is cut, my eyes are blue.

I think I have a terrible flu.

I have a cough and a splitting headache

I can't even eat a good sweet cake.

I think my hair is falling out,

I know I cannot speak aloud.

My temperature is 38,

I think I must go to bed straight.

I am sure I have a cold in the head

It's better to stay in bed.

I have constipation and stomach upset

I think I'll not bear all that.

I have a sore throat or, maybe, a quinsy.

Do you think to live with it is easy?

I have insomnia, and I can't -

What's that? What's that you say?

You say today is Saturday?

Good bye, I'm going out to play."

The home task for both teams was to act out the dialogues


Student.    Hello, doctor! May I come in?

Doctor.     Hi! Come in, please. Sit down, will you? What is your name? Your age?

                What is the matter?

Student.    An awful toothache, Doctor.

Doctor.       An awful toothache? Let me see. Open your mouth, please. Wider, please.

                   Your teeth are OK,

Student.       Oh, doctor. An awful toothache. I can’t go to school

Doctor.        Now I see. I’ll turn your tooth out.  Anya give me my instruments.

Дівчинка заносить гаєчний ключ

Student.      Oh, Doc, whats that? My tooth is OK. I’ll go to school. Bye, doctor, bye.

Doctor.        ( бере в руки щипці) Avery good instrument for lazy students.

                                  AT THE SURGEON'S

Student.   Hello, doctor! May I come in?

Doctor.     Hi! Come in, please. Sit down, will you? What's your name? Your age?

             What's the matter?

Student.  You know, doctor, I've hurt my leg.

Doctor.   Let me see. When did it happen?

Student.  Today's morning, before school.

Doctor.   Before school? Yee... OK, show me your leg.

Student.  Which one?

Doctor.     Which one? Yee... The one you‘ve hurt.

               -  Oh, it's bad! Gangrene.

Student.  What? What? What are you speaking about? What gangrene?

Doctor.     I have to operate you. You need an operation. Where are my surgical


Вносять пилу та шприц.

Student.   What - operation? My leg is OK.

Doctor.     Oh, don't be afraid. I'm a good surgeon and I'll do everything very fast.

Student.   ' Oh, no, no. Thank you. Everything is OK and I go to school. Good bye.

Doctor.      Bye-bye, dear. Oh, such a good instrument for lazy students.

IV.  Summary

1) Feedback  

At the end of the lesson I want to say that we’ve worked very hard and creative. Ps you were great.  So, I hope now you know what the steps to perfect health are.

Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1.  You can eat whatever you like and as much as you like.

2.  To be well means to be mentally and physically healthy.

3.  If you don't want to have a toothache, you should visit the dentist twice a year.

4.  Children are usually afraid of injections.

5.  Usually doctors examine patients, feel their pulse, take the temperature, etc.

6.  Healthy food means ice cream, cakes, bread and sweets.

7. If you want to keep in good health, don't keep negative feelings. Try to develop a positive attitude.

8. To be on a diet is dangerous for your health.

9.  To be healthy means to keep oneself clean, to take long walks and to do a lot of sport..

10. Germs may cause stomach upsets.

2)  Homework for the next lesson will be:

1.  to comment on the proverb: ” The best doctors in the world are Doctors Diet, Doctor Quit and

                                                      Doctor Merryman”.   

2.  do the questionnaire use the questions to the text.


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