Money is not everything. You can buy a doctor but not heath

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There is no more important than health. I hope you agree with me. If your body suffers from any disorder, your mind suffers with the body, too. You can’t be good either at work or at studies. Aches and pains lead to irritation, nervous breakdown, exhaustion and apathy.



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“Money is not everything. You can buy a doctor but not heath.”



T. Good morning friends! I’m glad to see you. How are you today? How did you feel yesterday? Well? I’m fine, too. It’s so glad we all feel fine. Are you ready for the lesson? Are you ready for the discussion of a very important problem in our life? What’s the problem? What’s the subject of our studying?

P. It’s the problem of our health.

T. Yes, the subject is “MAN and HIS HEALTH”.


Irritation – роздратованість

Irritate – дратувати

Nervous breakdown – нервовий зрив

Exhaustion – виснаженість

Be exhausted – знемагати від перевтоми

Apathy – апатія

T. There is no more important than health. I hope you agree with me. If your body suffers from any disorder, your mind suffers with the body, too. You can’t be good either at work or at studies. Aches and pains lead to irritation, nervous breakdown, exhaustion and apathy.

T. Let’s think and answer what it means to be healthy? (feeling good, be in good humor, be happy…) Well, now let’s read what different people speak about it.   Everyone has a slightly different version of what healthy means to them. So, what does it mean to be healthy? Read and say: do you agree or disagree with what you’ll read?

 “This is a very good question as most people have their own interpretation of what healthy means. Even my dictionary is not that clear what it is. The definition of healthy is described as 'having or showing good health'. Someone can look 'healthy' from the outside but be unhealthy inside. Also it does not take into consideration the emotional aspects”.

   “To me, being healthy means balanced both in mind and body. It's not just about watching what you eat, although this does play a very big part. So what do I mean about being balanced?”

     “Let's start with food. If you eat mainly whole foods, i.e. unprocessed and unrefined on a daily basis and only have quality indulgent snacks once or twice a week, then to me, that is what I would call healthy. To me 'healthy eating' includes things such as lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, white organic meat & wild fish (if eaten), sprouts, seaweed, super foods, smoothies, juices and lots of leafy greens”.

    “To me being healthy means: eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water”

    “What about the indulgent snacks? Raw chocolate as never been so popular; raw 'treats'; soaked nuts & seeds; raw flax or whole grain crackers with a raw herb cheese, vegetable spread or pate; vegetable crudities with hummus, home made cookies and cakes...the list goes on. The reason I call these snacks indulgent is not because they are 'naughty', but because once you eat a meal that is nutrient dense, you probably find that you do not need to snack as much, if at all”.

      “Healthy to me means balance. It’s about balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life”

       “In terms of lifestyle, being 'healthy' to me also includes some form of regular exercise. As you may know I am a keen fitness fan. I hate not being able to do some form of activity. It is ingrained within me and I feel awful if I don't do something at least 4 times a week”.

      “Over the last two or so years I have become more enlightened. I have achieved this by learning the art of letting go of emotional baggage that has been weighing me down for years. Most of the time I was unaware of how my emotions were affecting me until I had some coaching to help unearth emotions that were blocking my progress in life”.

      “It’s a balanced life style with realistic limits. It’s a balanced meal and working out regularly”  

       “To become truly healthy, it is important to let go of all things that don't serve you.   What you learn as a child and as you continued to grow become your belief system. The thing is, most of what you believe has no solid foundation, but yet you live your life by it. For instance, if you want to release excess weight but find yourself eating a packet of chocolate biscuits, then you need to establish and understand the underlying behaviors that is sabotaging your success, otherwise the pattern will continue and all you end up doing is calling yourself a failure for not having enough willpower”.

   “So, all in all being 'healthy' is a complete mind & body package. It is about becoming balanced in all areas of life not just what you eat. The best way to start becoming healthier is to begin with what you put into your body, the rest will naturally follow”.

    “Healthy to me includes a big dose of happiness, fulfillment, and contentment, a sense of purpose”.


T. If someone were to ask what your goals were to be healthy, what does that entail for you?

(Pupil’s answers)

T. In 1986, the WHO, in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, said that health is "a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities


T. Read and act the dialogues.

Rob: Are you ill?

Seles: Not really! I am just tired.

Rob: Didn’t you sleep well last night?

Seles: No, I tossed and turned all night.

Rob: I am sorry to hear that, I hope you sleep better tonight.

Seles: Thank you. I’m sure I will.


Diane: Hey, Terri. How’s it going?

Terri: Not too great. I’m really stressed out.

Diane: Oh?

Terri: Yes, I think school is giving me hives. See?

Diane: Oh, my god! Your arm is full of bumps!

Terri: And that’s not the worst of it. Toy should see my legs.

Diane: What did the doctor say?

Terri: He said to relax and take a break? But we both know I don’t have any time for relaxing.

Diane: Yes, but if you don’t, it’s only going to get worse.

Terri: I know, I know… Maybe I can relax after this paper.

Diane: I sure hope so.


Sydney:  Steve, you look pale. What happened?

Steve: I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Sydney: Did you have something on your mind? You look so concerned! May be I can help


Steve: Well, I’m under a lot of pressure. My boss is very pushy. He assigned me three projects.

      Now the deadlines are near, and I still haven’t finished all of my projects.

Sydney: Is there anything I can do to help you?

Steve: Well, I guess no one can help me but myself. For the moment, I just need someone to talk

     to, so that I can relieve my stress.


Mary: You look tired. Didn’t you get enough sleep last night?

John: No, I had a bunch of my friends over and we partied until the wee hours.

Mary: No wonder you look so bad!

John: I guess I just can’t take late nights like I used to. My head is spinning and I have a


Mary: I think you need to go home and take a rest.

John: I wish I could. But I don’t think I can keep my eyes open long enough to drive home.

Mary: Don’t worry. I’ll give you a ride home. But next time, watch the partying, OK?


4. T. Our emotions also govern on our feeling. In different situations we have different emotions. Some of them are positive others emotions are negative.

HO     Look, read, compare and make up your own sentences with these words.

happy              worried               Jack’s kids are always smiling and happy.

pleased            angry                  I’m pleased you rote that letter.

delighted        upset                    Mr Gardener  is delighted  with his birthday present.

grateful          jealous                 Jane grateful to Tarzan for saving her.

peaceful         sad                        Mr Fox was angry when his car did not start.

excited           frightened             Sally is jealous of Debbie’s good looks.

                                                Those parrots look frightened.


surprised                                      Mrs Baxter is surprised she won the first prize.

curious                                        I’m always surprised when my bank account is empty.  

5. T. How do you think what else influences on our health? What’s the best way to be healthy? Let’s grow the HEALTH TREE.


T. In different times health has been the first wealth. And there are many proverbs about it. What proverbs do you know? Read the follow proverbs and explain their meaning.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Good health is above wealth.

After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Many doctors have killed the king.

A merry heart is a good medicine.

A sound mind is in a sound body.


to be under the weather – бути хворим

Bill came to school but he looked a bit under the weather

to be as right as rain -  бути абсолютно здоровим

Last week she had a cold but now she is as right as rain.

T. Make up your own sentences with these word-combinations


T. Let’s sum our lesson. Can people be happy without health? Can we buy health with money? Can a person be healthy with negative emotions? What is the best wealth in our life?


Make up a report “The first wealth is health”





T. Early to bed, early to rise,

Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

This is an old English saying. Have you heard it before? What does it mean?

It means that we must go to bed early and get up early in the morning. It’s so beautiful to get up with the sun and listen to the bird’s songs from the opened window. It gives us good emotions and a good humor. If we keep this rule we shall be healthy. We’ll also be rich  (wealthy) and clever (wise). Do you agree with me?

Well, now answer my questions, using the modal verbs

  1.  Do you have to go to bed late?
  2.  When do you have to get up?
  3.  Does your mother have to wake you up?
  4.  When did you have to get up today?
  5.  Did you have breakfast today or did you have to go to school without it?
  6.  Why do you sometimes have to go to school without it?
  7.  Did you go to the disco last week-end or did you have to stay at home?
  8.  Why did you have to stay at home?


T. Early to bed, early to rise,

Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Perhaps this is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of your age should have a nine hours sleep. They will not be wise and they may not become wealthy!

The human body also needs exercise. Do you do your morning exercises? Do you go in for sports? What exercises do help us be healthy? Walking, running, jumping, swimming, playing games are all exercises. Exercise keeps the body strong.  How often do you do exercises?

Exercise also helps the blood to move around inside in body. This is very important. Our blood takes food to all parts of our body.  The brain in our head also needs blood. We think with our brain. Exercise helps us to think better. Our bodies also need air to breathe. We must have plenty of clean air to stay healthy.

T. But there is something that our bodies must not have. What do you think about it? We do not want illness or diseases. When we are ill, we have to stay in bed. We feel unwell. We have a headache or different kinds of pain, and perhaps a temperature. We cannot work and we cannot play. We feel unhappy.

One cause of illness and diseases is dirt. Dirt if full of germs but they are too small to be seen without a microscope.

They are very, very small but they are alive. They can get inside our bodies and make us ill.

They can get in through our noses or mouths. They can get into our bodies through our skin. We must keep our body clean. How can we do it? Yes, we must wash our hands before meals. We must keep our finger-nails clean.

Well, and what do you think about our mouths? Yes, we must also keep our teeth clean. Germs can make teeth bad. Then they become black or hurt. Toothache is very painful. How often do you clean your teeth? We must do it every morning and every night.

We must also keep our homes and our streets clean. Drains carry away dirty water. We must not throw rubbish in the drains.


HO1    Translate into Ukrainian

  1.  You must work hard at your English. 2. You must learn the words. 3. Must we learn the poem today? 4. It must be very difficult to learn Chinese. 5. You must not talk at the lessons. 6. Everybody must come to school in time. 7. Don’t ring him up: he must be very busy. 8. You must not make notes in the book. 9. I must help my mother today. 10. Don’t worry! This is not important. – Not important! You must be joking! 11. He never comes to work late! He must have overslept today. 12. You must not argue with the teacher. 13. She must stop eating much and she must lose weight. 14. You must stop smoking! If you don’t, you’re going to have serious problems with your lungs some day.

HO2   Fill in: can, could, be able to, must, have to, needn’t, shall in  righting form and translate the sentences into Ukrainian

1. I … not go to the theatre with them last night, I … revise the grammar rules and the words for the test. 2. My friend lives a long way from his school and … get up early. 3. All of us … be in time for classes. 4. When my friend has his English, he … stay at school after classes. He (not) … stay at school on Tuesday and Friday and … get home early. 5. … you … work hard to do well in your English? 6.  “…we discuss this question now?” “No, we …. We … do it tomorrow afternoon”. 7. I’m glad you … come. 8. “… you … come and have dinner with us tomorrow?”   “I’d love to”. 9. “Please send them this article.” “Oh, … I do it now?”   


T. Think a little and make up the Rules of Healthy Life. You have 5 min.

Your health is important. If you want to restore it, or keep it, you must lay a proper foundation. You need to establish good health habits now if you want to enjoy living a healthy life for years to come. These rules will help you do just that.


Ten Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle

1.  Be Clean. Practice good personal hygiene and wear clean clothing and uniforms.

2. Eat Healthy. Eat Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and limit red meat and fatty foods.

3. Drink Water. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Limit soda and caffeine drinks.

4. Rest. Get plenty of rest and sleep. Children need about eight or ten hours of sleep each night. Adults need about eight hours of sleep each night.

5. Exercise. Establish a regular cardiovascular exercise program at least three times per week (i.e. walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, etc.) Tae Kwon Do is an excellent activity for cardiovascular and muscular training.

6. Avoid alcohol and tobacco use. Excessive use of alcohol is harmful to the body. Avoid use of tobacco.

7. Make time for yourself. Try to set aside at least 30 minutes daily for personal time. Treat yourself to a relaxing hot bath. Walk in the fresh air, sit quietly and read, or listen to soft music. This helps relieve stress after a long day.

8. Get regular check ups at the doctor and dentist.

9. Practice safety in all that you do. Drive defensively, wear seatbelts and safety equipment for work or play. Pay attention.

10. Your body has healing power. Follow the ten rules for a healthy lifestyle and keep positive thoughts.

T. Do you agree with these rules? Well, And now tell me, please:

What exercise do you do?

How often do you do exercises?

How long do you sleep at night?

Are you happy with your school life?

What food do you eat?

Are you a healthy-eating, clean-living, sporty type?


T. There are many ways to be healthy. One of them is eating healthy food. Here’s some information about food that is good for your health.

Eating healthy food and exercising regularly improves your health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce your chance of getting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Low-fat meats, beans, and nuts are also part of a good nutrition plan.

What are the benefits of eating healthy foods?

People who eat healthy foods feel and look better.

They have fewer medical problems and miss less days from work or school.

People who eat healthy foods also feel more energetic and live longer than people who don't.

   Is it important to take vitamins?

You can get all the vitamins you need from the foods you eat, but taking a multi-vitamin once a day is a good idea.

Multi-vitamins can be taken once a day after eating.

If you take a multi-vitamin, be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle.

  What kind of bread is healthy?

Whole wheat bread is good to eat.

We should have at least three ounces of whole grains per day.

Whole grains can be breads, cereal, crackers, pasta, or brown rice.

 How many servings of vegetables should we eat?

We should eat 3-4 servings of vegetables a day.

It is important to eat green and orange vegetables like spinach and carrots every day.

Fresh vegetables are best, but frozen vegetables are healthy, too.

How many servings of fruits should we eat?

We should eat 3-4 servings fruits a day.

Fresh fruits like apples and oranges are best.

Avoid eating canned fruits because they contain too much sugar.

 What kinds of meats are best?

Low-fat meats like turkey and chicken are good to eat.

Meats that are low in fat are called lean.

Meat that is baked has less fat than meat that is fried.

Are sweets good for your health?

No, sweets are bad for your health.

Avoid eating too many sweets.

Buy a juicer and make fresh juice instead.

  Is exercising an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

Yes, exercising at least 20 minutes a day is very important.

Exercising burns calories, keeps bones strong, improves balance, and reduces stress.

Riding bikes is a fun and easy way to exercise.

T. Finally, there are three main messages to follow for healthy eating:

First, we should eat less fat.

Secondly, we are to cut down on sugar and salt.

Thirdly, we must eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

4. LISTEN AND ACT THE DIALOGUE ( English – это просто, № 42)

Journalist Debbie interviews Doctor Pierce

Debbie: I wonder, Dr Pierce, if you can tell me any of the reasons why teenagers have weight problems.

Dr Pierce: First of all, Debbie, can I say it’s obviously not all teenagers who have trouble with their weight, in spite of what we read in the daily newspapers.

Debbie: No, of course not. But reports show that more and more young people are either overweight or underweight.

Dr Pierce: Yes, that’s true. I believe it is because of three things: the parents, schools and advertising.

Debbie: That’s interesting. Can you go through them one at a time, please?

Dr Pierce: The parents should always give their children a balanced diet, not just fast food all the time.

Debbie: These days it’s difficult for parents to cook because often they are both working.

Dr Pierce: Secondly, the schools have an important part to play.

Debbie: I suppose you’re talking about the meals they serve to children at lunch time.

Dr Pierce: Not only that, but also schools have to give education about how to eat well.

Debbie: Yes, this is something that’s often overlooked at schools.

Dr Pierce: Lastly, advertising plays an important role in the weight of young people.

Debbie: Umm… I’m not sure I quite understand.

Dr Pierce: It is always showing people who are happy, good-looking and thin. Naturally, young people want to look like that too and so they starve themselves.

Debbie: But aren’t you overlooking the fact that there are plenty of young people these days who are overweight?

Dr Pierce: I’m sorry to say this but the most exercise a lot of people have is opening the fridge door.

Debbie: How should people change, then, to make themselves healthier?

Dr Pierce: They must have a healthy lifestyle. They have to make a daily exercise plan and change to a better diet.

Debbie: And perhaps turn off the TV when the adverts come on.

Dr Pierce: I think that’s an important part of the exercise plan, yes.

T. Well, children, do you agree with Dr Pierce?


T. Your health is important. If you want to restore it, or keep it, you must lay a proper foundation. You need to establish good health habits now if you want to enjoy living a healthy life for years to come

1: Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Most of us busy people forget to have the first meal of the day i.e. BREAKFAST as it is self explanatory, as a word it means to break the fast you have been overnight on. Contrary to the thought that skipping a meal will help you loose weight, instead it sends signals to the body to use less calories. So the aim of burning more calories to loose weight is not achieved.

2: Drink plenty of water

Water is truly essential for living. One should drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday to flush out the toxins produced in the body.

3: Eat healthy

Good nutrition is one which enables us to grow well and enjoy good health. We should follow a basic rule while planning our meals. Carbohydrates should form 65-80% of the diet, fats should be 10-30% and proteins should be 7-15%. Vitamins and minerals included. Each component has a specific role in the body.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

4: Incorporate milk, its product and other sources of calcium

Calcium is required for healthy bones, teeth and other functions in the body. So it all the more important if you are a female to make reserves of calcium in your body properly. Studies have proved that incorporating milk products help you loose weight

5: Keep sugar and caffeine to a minimum

A cup of tea is 70 Cal and of coffee is 110 Cal. So every time you help yourself with a cup remember you are adding these calories to your daily intake.

Be healthy!


T. Make up the postcards with the rules of healthy life for your friends.




  2.  Presentation postcards with rules of healthy life
  3.  Listening

                                     ENGLISH MEALS

 English people eat four times a day. They have breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is at about 8 o’clock in the morning. It consists of porridge with milk, eggs – boiled or fried, bread and butter with marmalade or jam. Some people like drinking tea or coffee and instead of porridge they can have fruit juice and biscuits.

The usual time for lunch is 1 p.m. This meal starts with soup or fruit juice. Then follows some meat or poultry with potatoes, carrots and beans. Then English people eat pudding or cheese. Last of all coffee – black or white. There is water, juice or lemonade at the table during lunch.

Tea is the third meal of the day. It’s between 4 or 5 p.m., the so called 5 o’clock tea. On the table there is tea, milk or cream, bread and butter, cakes and jam. Friends and visitors are often present at tea.

Dinner is the fourth meal of the day. The usual time is about 7 o’clock, and all family get together. Dinner consists of soup, fish or meat with vegetables – potatoes, green beans, carrot and cabbage, sweet pudding, fruit salad, ice-cream or cheese and biscuits.


  1.  Remember the time when Englishmen have their meals.
  2.  What is the national food for breakfast?
  3.  What do Englishmen usually drink during the day?
  4.  What do Englishmen usually have for lunch / dinner?
  5.  What can you say about English meals? Is it good for health?

  1.  New word-combinations.

not for all the tea in China – ні за що у світі

I wouldn’t marry you for all the tea in China!

to be full of the milk of human kindness – бути сповненим співчуттям і добротою

You are full of the milk of human kindness.

to be on bread and water – скромно харчуватися

I had to leave on bread and water when I was a student.

a piece of cake – простіше простого

His exam was a piece of cake.


1. Reading (Group-work (*Read and translate – для учнів з нижчим рівнем навч. досягнень))

T.  We spoke rather much about healthy way of life. But there is much more we haven’t spoken about.  Make up three groups. Use the dictionary.

Everyone grows up having accumulated some harmful habits. Alcohol is the number one drug abuse problem today.  Tell us about that.


Thousands of years ago people began to make alcoholic beverages for practical reasons. During the Renaissance period, alcoholic drinks became a part of European society. It became mass-produced. Alcohol is a drug, a chemical that changes the way the body works because of the chemical reactions in the brain, and it affects the way people think, feel, speak and move. Alcohol is a depressant drug and not a stimulant as many people think. It slows down the activity in the central nervous system including the brain. Alcohol can have both short-term and long-term effects on the body. Drinking alcohol leads to a loss of coordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses, and even blackouts. Alcohol can damage every organ in your body Alcohol depresses your central nervous system, lowers your inhibitions, and impairs your judgment. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can lead to coma or even death. Also alcohol can hurt you -even if you’re not the one drinking. At the very least, you may have to deal with people who are sick, out of control, or unable to take care of themselves.

  1.  Other one of the most serious health problems facing our nation is cigarette smoking.  What can you say about this problem?


This problem is very actual nowadays. Each year, tens of thousands die, and countless more suffer from chronic diseases, as a consequence of prolonged smoked. Most smokers develop the habit during their teen years. I believe the most important thing an individual can do for his or her health is to not smoke. Smoking has been identified as the most important preventable cause of disease. There are over 350,000 deaths each year that are directly related to smoking. Smoking mainly causes death through heart attacks, cancer, and lung disease. Five minutes of life are lost for each cigarette smoked. Smoking is not only harmful for the user, but it also affects the harmless people around the user that inhale the filthy smoke. This is called second-hand smoke. All parts of the body are affected when you smoke. Smoking dyes the smoker’s teeth and fingernails yellow. It gives smokers bad breath, and it causes mouth cancers and gum disease.

T. In conclusion I can say that if you are thinking about smoking, think twice because smoking is bad for you. How do you think? Is it easy or difficult for heavy smokers to give up (кинути) smoking?

  1.  Other habit, which is one of the most harmful, is drug abusing. Tell about that.


Among other drugs abused widely are marijuana, inhalants, downers and uppers. All forms of marijuana have negative physical and mental effects. It is smoked or eaten. It usually is smoked as a cigarette (joint, nail), or in a pipe (bong). The short-term effects of marijuana use can include problems with memory and learning; distorted perception; difficulty in thinking and problem solving; loss of coordination; and increased heart rate. Downers are drugs used to relax or sedate the central nervous system. They can paralyze the portion of the brain that controls breathing, and thus cause death. Uppers stimulate the central nervous system and produce excitability, rapid and unclear speech, sweating, increased pulse and blood pressure, insomnia and death.

  1.  T.  Now let’s read some facts about teenagers and drugs.


Last year, a European survey showed that the number of teenagers who had tried drugs was 6 per cent in Greece, 15 per cent in France and 30 per cent in Britain.

Statistics shows that drugs used by British teenagers have doubled since 1989. 70 per cent said they had been offered in the past 3 month. The government is most worried about stimulant     drugs such as Speed and Ecstasy (or “E” as it is commonly known) and hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. Young people believe these drugs are exciting and fashionable.

Many countries hold a new anti-drugs campaign. The survey showed that teenagers know that drugs were bad for them. It also showed that 61 per cent of teenage drug-users would stop using drugs if they understood it did harm for their health.

This new campaign informs young people of the health risks connected with particular drugs showing photos and biological diagrams of drug-users.

31 per cent of teenagers could not name a health risk caused by Ecstasy. Among young people taking drugs the number of males is higher than the number of females. The greatest increase in drug use in the past eight years is by 15-16 year olds.



  •  Answer the questions.
  1.  What is the great problem which the mankind has been faced for the last period of time?
  2.  What is the British government worried about?
  3.  What are the aims of an anti-drugs campaign?
  4.  Who uses drugs more: men or women?

  •  Mark these sentences True or False
  1.  Smoking is not a problem for people.
  2.  Animals can be killed by nicotine.
  3.  It is very easy to stop smoking for all smokers.
  4.  The biggest number of teenagers who have tried drugs is in France.
  5.  The most popular drugs with teenagers are Speed, Ecstasy and LSD.
  6.  All people know that drugs are very bad for their health.
  7.  Young females use drugs more than young males.
  8.  Teenagers at the age of 15-16 use drugs much more than others.

  1.  T. Imagine that your friend has one of harmful habits. Tell him or her about its influence on the health.
  2.  Grammar Work
  •  Translate into Ukrainian.

1. Hob cannot swim, but Jane can swim very well. 2. We must learn the poem by heart. 3. I can’t sleep, because I am cold. 4. Mike can sleep all day. He needn’t go to school. 5. You should help your mother. She is so busy. 6. He may know her address. 7. You are not well. You must consult a doctor. 8. Can Den speak German? -  I am afraid, he can’t., but he can speak English very well. 9. You ought to be more careful. 10. May I come in? – Of course, you may. But you mustn’t be late. 11. Need I go there at once? – Yes, you must. 12. I must apologize to you. – You needn’t apologize, it’s my fault. 13. May I give you a word of advice?  - No, you needn’t. 14. It must be 6 o’clock now. 15. You shouldn’t smoke in the room. 16. May I have another cup of tea?  17. We must walk quicker you get to the station in time. 18. You needn’t come so early. 19. This work must be done at once.

  •  Fill in each blank with one of the given verbs – must, can, may:

1. Tell your daughter that if she doesn’t want to fall ill she … not drink cold water. 2. … you help me? – I am afraid not. 3. You … take this book, I don’t need it now. 4. I am free and I … read you aloud a little. 5. My cousin … not translate this article. It is very difficult. 6. Hurry up! It is late! We … come in time. 7. I … see her in the evening. 8. My grandfather … not finish this work today. He is tired. 9. My brother … know her address. 10. Let us ask mother. She … know this word.

  1.  Dialogue

Read and translate the dialogue. Pay attention to the underlined word-combinations.

John: What time should we leave?

George: We should leave now if we want to be there before the kick-off.

John: Are we taking a taxi?

George: We ought not to. We can’t afford it. But we must if we don’t want to be late.

John: Is Mary come in?

George: No, she isn’t.

John: Have you asked her?

George: No, I haven’t.

John: You ought to, you know.

George: Why should I? We’re under no obligation to take her with us wherever we go. And in any case she doesn’t like football.

John: I know she doesn’t. We ought to consider her a bit more than we do. We should take her out more frequently.

George: Why should we?

John: Because she has us to dinner at least five times a week. We shouldn’t accept so much hospitality without trying to repay it.

George: You are right, we shouldn’t. Have you finished your work?

John: No, I haven’t. I ought to have typed three more letters. I ought to have read the minutes of yesterday’s meeting. Have you finished yours?

George: No, I haven’t. I should have wired our agent in Paris. I should have sent off the box of spare parts. And I oughtn’t to be going to this football game.

John: Why not?

George: I should be studying for my exam next week.

John: So should I. We ought to put work before pleasure.

George: It’s not a case of “ought”. We must if we want to gat through.

  1.  Relax

Answer the questions, find the total and see if you are stressed by looking in the key.

  1.  Do you sleep eight hours a night?

always – 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

  1.  How often do you have breakfast?

       always – 3  sometimes – 2    never – 1

  1.  Do you drink a lot of coffee?

always –3    sometimes – 2    never - 1

  1.  Do you smoke cigarettes?

often – 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

  1.  How often do you work 10 hours a day?

often– 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

  1.  Do you do your morning exercises?

always – 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

  1.  Do you go for a walk in fresh air?

always – 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

 Key: scores 18-21: You will live to 100 years old!

         scores 13-17: You have quite a healthy lifestyle.

         scores  7-12: Slow down and take it easy!

III. Summing up

T. So if you use alcohol, smoke or abuse drugs you must remember what consequences could be when you start and how it ends. Everything depends on you, and the decision about choosing the best way of life also is made by you. May be there are other really important things in our life? What are they? (Health, love, friendship, sport, hobbies etc.)

IV. Home-task

  1.  Make up sentences or story using new word-combinations.
  2.  Make up a placard with anti-harmful habits information.
  3.  Tell about smoking and its influence on our health.





Show and present a placard with anti-harmful habits information.

Tell about smoking and its influence on our health.

Read sentences or story using new word-combinations.


T. How to live a healthy life?

Do we have a healthy beautiful smile for life?

What is the suitable healthy life style for us?

How to eat healthy for life?

What is the tip for the healthy life?

Do we living healthy life?

Do we have healthy habit life?

How do we start healthy life?

T. These are questions that we should ask ourselves everyday. How to live a healthy life? First, you must have a healthy life style. Secondly, you must eat healthy for life, taking healthy food, take healthy life meds, read healthy life magazine. These are ways of how to lead a healthy life.

If you want/ wish to live a healthy life, exercise or sports are the most suitable action you should take. With healthy recreation and sports, you not only living healthy life but also have a healthy life way.  The topic of our lesson is SPORT AND HEALTHY LIFESTILE.

  1.  Main Part

T. Let’s remember the rules for a healthy lifestyle. One of them is EXERCISE

We all know to exercise our bodies to keep fit, but how often do you think about exercising your brain to own a healthy life? And what type of exercise does it need to keep a healthy life anyway? What are the facts? Keeping mentally active will keep your brain in good shape. Getting elder does not mean that you have to be forgetful! Try to get elder with a healthy life!

  1.  Listening ( “English – это просто, №23)

Dialogue 1

Amanda: Tell us about yourself, Rob. What do you usually do?

Robert: Well… I get up and I have a shower. I never have breakfast.

Amanda: What time do you start work?

Robert: I start work at ten o’clock. At half past ten I have a cigarette and a cup of coffee.

Amanda: What time do you have lunch?

Robert: I have lunch at two thirty.

Amanda: What do you usually have for lunch?

Robert: I often have chicken and vegetables.

Amanda: What time do you finish work?

Robert: I finish work about eight o’clock. I get home late.

Amanda: What do you usually do after work?

Robert: I have supper. After that I watch TV.


T. Is Robert’s lifestyle healthy? Why do you think so? What can you advice him?


Max: Welcome to our programme Lifestyle. Today’s guest is the actress Ann Jones. Hello, Ann!

Ann: Hello!

Max: Tell me, please, Ann… How do the stars stay young?

Ann: Oh, that’s no secret. I can tell you my ten rules.

Max: Ten rules? That’s interesting. I’m listening carefully…

Ann: I always get up and go to bed early. I usually have three meals a day. I often eat fresh fruit. I drink ten glasses of water a day. I do aerobics and I swim every day. I don’t eat red meat. I sometimes eat chicken and fish. I never smoke. I don’t drink alcohol. I hardly ever use sugar and salt.

Max: Wow! I’m impressed!

Ann: And how about you, max? Do you often do exercise or sport?

Max: Well…


T. Remember Ann’s rules, please. Is her lifestyle healthy? Tell about her lifestyle.

  1.  Reading

  HO1  1- Read and translate; 2 -  Tell about spots and health

Sport is probably as old as the humanity itself. It has been developing with the developing and growth of the mankind. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games. Sport not only helps people to become strong and to develop physically but also makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activities. It makes for a healthy mind in a healthy body.  Sports help people to keep in good health.

We all need to exercise. Even if you don’t plan to make a career in sport you still have to practice. Regular exercises give you more energy. That is why many people who suffer from general tiredness should take more exercise than more rest. Exercise makes you feel and look better. The best exercise is one which involves in repeated movements, those are: walking, jogging or swimming. Bending and stretching will add flexibility and feeling of lightness.

A person can choose sports and games for any season, for any taste.


Answer the questions

  1.  Why is sport so important in our life?
  2.  Do all the people need exercise?
  3.  What should people who suffer from general tiredness do?
  4.  How does exercise change you?
  5.  What kind of exercise is the best?
  6.  What sports are popular in our country?

P1. Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among young and old people. Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning; train themselves in clubs and different sections. Other people like sport too; they only watch sports game on TV and listen to the sports news. They prefer reading interesting stores about sports men but they do not go in for sports.

P2. Physical training is an important subject in school. Pupils have physical training twice a week. Boys and girls play volleyball and basketball at the lessons. There is a sport ground near our school and school children go in for sports in the open air. A lot of different competitions are held at school. A great number of pupils take part in them. All participants try to get good results and become winner.

P3. Sport helps people to keep in good health. If you go in for sports you don’t catch cold. Children and grown-ups must take care of their health and do morning exercises regularly. There are some popular kinds of sport in our country: football, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, skiing and other. Athletic is one of the most popular kinds of sport. It includes running, jamming and others.

P4. Today everybody wants to be fit, feel good, look slim and stay young. Everyone who wants can participate in sports activities in our country. Many fitness clubs and public leisure centres have been built during the past years. These modern centres with their swimming pools, squash courts, gym and indoor courts for tennis are competing with cinemas and theatres as places for people to go to spend their leisure time. There one can find a leisure pool with a wave machine, water slides and tropical plants Families can spend their holidays at huge indoor water parks. In such pools people in the main splash and not swim.

3 Group work (3-4 Ps)

HO2    Read and make up a dialogue according to the text. Add your questions about doing sports to each other

The fitness boom of the past decades led to a big rise in the numbers of people participating in sports and activities. Those who pursue the latest fitness fashion are convinced that staying in good physical form requires much more than regular exercise and balanced meals. For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives. A lot of health and fitness club, and public leisure centers indicate the popularity of sports during the past thirty years. There are many opportunities for keeping fit. First of all it's necessary to do exercises. Running, jumping, swimming, bending and stretching are among the most popular exercises. Many people prefer jogging, which is the cheapest and the most accessible sport. Popular running competitions are now held everywhere. The big city marathons have become sporting events. A healthy body becomes a fashion, an ideal of the modern life. Many sports activities have become part of daily life. Football has always been the most popular sport among boys. Playing football is healthy, football also bring people close because in order to win people have to work as a team. The best way to avoid depression caused by the city life is doing exercises. Taking exercise is only one part of keeping fit. It's important to get slim. Some people eat nothing but fruit for several days. But it won't be of any use without proper exercises. Besides to avoid serious disease one should give up smoking. Smoking should be banned in all public places.

4. Relax

High Temperature.

The champion was told that he had a temperature.

“How high is it, Doctor?” he wanted to know.

“A hundred and one (за Фаренгейтом)”, said the doctor.

“And what’s the world record?” asked the champion.


Victim of Football.

First WOMAN: My son is in bed, a victim of football.

Second WOMAN: But I didn’t even know he played the game.

First WOMAN: He doesn’t. But he is a football fan, he sprained his larynx at the match last Saturday.

        sprained his larynx- зірвав свій голос

5. Speaking

T. Do your go in for sport? Tell about your favorite kind of sport.

6. Grammar

Modal Verbs with Perfect Infinitive

  1.  Introduction the table with rules.
  2.  Exercises
  3.  Translate into Ukrainian

1. You might at least give an explanation. 2. You are not to give any explanations. 3. You should give any explanations. 4. You might have given an explanation. 5. He must have given an explanation. 6. Can he have given an explanation? 7. You can’t give any explanations now. 8. You should have given an explanation. 9. You needn’t give any explanation. 10. I was to give an explanation. 11. I had to give an explanation. 12. Could you give an explanation? 13. I could have given them explanation then and there. 14. He must be giving them an explanation. 15. You needn’t have given any explanation. 16. I did not have to give any explanation. 17. Will you give me an explanation? 18. Shall I give you an explanation? 19. Must I give you an explanation? 20. He can’t have given them any explanation. 21. You’ll have to give them an explanation. 22. He may have given them an explanation. 23. You will give an explanation at once. 24. Why should he give an explanation? 25. He won’t give an explanation.

b) Translate into Ukrainian

1. He must have been impressed by his inner feelings. 2. The manager can not have told you much about me. He knows me very little.3. Mr. Brown may have been bored by the concert. But he may have done out also because he had remembered something important. 4. He might have become a really outstanding pianist, if he wanted to. 5. He ought to have remembered what the doctor had told him. 6. Half an hour must have passed since we begin this work. 7. They could have asked for more information about them when they spoke with the director of the plant. 8. I decided to walk to the station – it couldn’t have been more than a mile away. 9. He could have informed us about his illness earlier. 10. The young artist may have died of poverty and starvation. 11. This film might have received the first prize, if it had been shown at the festival. 12. They could have visited many interesting places in the city if they had stayed there longer. 13. He ought not to have left the room with the document lying on the table.


T. A human being is a part of nature and society. Our health depends on the world around us and social surrounding. Health is the basis of human’s happiness. We know that sport is useful for our health. And first of all, physical exercises are necessary to keep fit, be healthy and strong.


Tell about your favorite sportsman and his lifestyle.

Граматичні вправи подані різнорівневі, з розрахунку на диференційований підхід


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

33319. Взыскание налогов и сборов налоговыми органами и порядок применения принудительных мер 130 KB
  Взыскание налогов и сборов налоговыми органами и порядок применения принудительных мер. Два вида взыскания налогов и сборов: 1. Взыскание налога за счет денежных средств на счетах налогоплательщика ст. Взыскание налога за счет имущества налогоплательщика ст.
33320. Налог на игорный бизнес 221.5 KB
  Налог на игорный бизнес. Налог на игорный бизнес взимается на основании Закона РФ от 31. №142ФЗ О налоге на игорный бизнес. Порядок исчисления и уплаты налога регламентируется инструкцией ГНС от 28.
33321. Безпека життєдіяльності 702 KB
  Ризик як оцінка небезпеки. Здоров’я людини як основна передумова її безпеки. Розрахунок фільтровентиляційного обладнання сховища. Розрахунок протирадіаційного захисту сховищ. Розрахунок та визначення основних параметрів при землетрусі. Розрахунок та визначення оцінки пожежної обстановки при горінні твердих горючих матеріалів та рідких горючих речовин.
33322. Общая характеристика федеральных налогов 282.5 KB
  Общая харка федеральных налогов. Федеральные налоги это налоги устанавмые федер. налоги и сборы: налог на прибыль или доход оргций ставка для всех 24.; налог на доходы от капитала налог по операциям с цен.
33323. Возникновение, необходимость, источник налогов 535.5 KB
  Первое упоминание о налогах относится к IV в. В условиях рыночных отношений налогам присущи две функции: фискальная и регулирующая каждая из которых отражает отдельную сторону внутреннего содержания этой категории. Фискальная функция возникшая с налогами обуславливает действие и развитие регулирующей. Методы налогового регулирования налоговая практика зарубежных стран: закрепление различных видов налогов за определенными бюджетами разного уровня; установление твердой доли конкретного налога отчисляемого в нижестоящий бюджет;...
33324. Налоги ответы к экзамену 123 KB
  Историю налогообложения условно принято делить на 4 этапа: Древний мир 4 тысячелетие до н. в этот период налоги носили бессистемный характер и взымались по мере необходимости как правило в натуральной форме; Средние века с 5 в н э.по 18 в к концу этапа стали формироваться основные принципы налогообложения к концу 18 в налоги становятся важнейшим источником государственной казны...
33325. Состав и структура сетей электросвязи и назначение её элементов 27.15 KB
  Основными компонентами сети электросвязи являются: сетевые узлы и сетевые станции в которых устанавливается каналообразующая аппаратура и осуществляется переключение каналов или групп каналов и сетевых трактов; линии передачи соединяющие между собой сетевые станции или сетевые узлы и оконечные устройства; узлы центры коммутации УК распределяющие сообщения в соответствии с адресом; УК могут быть транзитными оконечными если к ним подключаются ОП и смешанного типа; оконечные пункты ОП обеспечивающие ввод вывод сообщений абонента....
33326. Типы структур сетей электросвязи, их преимущества и недостатки 26.36 KB
  Структура сетей электросвязи Понятие структуры сети раскрывает схему связей и взаимодействия ее элементов. При рассмотрении структуры сети выделяют следующие аспекты её описания: физический определяющий состав и связи элементов и логический отображающий взаимодействие элементов в процессе функционирования сети. Физическая структура сети это схема связей физических элементов сети: узлов коммутации УК оконечных пунктов ОП станций и линий передачи в их взаимном расположении с характеристиками передачи и распределения сообщений....
33327. Первичная сеть электросвязи 104.88 KB
  8 поясняется технологический принцип организации первичной сети. Сетевые станции являются оконечными устройствами первичной сети и предназначены для подключения потребителей к этой сети. Организационный принцип построения первичной сети ВСС РФ показан на Рис.Структура первичной сети Рис.