Health is above wealth. Giving advice

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It is necessary to have not only a healthy body but also a healthy brain. You are school-leavers, so it is very important for you to be healthy to finish school and to enter higher educational establishments. Everybody should keep his/her brains in perfect condition, to be on top form for exams.



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Level B2 Upper Intermediate (New Opportunities)

Subject of the lesson: Health is above wealth. Giving advice. Objectives:

  •  to develop students' skills in speaking, listening and reading;
  •  to use listening strategies for completing gaps in the text;
  •  to train students in giving and asking for advice;
  •  to provide students with the opportunity of free-speaking using personal experience and knowledge!

Equipment: a tape-recorder, a computer, a screen, texts for reading and listening, a CD, a cassette.


The topic of the lesson is "Health is above wealth".

  1.  Warming up.
    1.  I'd like to get acquainted with you and to know if you have a healthy lifestyle.

As for me, I like different active games and I try to eat healthy food. What about you?

  1.  Look at the blackboard. Read and match the beginning and the ending of the proverbs about health. Do you agree with them? Say how you understand them.
    1.  Health is above a) until it is lost
      1.  Health is never valued b) than cure
        1.  Prevention is better c) wealth
        2.  It is better to be d) safe than sorry
      2.  Match the initiations to the responses.

1. Unfortunately, I’ve caught a cold.

2. Gee, there is a hole in my ear.

3. My throat is sore.

4. It’s a pity but I hardly whisper when I speak.

5.Don’t you think my eyes are blue.

6. Gee, I can’t hear.

a) You shouldn’t drink anything cold.

b) You should see a doctor at once.

c) Keep silent for a while.

d ) No wonder. You walked bareheaded.

e) It might be all because of flu.

f) No wonder, you can’t hear.

 II. Group work.

So, sometimes we have health problems. What should we do in such cases? What should you do if you have a headache, flu and a sore throat or a runny nose?

But there are some serious diseases. During previous lessons you got with them. Try to name these diseases looking at the definitions:

  •   A very serious disease that destroys your defense against infection


-  A serious infectious disease that attacks the lungs (tuberculosis);

-  A disease in which cells grow too fast, producing a growth that can cause a death (cancer);

  •  An illness that gives you a high temperature and small red spots on your skin (measles);
  •  A medical condition that makes you go to the toilet too often (diarrhea);
  •  An illness that causes a very bad cold and a very high temperature (influenza).

What should you do to prevent these diseases?

III. Listening .


It is necessary to have not only a healthy body but also a healthy brain. You are school-leavers, so it is very important for you to be healthy to finish school and to enter higher educational establishments. Everybody should keep his/her brains in perfect condition, to be on top form for exams.


Listen to a student phone-in programme about revising for exams. Who said these things (1-6): Dan, Charlie or Mohammed?

  1.  You need to get some exercises in the fresh air to keep your brain working well. (C).
    1.  Keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself. (M).
    2.  Get organized with a revision timetable. (D).
    3.  Prioritize - study the important things first. (D).
    4.  Leave some time to relax. (M).
    5.  Don't drink lots of coffee. (C).


Presenter: Hi, everybody. It's Talkback on your very own university radio. Today we're talking about exams. My university exams are coming up soon. So, anyway, I'd like tips from listeners - how can we

Caller 1: Hi, my name's Dan. I'm ... I'm in my last year of school.

Presenter: So, Dan, what tips have you got for me and our listeners?

Caller 1: Well, I think it's important to plan your revision. I find it really useful. I think you should make a list of all the things you've got to study. And then, you need to work out what the priorities are - you know, what are the most important things to do first. I always work out a timetable and then try to stick to it.

Presenter: Too right, Dan! So, that's our first advice. Get organized! OK now our second caller.

Caller 2: Hi, I'm Charlotte, but call me Charlie. I'm in my first year of university, doing French and German.

Presenter: OK, what do you think I should do, Charlie?

Caller2: Right. Well, if I were you, I'd make sure that I got some exercise. You know, you ought to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Your brain needs oxygen - take a walk or go for a jog. It really helps you. I mean, your brain only works well if you're feeling OK and unstressed, doesn't it? I think spending hours and hours in the library without a break can be counter-productive, you know. And one more thing, you shouldn't drink lots and lots of coffee because it can make you more nervous and stop you sleeping.

Presenter: Thanks, Charlie. A health body and a healthy brain, right? I'll get down to the gym after the program! And one more caller.

Caller 3: Hello. My name's Mohammed. I'm in my last year of university, studying medicine.

Presenter: Great, you've got lots of experience of exams and you're studying medicine too! What do you think people preparing for an exam should do? Could you give me some advice?

Caller 3: Uuh, first you've got to motivate yourself. You must give yourself rewards, you know what I mean? Like, say to yourself, 'If I do five hours revision today, I’ll allow myself to go out to the cinema tonight. “And you’ve got to give yourself a break, so your brain can absorb all the things you’ve been learning. You mustn’t just think about  the exam all the time.

There's no point in doing that. You've got to have time to relax, haven't you? I'd advise people to watch a good film, or listen to some music or something like that to get their minds off exams.

Presenter: Thanks, Mohammed. Get motivated by giving yourself rewards. I like that. And now...


Which piece of advice do you think is the most useful? Why?

 IV. Giving and asking for advice.

Listen again and complete the Function File with these words:

Must, mustn't, ought to, should, shouldn't, advise, need to, if I were you, have got to, Could, There's no point in, it's important to, What tips, can be counter-productive, What.


  1.   have you got for me and our listeners?
    1.  I think plan your revision.
    2.  I think you make a list of all the things you've got to study.
    3.  You work out what the priorities are.
      1.   do you think I should do?
      2.   I'd make sure that-l got some exercise.
        1.  You get out of the houses and get some fresh air.
        2.  I think spending hours and hours in the library without a break ------------.
        3.  You ------------ drink lots and lots coffee.
        4.  -------------you give me some advice?
        5.  You -----------give yourself  rewards.
        6.  And you -------------- give yourself a break.
        7.  You ------------- just think about the exam all the time.
        8.  -------------- doing that.
        9.  I’d ----------- people to watch a good film.



What tips

8. Can be counter-productive


It's important to

9. Shouldn't



10. could


Need to

1 1. must



12. Have got to


If 1 were you

13. Mustn't


Ought to

14. There's no point in

15. Advise

V. Group work.

a)Read the dialogues and match them with the descriptions. Then complete each dialogue with the words from each box.

  1.  A formal dialogue between a doctor and a patient;
  2.  An informal dialogue between two friends;
  3.  A television interview.


Ought, you'd', should, I were you.

A: I'm feeling really awful. I only slept four hours last night.

B: It's not surprising, when you're always stuck in front of that computer.

A: What do you mean?

B: Well, you go out a bit more. And if I wouldn't drink so

much coffee. Caffeine is bad for you, you know.

A: Yes, I know. But it keeps me awake when I'm playing games.

B: Mmmm, and you to do some exercise. feel much

better. Why don't you play football with us on Saturday?

A: I'd like to but.... OK, what time is it?


'd advise you, mustn't must,...'ve got need.

A: I'm afraid you to change your diet.

A: Well, you to eat more fruit and vegetables and you eat

so much fast food like pizzas and hamburgers.

B: But I don't like vegetables and I've hardly got any time to cook.

A: I'm afraid you make sure you eat properly. Your cholesterol

level is much too high. I go on one of the cookery courses

organized by the local authority. •


There's no point, it's important, advise, ...'d advise, be counterproductive, could, should, what tips.

A: So, for jogging have you got for our viewers?

B: Well, to start slowly. Trying to do too much all at once

can .

A: Do you think people join a club?

B: Not necessarily. You can go jogging on your own with

friends. In joining a club unless you feel you need to have the

discipline of a group.

A: And you give us some advice about trainers?

B: Well, there are lots on the market. My ____ is to look around and talk to friends and find out which ones they find most comfortable. And

I you not to worry too much about the label. A lot of the time

you are just paying for the name!

Read about the Elvis Presley's lifestyle and give advice.

A roleplay.

Imagine that you are his wife, his doctor, his producer.

 Elvis Presley.

For breakfast at 5 p.m., he had half a kilo of fried bacon and a quarter of a kilo of sausages (3000 calories). For lunch, at midnight, he had two "fool's gold" sandwiches - each made of a jar of peanut butter and a jar of strawberry jam, plus half a kilo of bacon (8400 calories). For dinner he had five double hamburgers and a lot more sandwiches (2000 calories). At the time of his death from a

VI. Home assignment.

Read the text "The traditional treatment of colds in England" and write some pieces of advice of the traditional treatment of colds in Ukraine.


It has always amused me to see how we, the English, get rid of coughs, colds and runny nose.

The moment an Englishman feels a little bit sick, he opens all the windows. I should say all except the one in his bedroom: that is always open. You see, we always sleep with our windows open.

Once the windows are open, the wind and the fog rush into the room and kill all the microbes with cold blood.

That method works well in most cases. When it fails, the Englishman takes other steps: he drinks tea and this is sure to help.

We also understand the importance of a healthy diet. Some time ago breakfast with us was a very large meal. It was not very healthy. Today it is a light meal of cereal, fruit, juice and a cup of coffee or tea. It does us a world of good!

VII. Summarizing.


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