Healthy lifestyle

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Педагогика и дидактика

P1 Drink clean fresh water. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Limit soda and caffeine drinks. It is important to eat green and orange vegetables and fruit every day. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit like bananas and oranges and tomatoes or carrots are the best. P2 Get plenty of rest and sleep. Children need about eight or ten hours of sleep each night. Make time for you self. Walk in the fresh air. Read and listen to soft music.



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3 чел.

Nataliia Ilchenko, school 11, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Topic: Healthy lifestyle

Objectives: - to give information about traditional food in Great Britain;

                              - to practice pair and group work;

                              - to develop pupils’ skills in reading, listening, speaking;

                              - to engraft healthy way of  life;

Level: Pre-Intermediate

Equipment: a multimedia projector, a computer, a screen, cards, a book.


  1.  Greeting.

Good afternoon children. I’m glad to see you today. How are you? Did you do morning exercises today? What did you have for breakfast? Is this food healthy?

(the pupils answers)

As you see we are going to speak today about “Healthy Lifestyle”.

We’ll learn some new words. Read and retell some stories. We’ll watch the film about food in Britain and do some exercises.

  1.  Warming – up activity.
  2.  Ann, come to the blackboard and write the words by the letters:   An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Read this sentence and translate. Do you agree with this proverb? What can you say about it?

P. We must eat fruit every day and be healthy.

  1.  Mind map

T. What does it mean to have a healthy life?

Tell the words or expressions.

  1.  T. Look at the mind map and say how often do you do these?

P1 – I do exercises every day.

P2 – As for me, I eat healthy food.

P3 – I usually drink clean water.

P4 – Sometimes I sleep 8 hours.

P5 – I walk a lot with my friend every day.

  1.  The main part of the lesson.


T. Last lesson we have read about Peter’s Lifestyle and you have prepared the questions. Open you books at page 64. We’ll check this exercise.

P1 Ask your questions to your friends.

(pupil asks questions)

  1.  What does Pete like eating?
  2.  What time did he go to bed last night?
  3.  How often does he go swimming?
  4.  When does he watch TV?
  5.  What kind of  life does he have?

T. As you see there are many ways to be healthy. You have prepared some information about things that are good for our health.

Let’s listen.

P1 Drink clean fresh water. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Limit soda and caffeine drinks. It is important to eat green and orange vegetables and fruit every day. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit like bananas and oranges and tomatoes or carrots are the best.

P2  Get plenty of rest and sleep. Children need about eight or ten hours of sleep each night. Make time for you self. Walk in the fresh air. Read and listen to soft music.

P3   Sport helps people to keep in good health. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, are the best kinds of sport. We must do morning exercises regular. Don’t  drink alcohol and don’t smoke. It is harmful to the body.

P4   Eating healthy food and exercising regular improves your health. People who eat healthy food feel and look better. They have fewer medical problems and miss less days from work or school.

P5   Low – fat meat like turkey and chicken, different kinds of fish or seafood are very useful.

Group work

T. Let’s divided into 4 groups. I give you some cards. These children don’t have a healthy life. Read, think, and write the advices how to make their life more healthy.

a) Robert doesn’t have a healthy life. He doesn’t like sport. He goes to bed very late. In his free time he watches a lot of TV.

( The advices:   You must do exercises and go in for sport. Go to bed not very late. In you free time it is better to go out with friends. Listen to music or read books).

b) Mark has quite a healthy life. He likes eating healthy food. He eats some fruit of green vegetables every day. But he usually gets 5 hours sleep at night. He doesn’t like sport – he is not very good at it. But he walks to school every day.

( The advices: Mark must sleep 8-9 hours at night. He must going in for sports because sport helps people to keep in good health).

c) Ann has quite a healthy life. She eats quite a lot of fruit – but she doesn’t like vegetables. She has chocolate and sweets three or four times a day.

(The advices: Vegetables are very important. But chocolate and sweets you must eat two or three times a week).

d) Paula doesn’t have a healthy life. She loves junk food – crisps, burgers and chips, hot  dogs and biscuits – but she knows it isn’t good for her.

( The advices: Junk food is an unhealthy food. It is important to eat green and orange vegetables and fruit every day.)


T. Open you daybooks and write down your hometask.

- make up cards with the vules of  healthy life for your friends. This is an example of my card.


T. As you said one of the ways of  healthy life is eating healthy food. Do you know anything about food in Britain?          We’ll watch the film about it and will do some exercises.

Before watching.

T. Learn the new words:

Conenience food – напівфабрикати

Rost beef  - запечена яловичина

Cod – тріска

Vinegar – оцет

What do British people have for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner?

Watching a film.

After watching.

T. What do British people have for breakfast: ( milk and cereal toast with jam or marmalade, fruit juice, tea or coffee, bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, fried bread).

For lunch: ( a sandwich or a snack)

For dinner: (meat or fish, vegetables, pizza, pasta).

T. What do British teenagers like and dislike eating? Matches the pictures to the correct speech and read.

Pupils answer:

A – I really like ice cream.

      I like bacon but I don’t like onions.

B – I like chips and cheeseburgers.

      I hate sausages.

C – I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat any meat or fish.

D – I love chocolate. I don’t like pasta and vegetables.

E – I like salad because I’m a vegetarian.

F – I especially like pasta with loads of cheese on top.

T. What about you? What do you like eating? What do you dislike eating and why?

- I like eating……. Because…..

- I don’t like eating……


I suggest you to answer the questions. “ How fit are you?” and calculate your score.

1. How often do you eat fruit or green vegetables?

Always – 3     sometimes – 2   never – 1

2. Do you go for a walk in fresh air?

Always – 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

3. Do you do morning exercises?

Always – 3    sometimes – 2    never – 1

4. How often do you work 10 hours a day?

Always – 3    sometimes – 2     never – 1

5. Do you smoke cigarettes?

Always – 3    sometimes – 2     never – 1

6. How often do you have a breakfast?

Always – 3    sometimes – 2     never – 1

7. Do you sleep eight hours a night?

Always – 3    sometimes – 2     never – 1

Who has:

18-21 scores: You are very fit and healthy. You will live to 100 years old.

13-17 scores: You have quite a healthy lifestyle. You could still improve and be fitter.

7-12 scores: You aren’t very fit. You must think about a different lifestyle.

Summing up.

We have got acquainted with different ways of healthy lifestyle. I hope you will use it in your life.


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