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Let`s split into two groups, according to your birthdays (spring-summer, autumn-winter).The pupils whose birthdays are in spring-summer will show different hobbies to those who were born in autumn-winter. Be attentive! You are to give the names of different kinds of activities in turn. (Hobbies are written on the cards: reading, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, knitting, fishing, writing stories, taking photographs, playing the piano).



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Шосткинська загальноосвітня школа І – ІІІ ступенів №11

Шосткинської міської ради Сумської області

Урок на тему:



вчитель англійської мови

вищої категорії ШЗШ №11

Головньова Валентина  


2012-2013 н.р.


  •  to enrich pupils` knowledge about the activities in free time;
  •  to practice their skills in analytical reading and writing;
  •  to practice vocabulary on the topic;
  •  to practice the structures be fond of, be interested in, like doing something;
  •  to teach listening skills;
  •  to revise grammar tense forms;
  •  to develop pupils` creative thinking;
  •  to develop pupils` communication skills.


  •  a tape-recorder with a text and a song;
  •  handouts with tasks;
  •  pictures;
  •  stripes;
  •  a wheel with the structures;
  •  pins;
  •  laces;
  •  name badges.

Teaching techniques:

  •  warming-up;
  •  crossing group activity;
  •  role- play;
  •  evaluation;
  •  elicitation;
  •  loop-input;
  •  brainstorming;
  •  wordsearch.


I. Introduction.

1. Greeting.

  - Good morning, boys and girls! Glad to see you!

    How are you? (Fine, super, so-so, not bad, OK).

    I see you look great. Are you ready to start the lesson?

2. Warming-up.

- Are  there any butterflies now?

- Why? (it`s cold).

- What season is it now?

- What month is it now?

- What`s the weather like?

- What do children like doing in winter? (playing snowballs, making a snowman, sledging, skiing, skating, playing hockey).

II. Main part.

1. Practicing vocabulary.

-  It`s rather cold today. When the weather is cold and bad I prefer staying at home. And what about you? What can you do at home in your free time? (play computer games, watch TV, read books, knit, sew, paint, draw).

- You are right. But you are very active persons, I think. That`s why when the weather is fine you take a ball and play. What games can you play? (basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, ball).

-  In summer we always go to the seaside or to the river. What can we do there? (swim, bathe, go fishing, lie in the sun (sunbathe).

-  You are very sporty. What do you like to do? (ride a bike, rollerskate, ride a horse).

-  So, can you guess what we would be talking about in our today`s lesson? Look at the blackboard. Let`s open the word.

H - we wear it on our heads;

O -  it`s a colour and a fruit;

B - you carry school thing in it;

I - it`s me;

E - it`s a very big animal;

S - we can see it only in winter;

2. Presentation of the topic.

- We`ll speak about your free time and how to spend it, about activities you prefer.

3. Reciting a poem.

How do you spend your holidays, Mike?

I usually go on a hike.

And what about you, Tobby?

Go to mountains.It`s my hobby.

4. Vocabulary Revision.

- Pupils, I`ll show you the pictures and you`ll name the necessary kind of activity.

5. Memory Game.

- Look at the list of hobbies on p.104 (on the right). Read them.  Now look once again. Name the word coming up and making a circle. (playing sports, singing, dancing, cooking, travelling, fishing, gardening, writing stories, taking photographs, watching TV, listening to music, reading books, going to the theatres collecting stamps…).

6. Game “Mimes”.

- Let`s split into two groups, according to your birthdays (spring-summer, autumn-winter).The pupils whose birthdays are in spring-summer will show different hobbies to those who were born in autumn-winter. Be attentive! You are to give the names of different kinds of activities in turn. (Hobbies are written on the cards: reading, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, knitting, fishing, writing stories, taking photographs, playing the piano).

7. Writing.

- Let`s find out how clever and active are you. Complete the wheel. Make up sentences using the words denoting different activities and the structures to be fond of, to be interested in.

8. Listening.


  •  Well, tell me please, do you have family hobbies? What are they?

And now we are going to listen to the text about family hobbies. While listening you may pay attention to the hobbies of the members of the family and to the grammar tense forms.

Family`s Hobby. 

I enjoy reading books. I am lucky. We`ve got a big library at home. I like to read about sports and sportsmen. I am reading an interesting story about hockey now.

My father likes to read about football. He`s got a lot of books about that game.

My sister is fond of animals. She likes to read about them. She has got books with funny stories and fables about animals. I gave her a present yesterday, a very big interesting book about animals at the Zoo. There are a lot of funny stories in it.

My mother is interested in history. So she spends her free time with a book in history.

I can say that reading is my family`s hobby.

  •  Now, pupils, take clips you like. Split into three groups according to the clip colours.
  •  To begin with, name the members of the family. (father, mother, sister, brother).
  •  And now, the group of pink clips will represent the boy`s hobby;                                                   

                 the group of red clips will represent parents` hobby;

                 the group of yellow clips will speak about sister`s hobby using

be fond of

be interested in

like doing smth

enjoy doing smth


- Pupils, take the stripes with sentences on them. Your task is to make up a story you`ve heard in a logical order.

9. Relaxation.

- Pupils, let`s have a short rest and sing a song.

Lots of things I do

Lots of things I do and act,

Have and make, read and take…

So many things I watch and see.

They are all good for me!

10. Game “At the International Rest Camp”

- Pupils, take only the end of the lace and sit according to the colours. Imagine that you are from different countries. You are at the international rest camp. Make acquaintance with your new friends.

The 1st group – make up a dialogue.

The 2nd group – introduce your new friend.

The 3d group – introduce yourself.

You have cards with the names of your foreign friends. You should tell us about

  •  the name of your new friend;
  •  the country where he/she lives;
  •  age;
  •  hobby;
  •  kind of sport.

11. Grammar in Use.

1. Make up sentence with given words.

Look at the blackboard, you can see only words there. Make up the sentence using these words:

Often, coins, my, collect, very, friends. (My friends collect coins very often).

2. Put the sentence in different grammar tense forms.

What grammar tenses do you know? Use your grammar tables.

Now, your task is put this sentence in different grammar tenses using the words: 2 years ago, next year, now, already. Pay attention! Collect is a regular verb.

What grammar tense was not mentioned? (Past Continuous).

12. Vocabulary and Grammar.

-  Well, pupils, you`ve got name badges. What hobbies are popular with your friends?

III. Summing up.

Why do people have hobbies? Give full answers. (People have hobbies because they like

- to learn new things (about nature, plants, towns, famous people)

- to do something useful

- to specialize in subjects

- to make something by themselves

- to enjoy.

OK, pupils. I liked your work at our lesson. I enjoyed your answers very much, because you did your best to be good at English.


Home Assignment.

Prepare the story about your family hobbies.


Let`s present a poem:

We`ve got a lot of hobbies

But we have a common one

English does attracts us

More than stamps or actors

And it is great fun!


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