Spring holidays

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

(The class is decorated. There is a big wreath of flowers on the wall, it is written - Spring is coming. There are many childrens drawings and placards about spring. On the blackboard there is a map of the travelling over the spring forest. Prince and princess come in.)



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Spring holidays

(English party for the pupils of the 5-6th forms)

(The class is decorated. There is a big wreath of flowers on the wall, it is written - "Spring is coming ". There are many children's drawings and placards about spring.   On the blackboard there is a map of the travelling over the spring forest. Prince and princess come in.)

Princess: Let's go, му dear prince.

And visit our forest friends.

We weren't there since

New-Year’s party-dance

Prince: I think it's a pleasant thought

Your truth, princess, let's visit.

I know, there is a lot

Good things in our district.

Princess: The trees are green.

Blue sky is seen,

Grey winter's gone away,

The golden sun

Greets everyone,

The world looks new and gay.

Prince: I am looking for the dwarfs

Under the bush, under the stone,

Between the trees, behind the hills.

Here and there! Oh! I look them.

(The dwarfs came in)

Hi, friends!

My name is Happy.

I'm very, very glad!

I'm merry, I like to laugh,

I'm never sad!

How do you do?

My name is Doc.

I like to think and talk.

I like to count, read and write,

I am always right!

Good afternoon!

My name is Grumpy.

I’m sad all the day,

I don't like to sing and dance,

I don’t like to play!


My name is Sneezy,

Every breeze makes me freeze,

I always sneeze!

Hello! Hi!

I am Dopey and I am Bashful.

I am silent and I am shy,

Sorry, we have no time.

See you soon. Good bye!

How are you!

I am Sleepy. I’m tired, I want to rest,

I yawn all the time.

But we'll sing at first!

A song "Come and sing"

1)1 and 2, 2 and 3,

Come and sing with me.

Come and sing (3) with me!

2)1 and 2, 2 and 3,

Come and jump with me!

Come and jump (3) with me!

3) Come and run with me!

4) Come and fly with me!

5) Come and swim with me!

6) Come and dance with me!

A dwarf 1. A game "Let’s play! Hurry up". Make the sentences. Begin with “It’s time to…” and finish "Hurry up». For example “It's time to go to the yard, hurry up. It's time to play, hurry up.”

Prince: The birds are returning,

Their songs are filling the air.

And meadows are smiling

With blossoms so fair 

Princess: When the trees are green and forests are green,

And grass is green and long,

It’s time to walk in the forest

And listen to the little birds’ song.

(3 months come in)

March: March wind goes out to play.

He will have such fun today!

When the boys and girls come out

He blows their caps and hats about.

April: Rain, rain, April rain

You are feeding seed and grain,

You are raising plants and crops

With your gaily sparkling drops

May: In the merry month of May

All the little birds are gay.

They hop about and sing and say:

"Welcome, welcome, merry May!"

March: Spring is coming, spring is coming!

Birds build their nests.

Weave together straw and feather,

They do each their best.

April: Spring is coming, spring is coming!

Flowers are coming here:

Pansies, lilies, daffodils

Now we see them near.

May: Spring is coming, spring is coming.

All around is fair.

Everybody's on the river,

Joy is everywhere.

A song How are you".

How are you (3), my dear friends?

I'm fine, I'm well, I'm OK, I am all right.

How are you (3), my dear friends?

We are fine, we are well, we're OK, we are all right.

A dwarf 2. "Clap". Clap if you hear the wards connected with spring:

Spring, flowers, a boy, a snowman, a table, a lamp, the Sun, birds, a hen, grass, a clock, a tulip, the sky, a book, trees, snow, winter, the yard, to play, to skate, to jump, to run, to ski, to sledge, white, green, red, orange.


Pass the happy news along.

Listen to the birds' sweet songs.

Spring is coming, winter’s gone!

Pass the happy news along.

This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To slay in the room

This is the season

When birds make their nests,

This is the season

We all like best.

Spring is coming so I'm told

By a crocus dressed in gold.

Spring is coming so I hear

From the Blackbird's song so clear.

Spring is coming so I guess

By the hawthorn's gay new dress.

Spring is coming, yes, I know,

For a snowdrop told me so.

March brings sunny days and winds,

So we know that spring begins.

April brings the primrose sweet,

We see daisies at our feet.

May brings flowers, joy and grass,

And the holidays for us.

We are happy, we are happy!

We sing all day. Its spring again!

In the spring, in the spring,

Sweet and fresh is everything.

Winter winds are no more blowing,

In the fields all is growing.

Spring is dancing without rest

In a beautiful green dress,

Flowers grow under her feet,

Singing birds her coming greet.

Prince and princess:

Oh, friends! Our forest is very bright!

A song “Colours”

Red and orange,

Green and yellow,

Pink and purple,

Black and white,

Grey and brown,

Blue and violet.

It's a nice forest.

It’s very bright


Time is purple just before night,

When most people turn on the light

But if you don't, it's a wonderful sight!

Yellow's mimosa and I guess

Yellow is the colour of happiness.

Green is the grass and the leaves of the trees.

Green is the smell of a forest breeze.

Blue is the colour of the sky without the cloud,

Cool, distant, beautiful and proud

Black is the night, when there isn't a star.

And you can't tell by looking where you are.

Gold is the sun, gold is the ring,

Gold is a very beautiful thing

Princess: Spring weather -

Rain and sunshine together,

In spring, in spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.

A song "The bird is grey”

The bird is grey,

The sky is blue

The tree іs green,

The bush is green, too.

The sun is yellow,

The cloud is white,

The flower is red,

The butterfly is bright

A dwarf 3 A game "Finish the sentence."

As red as a (rose)

As white as (snow)

As pretty as a (flower)

As yellow as the (Sun)

As blue as the (sky)

As sweet as (sugar)

As clean as (water)

As cold as (snow)  

As bright as a (butterfly)

As clever as an (owl)

Princess: Spring brings the sunshine,

Spring brings the rain,

Тhe little plants awaken.

The flowers grow again

Pupils: Lady Spring has a party;

The flowers by hundreds came;

The Roses, Pinks and Daisies,

All flowers have their names.

Come, flowers, let us dance,

Let us dance and sing,

As we go round and round

In a merry ring

Red and yellow, pink and blue,

The flowers are just for you!

See them dancing in the breeze,

Come, on and smell them, please!

(Flowers come in):

The first and tender flower,

Snowdrop grows under snow,

My beauty has always a power

Over people lowing bow

A violet is a pretty flower

You will find in May.

I blossom in woods

And make them look gay.

When the trees are leafless,

When the fields are bare,

Tulips of all colours

Spring up here und there.

Yellow as the sun,

Round as a ball,

The children like a dandelion

Best of all

A dwarf4. A game "True/False". Say Yes or No

1 In spring birds fly to the south.

2 Birds begin to build their nests in spring.

3 In February children meet spring birds.

4 Children make the bird-houses.

5 Children hang the bird-houses on the trees.

6 We can see a butterfly in spring.

Prince: Get up, little child,

The morning is bright,

The birds are all singing

To welcome the light


A little dark bird is singing a merry song.

I think it is a starling

Who sings: "tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet?

Spring is coming!"

The black bird with an orange beak

Sings a song on the peak:

"Spring is coming, so I hear

From the blackbird's song so clear

Cuckoo! Look in the woods around.

What a happy sound!

Buds are showing green.

Tiny leaves are seen.

Cuckoo! Flowers are in their beds.

They lift their sleepy heads,

Birds sing all the day.

Hear their song so gay.

Joy is everywhere.

Spring at last is here! 

A song "Ducklings"

1 and 2 and 3 and 4,

We are dancing on the floor (2).

Clap (4) 

We are playing with the hands.

Look at our smiling faces {2).

Clap (4). 

We can jump the rope,

We can skate and ski,

We are strong and happy.

As only children can happy be!

A dwarf 5 A game "Words". Name the words beginning with my letters
B. P. M.

Prince: The day is hot,

The sun is bright,

I see the animals

Over there in a light

Princess: Pleasant, sunny month of May,

Hurry quickly, don’t delay,

Crow red flowers and green grass

And make happy all of us!


Watch this hare. Watch!

He can play hopscotch.

He doesn't afraid of a bear.

Our courageous hare!

Little grasshopper lives in the forest.

He is a nice funny fellow.

His coat is green, his hat is blue.

His trousers are brown and yellow.

A little green frog

Jumps on a log,

Takes off his clock 

And begins to croak

Butterfly, butterfly

Where do you fly?

So quick and so high

In the blue-blue sky

How pretty! What a dear!

Have you seen a baby deer?

There's a great surprise

In his dark lovely eyes.

I think mice are rather nice.

Their ears are pink,

Their teeth are white.

They run about the forest all night

A dwarf 6. A game "Spring words ".Translate the words into English:

Весна, сонце, пташки, квіти, тварини, небо, дерево, кущ, метелик, ліс, луг, веселий, гарний, чудовий, синій, зелений, щасливий, співати, танцювати, літати, гуляти.

Prince: Oh, look, my dear.

And who is here

(Pinocchio comes in):

I am a little boy.

Pinocchio's my name.

Happiness and joy

Always with me came

A song " Pinocchio"

Refrain: І аm a little boy (3),

A little boy,

My name's Pinocchio (3),


I have a head, it’s very well,

I have a nose, so I can smell,

I have eyes, so I can see,

I have ears, so I can hear.


I have a mouth, so I can talk,

I have legs, so I can walk,

I have hands, so I can clap,

I have feet, so I can stamp.


A dwarf 7 A game "Colours". Say the colour of the things:

The sky, the sun, the bird, the grass, the snowdrop, the tulip, the ground, the tree, the rose, the fox, the frog, the butterfly, the squirrel, the water, the cloud, the river, the pig, the bee, the rabbit.

Princess: This beautiful day

We play and sing.

We are all guy.

We greet to spring.

A song "If you are happy”

1) If you are happy and you know it-clap your hands (2),

If you are happy and you know it

And you really want to show it,

If you are happy and you know it-clap your hands!

2) Stamp your feet.

3) Say а уell "hooray”.

4) Do all three

The part of the material is based on the book “Let’s go with us” by A.Gergel.



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