США. Індіанці: пошуки вирішення проблеми. Контроль навичок - аудіювання

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

By the end of the lesson you should be able to reply and react appropriately to various statements. Beside, you will listen to some new information about the first Americans who came to Alaska from Asia crossing the Bering land bridge, which later became the Bering Strait. You will hear the text about American Indians and their problems.



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2 чел.

Харенко Віра Борисівна,

НВКЗагальноосвітня школа І ступнягімназія ім. В.Т. Сенатора,

м. Сміла

Урок  проводиться в комп’ютерному класі

Тема: США.

Індіанці: пошуки вирішення проблеми. Контроль навичок - аудіювання.

Мета: вдосконалювати навички аудіювання та навчити здогадуватись про

значення незнайомих слів з контексту; навчити реалізувати цілеспрямований пошук прослуханої інформації; узагальнювати та поглиблювати знання по темі; розвивати в учнів уміння використовувати інформаційнокомунікативні технології; виховувати співчуття до людських проблем.

Обладнання: підручник, завдання до тексту, роздатковий матеріал.

Хід уроку.

I. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

1.   Привітання з класом. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

By the end of the lesson you should be able to reply and react appropriately to various statements. Beside, you will listen to some new information about the first Americans who came to Alaska from Asia crossing the Bering land bridge, which later became the Bering Strait. You will hear the text about American Indians and their problems.

II. Основна частина уроку.

1.  Pre-listening. Етап підготовки до прослуховування тексту.

a) Answer in you native language:

Do you know anything about the first Americans?

What Strait did the first Indians cross moving to Alaska?

Where did the first American Indians travel to?

In what region did the Indians develop a high level of civilization?

What did you hear about the Maya, the Aztec Indians in Mexico and the Indians in Peru?

b) Presentation of unfamiliar words:

to wander бродити

to encroach вторгатися

huge areas величезні території

empty and unused пустий і невикористаний

to grant territory надавати територію

for cattle-raising для вирощування худоби

to make treaties with складати угоду з

to reduce зменшувати

injustice несправедливість

the moral obligation моральне зобов'язання

common ownership спільне володіння

to demand control вимагати контролю

an awakening пробудження

2.  Аудіювання тексту 
While-listening. Етап слухання тексту та виконання завдань під час слухання.
Write out the names and years which you hear in the text, while listening the text.

The text: "The Indians: search for a solution".

The Indians: search for a solution

As people moved westward beyond the Mississippi, they continually encroached upon the vast lands of the various Indian tribes. These huge areas in which the Indians hunted and wandered seemed empty and unused. The pioneers saw them as places for mining, for cattle-raising, and for farming, and kept exerting pressure on the United States government to grant them some of this territory. The government then made several new treaties with the Indians, which reduced their lands to smaller tracts called reservations. Within these smaller areas it was difficult о maintain many of their customs.

Toward the end of the nineteenth century there arose a number of organizations which were opposed to this injustice and which championed the cause of the Indians. Several writers focused on their plight and on the moral obligation of the United States to right the wrong that was done о them.

One attempt to deal with problem was the Dawes Act of 1887. This divided the reservation lands into homesteads of 160 acres, each given to an Indian family. Congress also granted the Indians funds for education, which was to be compulsory. Unfortunately these well-intentioned programs did not work out. The Indians were accustomed to common ownership of tribal lands and to tribal units rather than to independent family living and most of them had never been farmers. A new law passed in 1934 was somewhat better adapted to Indian customs and needs. It established self-government of communities on Indian lands, though they still remained under the supervision of the Bureau о Indian Affairs.

Today about half of the Indian population still live on reservations; the rest live cities. All American Indians in the United States have had citizenship since 1924, but life has not improved for many of them who are very poor. After long silence, Indian groups have begun in recent years to demand control over their schools and over other aspects of their life.

Recently there has been in a number of Indian tribes an awakening to the opportunities of modern business that may lead to their economic independence. Large sums of money won in lawsuits against state governments (for Indian lands taken from them long ago) have been invested in profitable utilities and other businesses. Also, in 1987 the federal government began funding the special education of some Indian students who will return to the reservation and use what they have learned to improve the community. It is hoped that these developments will lead to a better life for Native Americans - as many Indians prefer to be called.

3. Post-listening activities.

I. Fill in the gaps to complete the following sentences (the words are given bellow):

  1.  The people... westward beyond the Mississippi.
  2.  These huge areas... empty and unused.
  3.  The pioneers... the territories as places for mining, for cattle-raising, for farming.
  4.  The government... several new treaties with the Indians.
  5.  The treaty... their original lands to smaller tracts called reservations.
  6.  A number of organizations... to this injustice.
  7.  Several writers on the moral obligation of the United States.
  8.  One attempt to deal with the problem... the Dawes Act of 1887.
  9.  Congress... the Indians funds for education.
  10.  This Act of 1887... the reservation lands into homesteads of 160 acres.

(use the words: saw, made, reduced, moved, opposed, granted, was, moved, focused, and divided).

11. Choose the correct answer to bring out the main ideas of the text:

1. What did the Indians do in huge areas?

A. They mined gold.

B. Indians hunted and wandered.

C. They kept order.

2. What treaty did the government make for?

A. To reduce Indians' original lands.

B. To broaden their territory.

C. To kill the "Native Americans".

3. Who opposed to the government's injustice?

A. Indians

B. A number of organizations.

C. Some members of the government

4. When was the Dawes Act adopted?

A. in 1924

B. in 1887

C. in 1987

5. How many Indians still live in reservations?

A. half of the Indian population

B. one million

C. all population

6. What do American Indians have since 1924?

A. schools

B. own houses

C. citizenship

III. Ask all kinds of questions to the sentence bellow:

In 1987 the federal government began funding the special education of some Indian students.

IV. Write down in brackets the grammar tense in which the sentences are used.

  1.  People continually encroached upon the vast lands of the various Indian tribes. (...)
  2.  Within these smaller areas it was difficult to maintain many of Indian customs. (...)
  3.  Unfortunately these well-intentioned programs did not work out. (...)
  4.  A new law passed in 1934 was somewhat better adapted to Indian customs and needs. (...)
  5.  All American Indians are having citizenship nowadays. (...)
  6.  After long silence, Indian groups have begun to demand control over some aspects of their life. (...)
  7.  In 1987 the federal government will begin funding the special education of some Indian students. (...)
  8.  All these developments will lead to a better life for Native Americans. (...)

V.  Continue the sentences:

1.  The pioneers saw on the huge areas the places for....

  1.  The government made several new treaties with....
  2.  The treaty reduced Indian original lands to smaller tracts called....
  3.  Toward the end of the nineteenth century there arose....
  4.  A new law passed in 1934 was somewhat better adapted to Indian....
  5.  Today about half of the Indian population still live on reservations, the rest live in....
  6.  Many Indians prefer to be called....

VI. Write down 7-10 sentences which are the most important

III. Заключна частина уроку.


Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Have you heard anything new for you?

What did you learn to do at the lesson?

What kind of exercise was the easiest or the most difficult for you?

Is the information about American Indians useful for you?

Hometask: to find something interesting and new about the Mayas, the Aztec, the Incas, or make a project work about different tribes.


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