Засоби масової інформації

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Педагогика и дидактика

Good afternoon boys and girls. I’m very glad to see you. We are also pleased to see our guests today and we’ll try to make our lesson useful and interesting. Today we are having our last lesson on Mass Media and our aim is to generalize our knowledge on this question and to get to know something new concerning mass media.



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План-конспект відкритого уроку вчителя ЛІЖНИК Л.О.

                                   ТЕМА № 4 «Засоби масової інформації»                 

                                                                                                                     9-Б клас      


                                                          УРОК № 40



  •  виховувати позитивне ставлення до вивчення іноземної мови;
  •  повторити вживання і утворення  дієслівних часів, а саме дієслова «to be» у теперішньому, минулому та майбутньому;
  •  формувати навички висловлювання своїх думок;
  •  тренувати у читанні, аудіюванні, письмі;
  •  привчати бути уважним до інформації і вміти її використовувати;
  •  розвивати пам'ять, логіку, чуття мови; уміння активного спілкування, вміння працювати в групі.

Тип уроку: комбінований

Обладнання: підручник, дошка, магнітофон, малюнки «Mass Media», додаток 1 (завдання з аудіювання), додаток 2 (анкета), схеми дієслівних часів (додаток 3-тест)

                                                           ХІД УРОКУ

1. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

1. Привітання.

2. Інструктаж з техніки безпеки на уроці.

3. Повідомлення теми і мети уроку.

4. Введення в іншомовну атмосферу.

   Revising vocabulary (Mind Map “Mass Media”)

ІІ. Основна частина уроку.

1. T: Good afternoon boys and girls. I’m very glad to see you. We are also pleased to see our guests today and we’ll try to make our lesson useful and interesting. Today we are having our last lesson on Mass Media and our aim is to generalize our knowledge on this question and to get to know something new concerning mass media.

To begin with, getting information is a daily necessity for all people and there are many ways how to do it. Let’s find out what are the best ways to learn about the world. Look at the pictures. What associations does the word “Mass Media” arouse in your mind. The pictures on the blackboard will help you.


2. Відпрацювання лексичного матеріалу теми:

a) робота в групах

T: What information can people get from different sources of mass media?

G 1: newspapers, magazines

G 2: radio, TV..

T: Let’s dwell on TV today!

What can you say about television in Great Britain, Ukraine, its channels?

G 1: BBC 1..


T: It’s difficult to imagine our life without TV. But there are different opinions about it, it has both advantages and disadvantages. I want you to discuss this problem.

The first group: your point of view is TV is the best invention the man ever made.

The second group: your point of view is TV is the worst invention the man ever made. Try to give your arguments on each point of view, using the word combinations.

б) T: a role play

Thank you I see your knowledge is really good. Now a role play. A correspondent will interview you to find out your tastes and viewing habits because he wants to publish the results of the interview in our school newspaper. Who wants to be an interviewer?

  •  How many TV channels does your TV set have?

- My TV set transmits…

- There are…

  •  What is your favorite channel and why?

- I adore watching …         

- I’m excited about ....

- My favorite channel is ….

- I’m impressed by …

  •  How often do you usually watch TV?

- I’m a telly addict.

- I watch TV only when …

  •  What types of programmes are your favourite?

- I’m impressed by …

- I enjoy watching ….

- My favorite programmes are ..

- I’m interested in ..

Thank you for your interview. Analyzing the results, I can say that you have a wonderful possibility to watch different channels. On the whole most of you are well aware of the fact that too much television is harmful for you. As for favourite channels tastes differ.

в) аудіювання (групова форма роботи) (додаток 1)

T: Now I want to offer you one radio program. You have to listen it very carefully and fill in the missing words.

- What have you learnt from this message?

3. Повторення вживання та утворення дієслівних часів

T: Now it’s time for us to remember our grammar and particularly the verb TO BE in Present, Past, Future.(додаток 3-тест)

Ps: …(учні розповідають правило утворення, виконують в групі тестове завдання)

4. Відпрацювання лексико-граматичного матеріалу

T: Open your books   p.132 Ex.3  (Reading in pairs)

I hope that the questionnaire will be interesting for you.

в) T: You can see a questionnaire on your desks. Take it. And do the task.


How often are you….                                                  





watch television while doing other things  (e.g. eating, doing homework, talking on the phone)?


come home and immediately turn on the television?


schedule your day r week around you want to watch on TV?


sing along to commercials that are on TV?


talk to friends about certain TV shows and the people on them?


record TV shows so that you can watch them later?


fall asleep with the NV on?

Calculate your score. Then read the description below.

      often = 3 points              sometimes = 2 points             never = 1 point

19-21 points

Wow…you watch so much TV that it’s hard to believe you don’t have it on now. My friend, TV is controlling your life. Time to break free and find a new hobby!

11-18 points

Congratulations! Though some of you may watch TV than you probably should – especially if you scored 16 to 18 points – your life is definitely not ruled by what’s on and when.

7-10 points

No doubt about it…you’re the one in control, not the television. The only drawback may be that you won’t be able to chat with your friends about TV shows.

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку.

1. Домашнє завдання: повт.Future Simple; впр.4 стор.135

2. Підсумки.

3. Інструктаж з техніки безпеки на перерві.

4. Прощання.

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.           (додаток 2)

Millions of children in the United _______ go to summer _______. Some go to play ________ at traditional camps in the _______, in the mountains or on a ______.

But families now have many choices of specialty camps. These can be in the middle of _______ or a big _____. Specialty camps offer young people the _______ to learn about different ______. Anything from _______ exploration to business to ___________.

In technology camps, one subject that children can learn about is video game ________. They learn how to use computer programs to ________ games of their own.

One program that teaches video game design is called Cybercamps, located at the ___________ of Maryland. Children can learn how to design their own _________worlds to set their video game in. Then, they __________ their own rules and _________ into the game.

Додаток 3

TO BE (Present, Past, Future)

1. My mother …… a shop - assistant.
She ……at work now.
- were
- is
- will

2. I … ill yesterday.
- am
- shall
- was

3. I …… be a teacher when I grow up.
- was
- shall
- were

4. They …… not in Lviv now.
They …… in Odessa.
- is
- were

5. When …… your brother be at home ?
He …… be at home on Sunday.
- will
- was

6. We …… at the cinema last month.
- was
- were
- shall

7. Vika …… a doctor.
She …… not at home now.
She …… at the hospital.
- will
- is

8. They …… not at the theatre yesterday.
They …… in the skating - rink.
- are
- were
- was

9. I …… a student. I …… not at the institute now.
I …… at the library.
- is
- was
- am

10. She …… a student many years ago.
- was
- is
- will

11. My grand parents …… be in Kyiv tomorrow.
- will
- were
- was

12. She …… ill last week ?
- will
- was
- is

13. …… yon be an engineer?
I …… be a computer programmer.
- are
- will
- were

14. …… your uncle at work yesterday?
- is
- was

15. Where …… you yesterday? We ……at the zoo.
- are
- will
- were




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