Ukraine is my native country

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Педагогика и дидактика

The capital of Ukraine if Kyiv. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated on the banks of the Dnipro River. The streets of Kyiv are wide and nice. They are lined up with chestnut trees. Kyiv is known as the scientific, industrial and cultural centre of the country. The people of our state are proud of their capital and love it with all their hearts. A lot of tourists visit Kyiv and enjoy its beauty and majesty.



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Інтерактивні методи навчання з теми «Україна»

Interactive exercises on the topic

Ukraine is my native country

Aim: to practise different types of games at the lesson;

        to develop students’ logical thinking;

        to activate the information and vocabulary on the topic;

        to practise students’ skills.

1. Map-game

Ukraine is a European country. Name and show on the map countries – the neighbours of Ukraine.

2. Key-facts 

Continue the sentences.

Ukraine is situated…(in the south-eastern Europe).

The capital of Ukraine is… (Kyiv).

The main river of Ukraine is… (the Dnipro).

Ukraine is washed by…(the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov).

Our country is divided into…(24 regions and Crimea).

The population of Ukraine is…(46mln).

The territory of Ukraine is …(603,7 sq km).

On the head of the country there is the …(President).

The state official language is …( Ukrainian).

More than 100… live in Ukraine (nationalities and ethnic groups).

3. Mind Map

Write words connected with Ukraine.

Kyiv                   the Carpathians

4. Project work

Make short reports about national symbols (the Anthem, the Flag, and the Emblem) and the branches of power in Ukraine (legislative, executive and juridical). Speak on the chosen topic or read the report.

5. True/false

Everybody writes one true or false sentence about Ukraine and then reads it; the class raises green or red cards on them.

E.g. Ukraine is the largest country in the world (red). Ukraine is a member of the UNO (green). Ukraine is a federal state (red). Ukraine has its own territory. There are 20 regions in the country. It borders on 8 countries. Ukraine has its national emblem and anthem.

6. Writing-peer revision

Students have a text. They must look through it, find and copy nouns, verbs, adjectives or other words/expressions.


The capital of Ukraine if Kyiv. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated on the banks of the Dnipro River. The streets of Kyiv are wide and nice. They are lined up with chestnut trees. Kyiv is known as the scientific, industrial and cultural centre of the country. The people of our state are proud of their capital and love it with all their hearts. A lot of tourists visit Kyiv and enjoy its beauty and majesty.

7. Photo story

Look at four photos. Make a short composition on the basis of them, according on the topic “Our Life”. (The pictures are: a city, a building, the forest and some people).

E.g. I live in a big city. This is my house. But every weekday I go to my work in the office. Every weekend I prefer to have a rest in my favourite place near the lake. I live with the best people in the world: my family.

8. Pass-a-letter

The class is divided into four groups. The task is to write down a letter to a pen-friend in the USA about Ukraine. Every group has two minutes for writing, and then it passes its letter to another group to continue. Every group must write a little to continue the ideas of other groups on each letter.

9. Group debates

There are two groups. The sentence is “I live in Ukraine”. Say what is good/bad in it.

E.g. The country is very rich.           The level of living is not high.

       The nature is beautiful.              Many people haven’t a good job.


10. Make the words

There is the word. The task is to make new words using the letters of the given word.

a) Use the letters of the given word to make new ones.

Nowadays – now, day, so, sow, was, no…

b) Every letter must be the first in the new words.

U – union

K – kitten

R – river

A – animals

I – institute

N – nation

E – energy

11. Explain why

The class is divided into two groups. They have 5 minutes to explain the statements:

1. Ukraine is a parliamentary state.

2. Ukraine is a sovereign state.

12. Role playing

You are in the international camp. Say 5-6 sentences about Ukraine. Each student does it one by one.

13. Last word

The task is to make a sentence with a last word of the previous one.

E.g. I live in Ukraine. – Ukraine is a beautiful country. – The country is large and rich…

14. Different and common

Compare life in town and village.

Town                              Common                            Village

   noise                               people                              fresh air

15. Memory game

The teacher writes words on the blackboard. The students study them for two minutes. Then the teacher covers the words. The students have to write down in their note-books the words they remember.

Ukraine, Constitution, Cossacks, Kyiv, Crimea, independence, country, city, land, regions, population, village, centre, student.

16. Chain game

One student says the word. The other repeats it and adds a new one.

E.g. Ukraine. Ukraine and people. Ukraine, people and nation.

17. Alphabet game

Say the word beginning with each letter of the alphabet; try to be close to the topic. Then make up sentences with them.

E.g. act, banner, centre, declaration, effort, fame, grain, happy, independence, join, kith,  land, mother, nation, origin, people, quality, rule, state, task, Ukraine, vegetable, west, X-mas, youth, zero.

18. Sandwich story

A teacher gives the beginning of the story. Students work in groups of four writing a composition using the beginning. Every student must write the sentence to continue a story.

E.g. I live in a rich country. There are a lot of rivers, forests, mountains in it…

19. Open-ended statements

Students have the beginning of the sentence. Everybody has to end it.

E.g. One thing that I want to say about Ukraine is … (it is very large; kind people live in it.)

20. Adjective introduction

Everybody says one word describing the country using only adjectives.

  E.g. Ukraine is big, rich, beautiful…Who will be the last one?

21. Human scavenger hunt

Find the persons which are like you.

Someone who…lives in Ukraine; has relatives in Kyiv; likes Ruslana.

22. Sentence breaker

Put the words in a right order.

  E.g. speaking for this about town you thank - thank you for speaking about this town.

23. Odd man out

Discover what item does not fit.

1) You have 4 words, one of them differs. Find it and explain the difference

  E.g. country, river, land, state – river because it’s a part of nature, not a place we live in.

2) You have 4 words from one category. Say why each is different.

  E.g. TV, radio, newspaper, internet: TV – because we can see it; radio –     we can only listen to it; newspaper – we can turn its pages over; internet – we can find all information we want.


24. Letter game

Write words using the same letters in categories:

       Name        city               food            animal        sport

E.g.   Bob        Boryspil        bread             bear         boxing


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