Винаходи. Досягнення науковців

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Good morning, boys and girls! Today we’ll continue to work with the topic “Inventions and gadgets”. You have already done exercises and spoken about it with your teacher and now you’ll show your abilities. At this lesson we’ll revise all the vocabulary on the topic; we shall practice listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Of course, we’ll make predictions using Future Indefinite and “to be going to…”.



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Тема уроку:  Винаходи. Досягнення науковців.

Мета практична: закріплювати нові лексичні одиниці у мовленні та на

                           письмі; удосконалювати навички читання та перекладу;

                           тренувати навички граматики та письма; повторити правила

                            вживання  Future Indefinite та to be going to….

        розвиваюча: розвивати мовну здогадку та мовленнєву реакцію;

                              розвивати фонематичний слух та артикуляцію учнів,

                              логічне мислення та уяву.

        виховна:  виховувати культуру спілкування, повагу до співбесідника;

                         стимулювати та підвищувати інтерес до навчання.

Тип уроку:   урок розвитку знань, умінь, навичок.

Обладнання: підручник New Opportunities Intermediate, зошити, словники, аудіо запис діалогу, роздатковий матеріал.

                                          Хід уроку

I. Introduction

Good morning, boys and girls! Today we’ll continue to work with the topic “Inventions and gadgets”. You have already done exercises and spoken about it with your teacher and now you’ll show your abilities. At this lesson we’ll revise all the vocabulary on the topic; we shall practice listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Of course, we’ll make predictions using Future Indefinite and “to be going to…”.I am sure you are good at English and you will do all possible to help me here at the lesson. So, don’t be afraid of mistakes and let us start! Are you ready?

II. Warming-up

I want to draw your attention to the blackboard where the quotation is written: “Gadgets will soon replace the work of people. We’ll become useless…”

I think these words are worth discussing. Let us agree or disagree with them.  What’s your opinion? But use the expressions:

   -I think…

   -To my mind…

   -In my opinion…

   -It seems to me…   

III. Main part


Why did I begin our lesson with this quotation? Yes, you are right. I want you to understand that all these gadgets and machines are very useful but, still, we, people, are the cleverest here on the Earth.

Now, we shall listen to the dialogue about one modern gadget. Be ready to do the task after listening. You’ll complete this dialogue with the key words.

( після прослуховування учні заповнюють пропуски ст..71)

Have you coped with the task? Let us check. What have you written in the first sentence?...

 Checking the home assignment

I see you work at the lesson well but I don’t know whether you like working at home. I have such an opportunity and we begin checking your home task. What was it? Well, you will tell us the lexical meaning of your active vocabulary in English.



   -digital camera;



   -vacuum cleaner;

   -washing machine.


Well done. Now I see that you  want to know English perfectly and study the material. Is not it a high time to write a little? So, open your copy books, write the date and we’ll complete the predictions about ten years from now. Go to the blackboard and write what will happen with these people. Use Future Tense or  to be going to.

   e.g.   I will be a doctor in ten years.

            My teacher of English…

  Group work

I see you are kind-hearted children and I hope that your predictions will come true in ten years. You know that every thing has its good and bad sides. Let’s discuss in groups the advantages and disadvantages of the following gadgets and machines.

Your task is to make up dialogues and present them to us. I’ll give you cards with the topics of conversation.


You have 5 minutes to do it.





That’s very nice you are not crazy about all these things and you know everything about them.

Look at the dialogues on your cards, you have some minutes to read them and understand what they are about. Be ready to do the tests after reading.

    1. In twenty years from now people will not travel at all.

    2. Geoff is going to be a journalist.

    3. Newspapers will disappear in fifty years’ time.

    4. Geoff will be an executive in a computer company.

    5. We’ll have computers in our life without a doubt!

    6.  The dialogue is about the importance of modern gadgets.

Give me your papers, please.But don’t forget to sign them.

 IV. Summing-up.


  Our lesson comes to the end and  it would be good to revise and summarize the material.We’ll do it in a form of brain-ring. Be ready to continue my sentences:

    1. The topic of our lesson was…

    2. At the lesson we’ve learnt to…

    3. Mobile phone is…

    4. Computers will…

    5.  The English for “збиратися щось робити» is…

    6.  I know such gadgets and machines as…

    7.  I liked today’s lesson because…

    8.  I will always study English because…


I am satisfied with your work. Thank you for participation. I hope you’ve broadened your knowledge, haven’t you? I wish you good luck and strong desire to study. Your marks for today are…


 Your home task is to revise the vocabulary and to write a short composition on the following topic: “ What was good and what was bad at the English lesson yesterday.



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