Куди поїхати на канікули

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Where do you usually go for your holiday? When do you go? What do you enjoy doing most while you are on holiday? (Suggested answer) I usually go to an island for my holidays. I go there in summer. What I enjoy doing most while I am on holiday is swimming in the sea and sunbathing.



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Куди поїхати на канікули

Урок з англійської мови в 9-му класі

Рівень -Intermediate 

Тема: Куди поїхати на канікули

Цілі: Практична:

Повторити і закріпити лексичний матеріал, пов'язаний з подорожами,
погодою, описом мальовничих куточків, вражень, почуттів

Активізувати навички монологічного і діалогічного ситуативного
мовлення учнів з даної теми

Учити аудіюванню тексту з повним розумінням і пошуком необхідної

Учити вмінню висловлюватись згідно своєї ролі в рольовій грі

Навчати вмінню складати дружнього листа з місця відпочинку


Заохотити до подальшого вивчення англійської мови

Розширювати їх кругозір

Розвивати естетичне сприйняття, мовну здогадку та мовленнєву

• Дати позитивну мотивацію вільного спілкування англійською мовою

виховувати дбайливе ставлення до навколишнього середовища, любов
до прекрасного

поважати культуру інших народів

Загальноосвітня: знайомити учнів із звичаями країни, мова якої вивчається Оснащення уроку:

  1.  Enterprise, course book, level 3.
  2.  Enterprise.Video. (Levels 3, 4).
  3.  Фотографії, малюнки, схеми, таблиці.
  4.  Магнітофонні записи Enterprise, Unit 4.

Warming-up. 1. What places can you see in the pictures (Students are expected to recognize all these places.Teacher can help them guess the places.)

e.g. T: Where do we find rhinos?

SA: In Africa.

T: This country is famous for its ancient civilizations.

SB Greece.

T: This country is famous for its waltzes.

SC: Austria.

Picture 1: Crete? Greece.

Picture 2 Vienna, Austria.

Picture 3Mombassa, Kenya. 2.Lead-in.

T: Where do you usually go for your holiday? When do you go? What do you enjoy doing most while you are on holiday?

(Suggested answer) I usually go to an island for my holidays. I go there in summer. What I enjoy doing most while I am on holiday is swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

3.Listening comprehension. Pre-listening task. T: read these questions then listen to the tape and answer them.

  1.  Where are Barbara and John staying?
  2.  Where is Janet staying?
  3.  Where is Bob staying?
  4.  Who has fish curry?
  5.  Who has put on weight?
  6.  Who has tried snails?

A: Dear Jim,

Greetings from Mombassa! It's such an exotic place! We're staying at a fabulous

hotel. The weather is hot and sticky here.

Yesterday we went on a safari through Tsavo east national Park. We saw many wild animals there. While we were driving through in our jeep a huge rhino chased us! We've been swimming at Nail Beach almost every day, and we've got great tans.

The food here is delicious. We've been eating mangoes and pineapples and we've even tried fish curry.

Love, Barbara and John

B.Dear Jim,

I'm spending a week in Vienna. I've never seen such a beautiful city.I'm staying t a lovely guest-house in the town center. Unfortunately, the weather is a bit cold and rainy.

I've seen magnificent palaces since I came here.yesterday morning I went to St.Stephen's cathedral. While I was taking pictures someone stole my bag. Luckily, I didn't have much money in it! In the evening I went to a concert of Strauss's music - all waltzes, of course!

I've been eating a lot ever since I arrived.The food is excellent - especially the cakes.1 think I've put on weight.

Bye for now, Janet

C. Dear Jim,

Hi! I'm on holiday in Crete. I'm staying at a marvelous camp-site by the sea. The weather is warm and sunny. I've seen the incredible Minoan Palace at the ancient city of Knossos. Last week I visited the Archeological Museum. I have been exploring all the gorgeous sandy beaches in the area. Yesterday while I was scuba-diving, I found an amazing underwater cave.

I have been eating a lot of traditional food. I've even tried snails. Crete is a wonderful island. I'm having so much fun.

Ill.Post-listening activity.

  1.  In Mombassa, at a fabulous hotel.
  2.  In Vienna, at a lovely guest-house.
  3.  In Crete, at a marvelous carnp-site
  4.  Barbara and John
  5.  Janet
  6.  Bob

IV. Reading

While -reading task

T: Read these letters and find the sentence which best describes each picture.

Post -reading task

T; now look at the words in bold and try to explain them, then choose any three of

them and make sentences.

A 3) While we were driving through in our jeep a huge rhino chased us.

В 2) I've seen magnificent palaces since I came here.

C!)I've seen the incredible Minoan Palace at the ancient city of Knossos.

V Speaking

T: Read the letters again.In teams, ask and answer questions about

where the people are staying

the weather

places they have visited

things they have been doing

their good and bad experiences
(Suggested answers)

Team A S1: Where are Barbara and John staying?

Team В SI: Barbara and John are staying in Mombassa, at a fabulous hotel.

Team A S2: What is the weather like in Mombassa?

Team В S2: It is hot and sticky in Mombassa.

Team A S3: Which places has Janet visited?

Team B S2: Janet has visited St. Stephen Cathedral.

Team A S4: What things has Bob been doing?

Team В S4: Bob has been exploring the beaches, he has gone scuba-diving and he

has been eating traditional food.

Team A S5: What good and bad experiences have Barbara and John had?

Team В S5 While Barbara and John were driving through in their jeep, a huge

rhino chased them.

VI. Language Development

T: Find the adjectives in the three letters which are used with the following nouns:

place, hotel, guest-house, camp-site, weather, palaces, beaches, food, city, cave,


exotic place

fabulous hotel

lovely guest-house

marvelous camp-site

hot, sticky, cold, rainy warm, sunny weather

magnificent, incredible palaces

gorgeous, sandy beaches

delicious, excellent, traditional food

beautiful, ancient city

amazing underwater cave

wonderful island

V.Read the paragraph and replace the words in bold with their opposites from the


unfriendly, dirty, awful, lousy, horrible, crowded, disgusting, cloudy, filthy.

you won't believe what a 1) fabulous place this is!we are having a 2)wonderful

time. The weather is 3) sunny, and the hotel we are staying in is really 4) clean

.The beach is 5) queit and the water is 6) clear.The local people are very 7) friendly

and the foof is 8) delicious.I've never had such an enjoyable time in my life!

VII. Listening practice Acting out similar dialogues.

friendly and the food is 8) delicious. I've never had such an enjoyable time in my life!

7. Listening practice. Acting out similar dialogues.
While listening task.

T: Listen to the dialogue and write down four questions asking for information.

Tape script: A: What is Malta like? B: It's really fantastic. A: Where will we stay? B: At a beautiful hotel in Valetta. A: What's the weather like there? B: It's usually warm and sunny. A: Are there any nice beaches? B: Yes, there are some gorgeous ones. A: How about the food?

B: Oh, it's delicious - and there's a great variety to choose from. A: It sounds perfect. I'd love to come.

Post-listening activity. T: Now act out a similar dialogue trying to persuade your partner to go on holiday

with you.

8. Reading comprehension.
Pre-reading task.

T: Look at the two pictures. What is the weather like in each picture?

S: a) hot and sunny, b) snowing and freezing

While-reading task.

T: Read the extracts and underline the odd words out from the words in bold.

  1.  (Enterprise 3:Ex 8, p. 15) Post-reading task. T: In which extract is the weather: a) hot and sunny? (S: 3) cold, rainy and cloudy? (S: 1)
  2.  snowy and freezing? (S: 4)
  3.  stormy, windy and rainy? (S: 2)

T: How did the people feel in each situation?

E.g. It was cold, rainy and cloudy. He felt unhappy, miserable and depressed.

T: How do you feel in such weather conditions?

e.g. I feel miserable when the weather is snowy and freezing.

9. Grammar in use.

Past simple. Past continuous. Present perfect. Present Perfect Continuous T: Identiiy the tenses in bold, then match them with the correct tense description. How is each tense formed? When do we use each tense? (Enterprise 3 Ex. 10, P. 16)

10. Grammar Practice. Listening and acting the dialogue.

T: Read the dialogue and fill in the correct tense, then listening to the tape and

check your answers. Act out the dialogue. A: Hi, Sally! I didn't know you were here. When did you come? B: Last Friday.

A: So you have been here for a week, right? B: Yes, we're staying at the Paradise hotel. When did you arrive? A: Late yesterday evening. I'm staying at a guest-house by the sea. So, what have

you been doing?

B: Well, we have been swimming every day. The beaches are so clean. A: Have you seen the old temple yet? B: Yes, we went there on Monday. It's really fascinating. Unfortunately, as we

were exploring it Jane slipped and twisted her ankle. A: Oh dear! Is she any better now?

B: Much better, thanks. Listen, have you got any plans for tonight? A: Not really. B: Why don't you come with us to the beach party? We went to one a few days

ago and it was great fun. They served delicious food and we danced till the early

hours. A: That sounds great! Where shall I meet you?

11. Writing a letter describing your stay at a holiday resort.
Explaining the theory:

When writing a letter describing your stay at a holiday resort, you should talk about the place (where it is, what it is like, when you arrived there), accommodation (where you are staying), the weather, sights you have visited, activities you have been doing, the food, any good or bad experiences you have had and your impressions. Organize your thoughts in paragraphs and be careful to use the correct tenses. (Enterprise 3 Ex.16, P. 17)

12. Hometask setting (Ex. 17, p. Enterprise 3 )

T: Imagine you are on holiday.Use the paragraph plan to write a letter to your friend.


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41890. Программы – архиваторы ОС MS-DOS (zip, arj,rar) и ОС семейства WINDOWS(winzip, winrar) 724.5 KB
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