Food and clothes. 4-й класс

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Last lesson we spoke about clothes and food. I think you know much about these topics. Prove it speaking about your own food tastes. Look at these cards and answer your classmates’ questions. Work in a chain, please.



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Food and clothes. 4-й класс

Тип урока: обобщающий урок по теме “Shopping for everything”,  unit 6.

Цели урока.

Практическая – обобщить лексико-грамматический материал по теме, проконтролировать знание учащимися лексики по данной теме и умение употреблять её в речи; способствовать развитию языковой компетенции учащихся при изложении учебного материала, закрепить навыки аудирования, чтения и устной речи (диалогической), грамматические навыки (местоимения some, any).

Воспитательная – развивать познавательные потребности, воспитание правильного отношения к культуре питания, воспитание толерантного отношения к однокласснику, умение работать в паре или команде.

Образовательная – развивать логическое мышление, память, воображение, расширять кругозор и повышать общую культуру учащихся.

Развивающая – развивать интеллектуальную, эмоциональную и мотивационные сферы личности учащегося (развитие языковых, интеллектуальных и познавательных способностей, чувств и эмоций, готовности к коммуникации), развивать умения и навыки самостоятельной работы.

Задачи урока.

  1.  Закрепление лексического материала, совершенствование умения применения изученной лексики в устной речи.
  2.  Создать ситуации для употребления в речи изученных лексических единиц.
  3.  Совершенствовать навыки неподготовленной диалогической речи.
  4.  Совершенствовать навыки аудирования.


- аудиомагнитофон;

- картинки с изображением продуктов;

- карточки для аудирования (с различным набором завтрака);

- записи на доске;

- пазл по теме “Одежда” - 3 комплекта для работы в группах;

- задания для аудирования с вопросами по теме “Одежда”;

- грамматические раздаточные упражнения (some/any);

- текст для чтения “Rabbit’s Clothes” c заданием.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

Hello, my friends! I’m very glad to see you. I hope you are fine, aren’t you? What is the date today? What date was yesterday? What date will be tomorrow? Who is absent? Let’s make our lesson useful and interesting.

2. Постановка цели урока.

Today we are having a revision lesson on topic “Shopping for food and clothes”. We are going to revise the words related to the topic, besides, we are going to listen, read and role-play dialogues. So we have a lot to do. Please, be active! We have to be ready for test and quiz next lesson.

3. Warm up. Настрой на работу, подготовить к общению на языке.

Last lesson we spoke about clothes and food. I think you know much about these topics. Prove it speaking about your own food tastes. Look at these cards and answer your classmates’ questions. Work in a chain, please.

What do you usually have for breakfast/dinner/supper?

What did you have for breakfast/dinner/supper yesterday?

What would you like for breakfast/dinner/supper?

4. Аудирование по теме “Food”.

Now listen to the story, look at three pictures and choose the right picture answering the question: “What will Andrew have for breakfast?”


Andrew is ten-year-old boy. He lives in a village near London. He goes to school. He is a student of the 4-th form.

Every morning before school Andrew has breakfast at home. As usual he eats a boiled egg because Andrew likes eggs very much, but he doesn’t like porridge. However Andrew eats porridge because his mum says it is healthy food.

Andrew doesn’t have a lot of time, that’s why he drinks a cup of tea quickly and leave home for school. He enjoys studying at school and having a lot of friends there.

And now I want to know what other information you know about Andrew.

Answer these questions, please:

Where is Andrew from?

How old is he?

What form does he study in?

Why does he eat porridge?

Does Andrew like to go to school?

5. Проверка домашнего задания. Imagine it’s morning. Please, make up dialogues “At breakfast”, using phrases you know. It was your homework. Act out your dialogues artistically.


Mum: Ann, it’s time to have breakfast. What would you like?

Ann: … cornflakes with milk.

Mum: I’m sorry, there isn’t any milk today.

Ann: It’s a pity. Can I have some tea, then?

Mum: OK. Here it is.

Ann: And give me some jam, please.

Mum: Yes, dear. Help yourself.

6. Активизация изученных лексических единиц по теме “Clothes”.

a) Look through the window and say: What is the weather like today? – P1, P2, ...

What clothes may people put on in such weather? Give a list of clothes, please.

b) It’s time for competition. We’ll play the game “Who is the first?”

Please, divide into two teams. You see two columns on the blackboard. Your task is to write the translation of these words student by student from each team.

If the team finishes the first it will be the winner. Let’s start.

















7. Тренировка навыков лексики (игровые технологии).

The next task for you is to solve the clothes puzzle. Make groups of four and start.

В группах решают пазл.

8. Aудирование по теме “Clothes”.

Please, listen to the tape recorder and answer the questions:

1. Is the weather hot today?

2. Where are the children going?

3. What is the boy wearing?

4. Has he got gloves?

5. Has the girl got the jacket?

6. Is she wearing shoes?

7. Who is wearing a hat?

8. What is the girl carrying?

9. Are they walking quickly?

10. Do they like the weather?


These two children are walking to school. It’s very cold today. It’s windy and it’s rainy.

The boy is wearing a hat and gloves. He’s got a thick jacket too.

The girl isn’t wearing a jacket. She’s got a coat. She is wearing boots and she is carrying an umbrella.

The children are walking quickly. They don’t like the rain.

9. Cовершенствование навыков грамматики.

It’s time to do exercise with pronouns some/any. When do we use each of them?

Учащиеся получают карточки, работают индивидуально.

Complete these sentences with some or any.

1. There is _______ tea in your cup.

2. Would you like _______ apple juice?

3. Are there _______ oranges on the table?

4. Thank you, I don’t want _______ bread.

5. Are there _______ sweets in the box?

6. She has got _______ bread at home.

7. Can I have _______ water, please?

8. There are _______ shops near my house?

9. Were there _______ shoes in the shop? – No, there weren’t.

10 Give me _______ sugar, please.

Let’s check! Well done.

10. Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи.

Now I want you to act out the dialogue “In the shop”. Get into pairs. Don’t forget to use these phrases: How much is it/are they? Here you are. Does it suit me? Anything else? Can I help you?

Ученики разыгрывают диалоги в парах.

11. Совершенствование навыков чтения. The next task for you is reading. You see the text “Rabbit’s Clothes” and eight statements. You should read it and say which statements are true, which statements are false.

Rabbit’s Clothes

One day the rabbit was very hungry and run to red tomatoes, big potatoes and red apples there! The rabbit was happy in this garden!

At 12 o’clock Mr. Grey came into the garden and started his work. Suddenly he saw Peter: “A rabbit in my garden!” Mr. Grey jumped up ran after away from Mr. Grey. But he couldn’t see the garden door.

He lost his red shoes near the tomatoes. He had no shoes on! Now he could run on his four legs! Then he jumped out of his jacket. Now he had no clothes on and run very fast.

Suddenly he saw the garden door. Closed! The rabbit went under it. Now happy he was to be out of the garden!

Mr. Grey was happy too. He had no rabbits in the garden. When he saw a blue jacket and shoes, he got happier:

“Now I have got some nice clothes! Two shoes and a blue jacket”.

Mr. Grey put the rabbit’s clothes on a scare crow (пугало).

Write “+” if the statement is true or “-” if it’s wrong.

1. There were yellow bananas in Mr. Grey’s garden.

2. The rabbit had some clothes on when he came into the garden.

3. The rabbit liked to eat tomatoes and apples.

4. Mr. Grey didn’t like the rabbit in his garden.

5. The rabbit helped Mr. Grey to work in the garden.

6. The rabbit’s shoes were blue.

7. The rabbit run after Mr. Grey.

8. Mr. Grey liked rabbit’s clothes and shoes.

I see you can read well and understand this story.

12. Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов. Выставление оценок.

Dear friends! Our lesson is over. It is time to discuss our lesson.T hank you for this lesson. You werе very active, attentive and bright. I enjoyed youг work at the lesson today.

Youг marks for the lesson аге: ...

Write down your homework: 1) be ready for the quiz (SB – p.38); 2) grammar book – p.90. See you next lesson. Good luck. Good bye.


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